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Carroll Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The records comprising the Carroll Family Collection were donated to the Center by Shirley Carroll, widow of John Carroll. The collection includes personal papers related to family matters as well as miscellaneous business records, correspondence, and contracts of three generations of the Zimmerman-Carroll family members. The family was instrumental in founding Fremont, Ohio's cutlery industry.

Biographical Sketch
Harry L. Zimmerman, (1869-1959) an early Sandusky County, Ohio businessman, initially operated the Tick-Mitten Company until he and Paul Schaaf purchased the Henkel Company in 1913. Schaaf, perhaps the owner of Schaaf's Good Cutlery, and Harry Zimmerman bought out the interests of their three Henkel Company partners, Dr. George Zimmerman, August Henkel, and Frank Kiser. The five men had founded Henkel in 1906. In 1919, Henkel Company merged with Clauss Shear to become the largest cutlery company in the world.

Clauss Shear, founded in 1877 by John and Henrie Clauss in Elyria, Ohio, moved the company to Fremont ten years later. Attracted by an accessible, abundant supply of natural gas, Clauss erected a plant at the corner of Ohio Avenue and Pine Street. Three years later, the plant was consumed by fire, causing 125 workers to lose their jobs. Within four months, Clauss Shear had constructed a 195 X 90 foot building at the corner of State Street and Sandusky Avenue, making it the largest shear works in the world. The early twenties marked the peak of Fremont's cutlery industry. The city, known as the "Cutlery Center of the World," claimed twenty-five cutlery businesses. In 1924, Zimmerman sold his interest in Henkel-Clauss, and moved to Florida where he invested in real estate. Zimmerman later purchased a Canadian buffing company which he operated until retiring in 1953.

Zimmerman's son-in-law, Lawrence K. Carroll (1896-1969), moved to Fremont shortly after World War I. He entered the cutlery business as an executive with Henkel-Clauss during its early years, but left to organize the Clyde Castings Company of Clyde, Ohio in 1933. Eventually, the company was to become known as Quikut after its move to Jackson and Napoleon Streets in Fremont. Quikut manufactured the popular "Ginsu" knives. In 1964, Carroll sold his interest in Quikut to Scott & Fetzer Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Carroll, an active business and civic leader, was named Fremont Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year in 1968 for his community leadership as a long time member of Fremont Memorial Hospital's Board of Trustees, WWII bond campaign director, Red Cross president, United Fund director, and a Fremont Country Club past president. He was also affiliated with the Elks, Moose, and American Legion.

John L. Carroll (1923-1995), son of Lawrence and Beulah (Zimmerman) Carroll attended Dartmouth, College and graduated from the United States Naval Academy. After a two-year tour of duty in the Navy, he returned to Fremont to become owner and president of Quikut and, like his father, an active civic leader. In 1964, Carroll was appointed president of Quikut as it merged with Scott & Fetzer Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of a variety of business records of Harry Zimmerman, Lawrence Carroll, and John Carroll, covering the developing years and their ownership of several of Fremont's major cutlery firms. The records provide some insight into their influence in shaping the cutlery industry through mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the early twenties when the cutlery industry reached its peak in the Fremont area. Catalogues and price guides offer a list of products manufactured at various times throughout the years. The records include financial statements, legal documents, price lists, catalogues, and business correspondence of the cutlery firms of: Henkel, Clauss Shear, Henkel-Clauss, Carroll Knife, Clyde Cutlery, Clyde Castings, and Quikut as well as miscellaneous personal correspondence of the three men. Obituaries of the three men appear in the "Miscellaneous File."

Ac. 5388

Papers, 1908-1970.

Box 1
1. Harry Zimmerman Business and Personal Correspondence
2. Harry Zimmerman Miscellaneous Correspondence
3. Fremont Mitten and Glove Co. Records: 1909-1911
4. Sales Records: Angeline and Dr. Zimmerman
5. Personal Records: Culver Military Academy
6. Manufacturers Club of Sandusky County
7. Tungsten Steel Co., Toledo, Ohio
8. Stock of Maumee Finishing Co: 1920-1924
9. Paul Schaaf Biographical Material
10. C.H.L. Flinterman Biographical Material
11. Patents of George Kirk
12. Harry Zimmerman Personal Records: 1922-1925
13. Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York
14. Harry Zimmerman: Florida and Georgia Real Estate Investments
15. Yeoman Mining Syndicate
16. Miscellaneous Files
17. Yerges Company: Correspondence with Bias Buff and Wheel Company
18. Yerges Company Records, 1924
19. Clauss Shear Company Product Catalogues
20. Clauss Shear Company Miscellaneous Material
21. Henkel Company Product Catalogues
22. Henkel Company Correspondence: 1908-1923
23. Henkel Company Files: 1915
24. Henkel Company Quarterly Financial Statements: 1918
25. Henkel-Clauss Merger Negotiations: 1919
26. Henkel-Clauss Correspondence: 1921-1923
27. Henkel-Clauss Financial Report: Mar 1924
28. Henkel-Clauss Business Files: 1924
29. Carroll Knife Company Business Files
30. Carroll Knife Company: Price Lists, Product Catalogues
31. Enderes Company Product Catalogue
32. Clyde Cutlery Company: Price Lists, Product Catalogues
31. Clyde Castings Company Business Files
32. Clyde Castings Company: Price Lists, 1939-1948
33. Unidentified Price Lists: 1936-1937
34. L.K. Carroll: Hemp Production, 1934
35. L.K. Carroll: Personal Correspondence
36. L.K. Carroll: Trusts, 1949-1964
37. Quikut: Miscellaneous and Undated Material

Box 2
1. Quikut Business Records: 1949-1959
2. Quikut Business Records: 1961-1970
3. Patent: Spaghetti Spoon, 1964
4. Scott and Fetzer Company: 1964-1965
5. Quikut Financial Statement: 1965
6. Quikut Monthly Financial Statements: 1966, 1967, 1968
7. Proctor and Gamble Company Premiums: 1969
8. Clauss Financial Statements, Contracts: 1916-192_
9. American Foundry & Manufacturing Co.: 1912
10. Diamond Buff Company: 1935
11. Henkel Company: Reorganization, 1916
12. Henkel Company and Angeline Zimmerman: 1918
13. Henkel-Clauss Company: Deeds, Agreements, Stock, 1923-1924
14. Quikut Financial Reports: 1953-1957
15. Quikut: Merger with Scott and Fetzer Company, 1964


Lt. Col. Harry J. "Jack" Zimmerman


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The papers of Lt. Col. H. J. "Jack" Zimmerman were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1996 by Mrs. Shirley Carroll of Fremont, Ohio. The Zimmerman material appears as an addenda to the Carroll Family Collection, donated earlier in 1996 by Mrs. Carroll.

Biographical Sketch
TWA pioneer and "Million Miler" H. J. "Jack" Zimmerman was born in Fremont, Ohio, on June 6, 1906, to local cutlery owner Harry L. Zimmerman and his wife. After attending Fremont schools, Culver Military Academy and Dartmouth College, Zimmerman entered U.S. Army Air Corps training in 1928. The following year, he piloted a Ford Tri-Motor in the first transcontinental air-rail service instituted by Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT), the predecessor of Transcontinental &Western Air, Inc. He logged more than 2 million miles and 15,000 flying hours during his career, mostly with TWA, before he was killed in a plane crash while serving as an Army Air Corps lieutenant colonel during World War II. Dubbed "Aviation's Gift to Women" as a young pilot, Zimmerman accomplished many feats during his career, including surviving a serious mail-plane crash at Allegheny County Airport at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1933 and flying the first scheduled plane into New York's LaGuardia Field in December 1939. He also piloted the plane that took J. Edgar Hoover and FBI agents to arrest kidnapper Alvin Karpis (a "Public Enemy No. 1") in 1936. In 1940, Zimmerman flew the last leg of the West-East inaugural record flight of the Stratoliner. He set a coast-to-coast speed record for transport planes and was chief pilot for TWA's Eastern and Atlantic division when he entered the service in April 1942. In the same year, the book Million Miler was written about his career. On Nov. 2, 1942, Zimmerman and a crew of eight men were involved in an airplane accident near Presque Isle, Maine, after the flying boat capsized in rough waters upon takeoff. The crew had completed the first leg of its flight and was making its return to base when the accident occurred. Zimmerman, control officer of the North Atlantic Division of the Ferry Command, was the highest ranking officer aboard. Another officer and three enlisted men were also reported missing following the wreck. Fremont was the site of a military tribute shortly after he was killed. He was survived by his parents, sister Mrs. L. K. Carroll of Fremont and his wife, the former Mary Jane Porter, to whom he was married in 1931.

Scope and Content
With the exception of several nineteenth century family photographs, the collection consists entirely of biographical material and the personal papers Lt. Col. H. J. "Jack" Zimmerman from 1928 to 1942. The papers reflect the extraordinary accomplishments of Zimmerman's aviation career.

Ac. 5457
½ linear ft.

Box 1
1. Pilot Log Book, 1929-1935
2. Pilot Log Book, 1935-1940
3. Pilot Log Book and note cards from wallet
4. Address Book
5. New Testament
6. News clippings, letters, telegrams: 1933, plane crash, Pittsburgh, PA
7. News clippings, letters, telegrams: 1936, J. Edgar Hoover/Alvin Karpis
8. Speeches, ads, miscellaneous correspondence
9. News articles by Jack Zimmerman
10. Newspaper profiles of Zimmerman
11. News clippings, miscellaneous
12. Skyliner November 1942 (TWA newsletter)
13. Newspaper graphic of Jack Zimmerman
14. Photographs, Pilots and Aircrews
15. Photographs, Planes and aerial shots
16. Photographs, Personal
17. Photographs; Oberlin College 1893 Football Team, College Street (Oberlin, Ohio) 1891 boarders;
      portraits, Nellie Lee Zimmerman, Beulah B. Johnson
18. Printed Christmas Cards (Jack Zimmerman), Wedding Invitation (Buelah Worthley/Lawrence Carroll,
      Patents (Harry Zimmerman) Buffing Wheels, 1883, 1919,1924, 1927, 1932, 1933, 1937,1938, 1942,
      Handwritten Zimmerman genealogy (one page) [Ac. 5886]

Box 2
1.TWA charts, maps, and data
2.TWA weather report sheet
3. Weekly Notice to Airmen, Civil Aeronautics Administration, 1942
4. Log Log Duplex, 1939
5. TWA Airline Pilots' Association International Contract, 1941

Flight case and wallet transferred to the museum