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Jacob Burgner


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Jacob Burgner collection came to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in part through Louis E. Burgner of Oberlin, Ohio, who donated a Sandusky County, Ohio, obituary and newspaper index in 1945. A number of Sandusky County, Ohio, historical records were deposited at the Hayes Presidential Center in 1940.  Finally, in 1986, obituary materials relating to Sandusky County residents of the late 19th and early 20th centuries came to the collection. Information regarding obituaries found in Burgner’s scrapbook have been entered into the Hayes Obituary Index. 

Biographical Sketch
Jacob Burgner was born November 5, 1833 in Seneca County, Ohio, to Peter and Catherine (Hollinger) Burgner.  He attended district schools in his youth, and was an 1859 graduate of Otterbein University, Westerville, Ohio.  Burgner was a teacher—and later superintendent—in the Ohio school system for twenty years, working in Maumee, Port Clinton, and Fremont, Ohio, among other areas.  He purchased fifty acres of farmland as well, where he pursued agricultural endeavors in the summer months.  In September of 1859, he married Rebecca M. Miller.  The couple had four children: Mary Alice, Sarah Katherine, Linnaeus, and Louis.  During the American Civil war, Burgner served as a private in Company H of the 169th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Fort Ethan Allen, Virginia.  Following the conflict, he returned to Ohio and was elected justice of the peace of Ballville Township, Sandusky County, Ohio.

Burgner developed a keen interest in historical research, writing, and record keeping.  He was an avid member of the Sandusky County Pioneer and Historical Society, for which he served as secretary for a number a years.  He also published several historical works—including his personal genealogical research, the “History and Genealogy of the Burgner Family in America,” in 1890.  Burgner was active in county record keeping as well, furnishing reports on public assemblies, legal testimonies, church proceedings, and Civil War records.  He also assembled obituary materials relating to residents of Sandusky County and surrounding areas.  Jacob Burgner died at the home of his son, Louis, in Oberlin, Ohio, on April 10, 1913; he was seventy-nine years old.

Scope and Content
This collection, dating from 1815 to 1911, consists of the correspondence of Jacob Burgner, as well as historical records and other material relating to Sandusky County, Ohio. Included in the collection are Civil War documents for Sandusky County—such as muster rolls, hospital registers, and other reports.  It also contains meeting minutes, a membership list, and a secretary’s journal for the Sandusky County Pioneer and Historical Society.  Furthermore, the collection is comprised of the writings of Burgner, genealogical information, obituary indexes, church records, and other Sandusky County, Ohio, historical material as well.

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1.   Biographical Information
2.   Correspondence
3.   “The Spelling Reform” by J. Burgner, 1859
4.   Farm Account Book 1883 - 1885
5.   “Fremont High School Room in 1861-2” by J. Burgner, Teacher
6.   Poems and writings of J.  Burgner
7.   John Batesole – “Pioneer Sketch and Funeral Service” by J. Burgner, 1888
8.   Daniel Thurn pioneer stories
9.   Crowell family record - genealogy
10.   Catherine Hawk Tillottson Recollections, 1911
11.   Index to obituaries, 1909
12.   Index to Fremont Weekly Journal, 1854 - 1864
13.   Mount Lebanon U. B. Church - Record Book, 1853 - 1885
14.   The Lower Sandusky Cemetery, 1907
15.   The Bible: The Oldest and Best of Books, by C. N. Olds
16.   Photocopies of newspaper clippings unglued from McPherrin and Gallagher Ledger 1815-1817 (see box 3)
17.   Map of Fort Ethan Allen, Virginia, 1864
18.  169th OVI Reunion Scrapbook, 1887 - 1909
19.  169th OVI Hospital Register of Sick, 1864


1.   Sandusky Co. Pioneer and Historical Society - Secretary Book, 1874 -1889
2.   Sandusky Co. Pioneer and Historical Society - Membership List, 1874?
3.   Sandusky Co. Pioneer and Historical Society - Minutes Book, 1874 - 1885
4.   Sandusky Co. Pioneer and Historical Society - Scrapbook, 1877 - 1903
5.   Sandusky Co. Pioneer and Historical Society - Proceedings of Annual Reunions, 1901 - 1908


McPherrin and Gallagher Ledger, 1815 - 1817


Burgner Scrapbook — Obituaries  #407 - #565 — Photocopy  F 497. S2B8 ORR.  The obituaries preserved in this scrapbook have been entered into the Hayes Obituary Index.  A hard copy of the scrapbook are available in the library reading room.