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George Buckland

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Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The George Buckland Collection was acquired by the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2008. Additional materials compiled by George Buckland regarding General Ralph P. Buckland’s Civil War service may be found in Local History Collection #253.

Biographical Sketch
George Buckland was born 18 August 1859 in Fremont, Ohio to General Ralph Pomeroy and Charlotte (Boughton) Buckland.  He was the youngest of the couple’s eight children who included Ralph Boughton, Ann Kent Dillon, Alson Kent, Thomas Stilwell, Mary Jerusha, Horace Stephen, and Caroline Nichols. He graduated from Fremont High School and in May 1886 from the University of Cincinnati. An attorney, he practiced law in Fremont and Cincinnati.  On 18 November 1891, he married Grace Huntington of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born to John Caldwell and Mary (Mitchell) Huntington 10 May 1865. John Caldwell and Mary (Mitchell) Huntington were the parents of seven other children: Elizabeth Mitchell Huntington Rice, second wife of General Edmund C. Rice; Dwight Williams Huntington, husband of Mary Josephine Shade; Kate Tallman,  Mitchell, John, Mary, and Frederick Green Huntington, husband of Frances Crawford. John Caldwell Huntington owned a mercantile business in Cincinnati

George and Grace Huntington Buckland were the parents of two daughters, Mary Huntington, born 21 March 1896, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charlotte Boughton, born 27 March 1905 at Michigan City, Indiana. The Bucklands lived for a short time after their marriage in Fremont, Ohio. Following the birth of their first child, the Buckland family moved to Michigan City, Indiana, where George worked for a gas company. By 1910, the family had moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where George was again engaged in the gas business. For the remainder of his working life, he was employed by the Jacksonville Gas Company. Grace Buckland oversaw the French and English Departments of the Riverside Private School located at 1701 Oak Street. After the Buckland family moved from Adams Street, they resided at 2021 Herschel Street and then at 2623 Herschel in Jacksonville. 

Daughters Mary and Charlotte attended Jacksonville schools. Mary graduated from “Miss Jacobi’s” School in 1915. Following graduation, Mary and her mother, Grace, established the French Primary School at the family home, where they taught kindergarten and elementary age children.

Charlottegraduated from Duval High School in 1923. She then attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, where she earned a degree in botany in 1927. In 1933, she graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Virginia. Charlotte taught biology at Porter University in Jacksonville.

The family spent time each year at their Waldoboro, Maine summer home, known as the “Hay Farm.”  George Buckland was deeply interested in family, local, and American history. In a series of albums, he preserved correspondence, photographs, documents, legal papers, and memorabilia related to the lives of his wife and daughters. George Buckland died in Jacksonville, Florida 8 April 1939 at the age of 79. Grace Huntington Buckland died on September first of the following year. Neither Mary nor Charlotte married. They lived out their final years on Herschel Street. Mary died in March of 1961 and Charlotte passed away 6 August 1990. The Buckland Home became the site of the Riverside Avondale Preservation association, a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing and preserving the architecture, history, cultural heritage and economic viability of the historic neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale.

Scope and Content
The George Buckland Collection, dating from 1741 to 1958, consists of the extended family correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, documents, legal papers, books, newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, genealogy, certificates, memorabilia (business, greeting, and calling cards; invitations; and postcards) and clothing of George and Grace Huntington Buckland and daughters Mary and Charlotte. The bulk of the collection, dating from 1840 to 1940, was compiled by George Buckland in a series of some 60 scrapbooks. Many of the scrapbooks focus on a single subject while others contain randomly selected materials. Included are letters, documents, photographs and memorabilia related to the births, activities, interests, education, and careers of his wife, Grace Huntington Buckland, and his two daughters, Mary and Charlotte. Photographs and materials on the Bucklands’ “Hay Farm” in Waldoboro, Maine; their home on Herschel Street in Jacksonville, Florida; and their earlier residences in Fremont, Ohio and Michigan City, Indiana are part of this collection. 

Buckland also preserved correspondence, photographs, and documents, of his father’s family, General Ralph P. Buckland. Included is the Civil War correspondence of his father, who commanded the 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was the Military Commander of the District of Memphis (see Local History Collection #253). This collection, donated in 1992, is made up of photocopies of George Buckland’s original material regarding his father’s Civil War service.

Photographs from the 1880s and 1890s of Fremont, Ohio residents, streets, churches, landmarks, Spiegel Grove, businesses, the Sandusky River, public buildings, and interior and exterior photographs of the Buckland homestead and the Charles M. Dillon home in Fremont, Ohio are included. Rutherford Platt Hayes, son of President Rutherford B. Hayes photographed the Buckland and Dillon homes. George also documented the ancestry of the Buckland family, including his Revolutionary War ancestor Stephen Buckland. To a lesser extent, Buckland researched the Boughton and Whittlesey lines of his mother’s family.

In addition to his own family, Buckland documented his genealogical research of the Huntington family and its collateral lines. He also preserved the correspondence of his wife’s family. Of note is the 1880s correspondence of Grace Huntington prior to her marriage and Mrs. Edmund (Elizabeth Huntington) Rice, during visits by Grace to her sister and brother-in-law (General and Mrs. Edmund Elizabeth Huntington Rice) at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; Fort Keogh, Montana, and Fort Snelling, Minnesota. There are letters from Elizabeth Rice to the Huntington family in Cincinnati as well.

Dwight Williams Huntington, elder brother of Grace Huntington, received his law degree from Yale in 1873. After graduation, Huntington returned to Cincinnati and signed on to the Marsh scientific expedition to the Yellowstone. He served as a correspondent for the Cincinnati Gazette. Following the expedition, he developed his law practice, and immersed himself in Cincinnati politics. However, Huntington’s true passion was nature and wildlife. In 1900, Huntington gave up his legal practice and moved to New York, where he painted hunting scenes and edited the Amateur Sportsman and the Game Breeder Magazine. Several sketches and correspondence concerning the estate of Elizabeth Huntington Rice and the guardianship of his daughter, Josephine, who was institutionalized in New York for mental issues, are included. For a time, George Buckland served as guardian of Josephine Huntington.

The collection contains photographs and two letters written by Katie Tallman Huntington, sister of Grace Huntington Buckland, who died in childhood before the close the Civil War. Of interest is a letter to her father describing Morgan’s Raid that took place during the summer of 1863 north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Boxes 1 and 2 contain correspondence of George, Grace, Mary, and Charlotte Buckland. The incoming and outgoing letters of each are arranged chronologically. Box 3 is largely composed of financial records and legal papers. Boxes 4 and 5 hold photographs of family, friends, locations, and residences. George Buckland identified many of these.

Because of the deterioration of the collection as a result of years of exposure to the heat and humidity of Jacksonville, Florida, 56 of the scrapbooks were transferred to and compiled in 27 archival albums. The inventory lists subjects documented in each of the scrapbooks.

Scrapbooks 1, 2, 3, and 8 contain photographs and documents that focus largely on Fremont, Ohio and the Buckland family. Buckland genealogy can be found in scrapbooks 11, 17, 18, 30, and 51. Huntington genealogy, family research, and photographs are part of scrapbooks 24, 33, and 34.

Boxes 6 and 7 hold acid free photocopies (created by the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center) of each of the 56 scrapbooks. Box 8 contains memorabilia associated with Jacksonville’s “Miss Jacobi’s School;” George and Grace Buckland’s wedding; and an album of photographs of the Dillon and Buckland homes in Fremont, Ohio.

Box 9 features photograph albums of travels in North Carolina, Florida, and Europe. Box 10 includes wedding invitations, calling cards, and postcards. Box 12 holds a series of glass plate negatives that were probably created for use in newspaper articles written by George Buckland on American history topics.

Books and sheet music found in Boxes 13 through 20 complete the collection. Titles of each are provided in the inventory. Articles of clothing belonging to George, Grace, Mary, and Charlotte Buckland as well as Elizabeth Huntington Rice were transferred to the Museum collection of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, where each has been cataloged.

Ac. 5728
37 ½ linear ft.

Box 1

George Buckland

Incoming Correspondence:
1.  (Mrs. George) Grace Huntington Buckland (wife); 1904-1927
2.  Mary Huntington Buckland (daughter); 1910-1928
3.  Charlotte Boughton Buckland (daughter); 1924
4.  (Mrs. Charles) Ann Buckland Dillon (sister); 1896
5.  (Mrs. John) Mary Mitchel[l] Huntington (mother-in-law); 1887
6.   Dwight Huntington (brother-in-law); 1910
7.   Extended Family; 1877-1896
8.   Assorted; 1885-1896
9.   Assorted; 1898-1899
10. Assorted; 1900-1938

Outgoing Correspondence:
11. (Mrs. George) Grace Huntington Buckland (wife); 1924-1933
12. Mary Huntington Buckland (daughter); 1908-1929
13. Charlotte Boughton Buckland (daughter); 1922-1936
14. Assorted; 1927

(Mrs. George) Grace Huntington Buckland

Incoming Correspondence:
15. Mary Huntington Buckland (daughter); 1910-1928
16. Charlotte Boughton Buckland (daughter); 1924
17. (Mrs. John) Mary Mitchel[l] Huntington (mother); 1905
18. (Mrs. Edmund) Elizabeth Mitchel[l] Huntington Rice (sister); 1911-1914
19. Fred Huntington (brother); 1904-1930
20. Dwight Huntington (brother); 1900-1930
21. Josephine Huntington (niece); 1912-1919
22. Helen Huntington Chatfield (cousin); 1920-1927
23. Charles and Harriet Wilby (cousin?); 1919-1925
24. Anna P. Williams (cousin); 1911-1929
25. Bessie Williams (aunt); 1905-1927
26. Cora B. Williams (cousin?); 1913
27. Mrs. C. Hanks [Williams Family]; 1907-1923
28. Mitchel[l] Family; 1916-1926
29. Extended Family; 1904-1929
30. M.J. and Beatrice Aitkins; 1907-1923
31. Mary E. Arthur; 1909-1912
32. Jessie Starbuck Blake; 1903
33. Clara P. Townsend; 1917
34. Edith M. King; 1927-1929
35. Gwendoleyne Leys; 1924
36. May Valentine; 1913
37. John C. Russell; 1925
38. Colonial Dames of America; 1911-1928
39. Associations/Organizations; 1901-1939
40. W.S. Tyler Company (Col. Webb C. Hayes Monument); 1922
41. Assorted; 1888-1905
42. Assorted; 1907-1908
43. Assorted; 1909-1912
44. Assorted; 1912-1915
45. Assorted; 1916-1918
46. Assorted; 1919-1938
47. Undated and/or unknown

Outgoing Correspondence
48. Mary Huntington Buckland (daughter); 1918
49. John Caldwell Huntington (father); n.d.
50. (Mrs. John) Mary Mitchel[l] Huntington (mother); 1883-1885
51. (Mrs. Col. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice (sister); 1883-1884
52. Fred Huntington (brother); 1885
53. Dwight Huntington (brother); 1885
54. (Mrs. Ralph P.) Charlotte Boughton Buckland (mother-in-law); 1891
55. Helen F. Huntington Chatfield (cousin); 1880-1881
56. Miscellaneous; 1881-1927


57. Invitations and Cards; 1914-1937
58. Envelopes; 1897-1933

Miss Mary Huntington Buckland

Incoming Correspondence
59. Charlotte Boughton Buckland (sister); 1923-1924
60. (Mrs. Col. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice (aunt); 1915-1916
61. (Mrs. Charles) Ann Buckland Dillon (aunt); 1911-1923
62. (Mrs. Horace) Elizabeth Bauman Buckland (aunt); 1917-1926
63. Josephine Huntington (cousin); 1912-1925
64. Bessie J. Williamson (relation?); 1915-1924
65. Extended Family; 1873-1939
66. Carrie “Doll”; 1915
67. Sarah J. Grant; 1911-1923
68. Katharine and Gwendoleyne Leys; 1911-1934
69. Assorted Friends; 1909-1915
70. Assorted Friends; 1918-1954

Outgoing Correspondence
71. Charlotte Boughton Buckland (sister); 1910-1954
72. Josephine Huntington (cousin); 1915

Box 2

Miss Mary Huntington Buckland

Outgoing Correspondence (continued)
1.  Educational Documents/Correspondence

2.  Invitations and Cards; 1915-1944
3.  Envelopes; 1902-1959

Miss Charlotte Boughton Buckland

Incoming Correspondence
4.  Extended Family; 1911-1913
5.  J.C. Russell; 1943-1946
6.  Assorted Friends; 1915-1946

7.  Invitations and Cards; 1909-1945

Gen. Ralph Pomeroy Buckland
(Father of George Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
8.  Ellen Wright (cousin); 1873-1879
9.  Assorted Friends; 1861-1876

Outgoing Correspondence
10. (Mrs. Ralph P.) Charlotte Boughton Buckland (wife); 1866-1878

11. Invitations and Calling Cards; 1862-1891

(Mrs. Ralph P.) Charlotte Boughton Buckland
(Mother of George Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
12. (Mrs. Charles) Ann Buckland Dillon (daughter); 1866
13. Caroline “Carrie” Buckland (daughter); 1862
14. Ralph Boughton Buckland (son); 1866
15. Horace Stephen Buckland (son); 1863
16. L.M. Boughton (sister); 1863-1879
17. George Boughton (brother?); 1877
18. C.E. Boughton (sibling?); 1879
19. Julia (niece); 1854-1878
20. Ellen Ecklee (niece); 1880
21. Cousins; 1873-1878
22. Assorted Friends; 1862

Outgoing Correspondence
23. Ralph Boughton Buckland (son); 1876

Ralph Boughton Buckland (Brother of George Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
24. (Mrs. Charles) Ann Buckland Dillon (sister); 1869

Horace Stephen Buckland (Brother of George Buckland)

Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence
25. Family and Friends; 1863-1878

Col. Edmund Rice(Brother-in-Law of Grace Huntington Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
26. Frank Miller; 1895

(Mrs. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice (Sister of Grace Huntington Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
27. Extended Family and Friends; 1895-1915

Outgoing Correspondence
28. (Mrs. John) Mary Mitchel[l] Huntington (mother); 1880

John Caldwell Huntington (Father of Grace Huntington Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
29. George Bradley; 1867

(Mrs. John) Mary Mitchel[l] Huntington (Mother of Grace Huntington Buckland)

Incoming Correspondence
30. Assorted; 1840-1892

Kate Huntington (Sister of Grace Huntington Buckland)

Outgoing Correspondence
31. John and Mary (Mitchel[l]) Huntington (parents)/ Extended Family; 1861-1865

(photograph included)

Frederick Green Huntington 

Incoming Correspondence
32. Roland S. Mitchell (cousin); 1905

Buckland Family
33. Miscellaneous Correspondence, Cards and Invitations; 1874-1942
34. Waldoboro, Maine Property-“Hay Farm”; 1907-1936
35. Buckland Family-Mortgages, Memoranda and Receipts; 1894-1915
36. Buckland Family-Chattel Mortgages; 1925-1926
37. (Mrs. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice/R.C. Williams Estate; 1894-1928
38. (Mrs. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice Estate Documents; 1913-1926
39. Charlotte Boughton Buckland- Financial Documents; 1956-1960
40. Josephine Huntington (Niece of Grace) - Legal Documents; 1923-1925
41. Florida Works Progress Administration; 1937
42. Florida Works Progress Administration; 1938
43. Buckland Family- Taxes, Wage Reports and Receipts; 1901-1938
44. Buckland Family- Bank Statements; 1903-1924
45. Buckland Family- Bank Statements, Cancelled Checks and Bank Books; 1904-1927

Box 3 - Bank and Legal Documents

1.  Buckland Family- Bank Statements; 1928-1929
2.  Buckland Family- Bank Statements; 1934-1935
3.  Buckland Family- Bank Statements; 1937-1938
4.  Buckland Family- Assorted Bank Documents
5.  Charles Dawes- Trust Documents; 1927-1938
6.  “Miss Jacobi’s” School/French Primary School Documents; 1919-1983
7.  Assorted Newspaper Clippings; 1915-1924
8.  Programs and Playbills; 1916-1945
9.  D.A.R./Colonial Dames of America- Handbooks and Programs; 1910-1925
10. Dance Cards/Bridge Cards
11. Ephemera; 1909-1955
12. Address Books/Notebooks; 1890-1916
13. Bibles
14. Clothing Patterns

Box 4 - Photographs

1.  George Buckland
2.  (Mrs. George) Grace Huntington Buckland
3.  Mary Huntington Buckland (Daughter of George and Grace Buckland)
4.  Charlotte Boughton Buckland (Daughter of George and Grace Buckland)
5.  Mary and Charlotte Buckland (Daughters of George and Grace Buckland)
6.  (Mrs. George) Grace and Mary Buckland
7.  Mary and CharlotteBuckland- Newport, Rhode Island Trip, 1920
8.  Gen. Ralph Pomeroy Buckland (Father of George Buckland)
9.   Horace Buckland (Brother of George Buckland)
10. (Mrs. Charles) Mary Buckland Dillon
11. George Buckland Family
12. Col. Edmund Rice (Brother-in-Law of George Buckland
13. (Mrs. Edmund) Elizabeth Huntington Rice (Sister of Grace Huntington Buckland)
14. Rice Family
15. John Caldwell Huntington (Father of Grace Huntington Buckland)
16. (Mrs. John) Mary Mitchell Huntington (Mother of Grace Huntington Buckland)
17. Children of John and Mary (Mitchell) Huntington
18. Dwight Huntington (Brother of Grace Huntington Buckland)
19. Frederick Green Huntington (Brother of Grace Huntington Buckland)
20. Kate Tallman Huntington (Sister of Grace Huntington Buckland)
21. Mitchel Huntington (Brother of Grace Huntington Buckland)
22. (Mrs. Frederick) Frances Huntington (Sister-in-Law of Grace Huntington Buckland)
23. Mrs. A.W.  Huntington (Aunt Bessie)
24. M.C. Huntington
25. W. Huntington
26. Edith Huntington
27. C.L.F. Huntington
29. Sarah (Sally) Huntington
30. Mitchell Family
31. Williams Family
32. Hanks Family

Box 5 - Photographs

1.   Isaac H. Brown
2.   Ray Burckhardt
3.   Professor Day of Yale
4.   Peter and Peggy
5.   E? Vedder
6.   Unidentified Men
7.   Isabel Aberdeen
8.   Carrie Gusdorf
9.   Agnes Haynard
10.  Reverend Mother of New York
11.  Harriet Oates Sargent?
12.  Millie Slater?
13.  Unidentified Women
14.  Robert Godfrey (child)
15.  Jack Clem Jr. (child)
16. Charlie Dillon (child)
17.  Frances and Helen (children)
18.  C.N. Horn? (child)
19. “Nebby” (child)
20.  F? Hull Nichols and Leverett Nichols (children)
21.  Katherine May Richmond (child)
22.  Sarah Towers Van Cleve (child)
23.  Tommy Roberts (child)
24.  Unidentified Children
25.  Unidentified Groups
26.  Notable People (carte de visites)
       Major General Kilpatrick (2)
       Mr. McMahon
       Conte? du  Moirry?
       Grand Duchesse Marie de Russia  
       La Anchepe de Malakoff
       Contessa de Montjo?
       Conte Walinski?
       Ala El Kader
       Faneuil Hall- Boston, MA
       Bedroom scene
       Religious Figures
       Unidentified Military Figure (1)
27.  Family Pets/Animals
28.  French Primary School; Jacksonville, Florida
29.  George Buckland Home; 2623 Herschel Street Jacksonville, Florida
30.  George Buckland Home; Michigan City, Indiana
31. “Hay Farm”; Waldoboro, Maine
32.  Colonel and Mrs. Edmund Rice Home; Newport, Rhode Island
33.  Judge Ebon Newton Home; Canfield, Ohio
34.  Hotel Champlain (Interior), 1899
35.  Homes/Buildings/ Street Scenes; Fremont, Ohio
36.  Identified Street Scenes/Homes
37.  Unidentified Sailing/Beach
38.  U.S. Landmarks/Monuments
39.  Artifacts and Engravings
40.  French Primary School-Prints and Negatives
41.  “Hay Farm”; Waldoboro, Maine-Prints and Negatives
42.  Unidentified Negatives
43.  Unidentified Photographs

Album 1

Scrapbook 1

  • Photos of Mary Huntington Buckland from birth to 2 ½ years of age
  • Photos of John Caldwell Huntington
  • Plattsburg, New York photos of Buckland family
  • Fremont, Ohio photos of: 926 Birchard Ave.
  • Birchard Ave. (Miss Grant’s house)
  • 603 Birchard Ave.

Scrapbook 2

  • Photos of college friends of George Buckland, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Photos of Fremont, Ohio residents
  • Fremont, Ohio photos of: panorama views
  • Sandusky County Jail
  • Sandusky County courthouse
  • Sandusky River and dam
  • Mayor A. H. Jackson residence
  • Birchard Public Library
  • Fremont High School
  • Birchard Ave.
  • Troops entraining

Scrapbook 3

  • Charles M. Dillon Family Photos
  • Photos of Grace Huntington Buckland (Mrs. George Buckland)
  • Fremont, Ohio photos of: Dillon house, exterior and interior
  • 72 O.V. I. Reunion at Dillon house
  • 926 Birchard Ave., interior
  • 713 Birchard Ave., interior
  • Birchard Ave. showing Stephen Buckland residence
  • Correspondence of: Annie Buckland Dillon, Dillon children George Buckland
  • Agreement between Ralph P. Buckland and Horace Buckland forming a law partnership, 1875

Album 2

Scrapbook 4

  • Correspondence and notes regarding genealogy of Huntington family
  • Descendants of John Williams
  • Descendants of Tracy family
  • Descendants of Avery family

Scrapbook 5

  • Miscellaneous invitations to weddings
  • Newspaper clippings regarding Yellowstone
  • Newspaper clippings regarding Ticonderoga
  • Miscellaneous greeting cards
  • Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
  • George H. Buckland Souvenir Sofa Cushions

Album 3

Scrapbook 6

  • Photos of Mary Huntington Buckland with other relatives
  • Mary Huntington Buckland school records
  • Photos of Buckland family with friends, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Photos of Mary Huntington Buckland at farm at Waldoboro, Maine
  • Photos of Mary Huntington Buckland in various costumes
  • Photos of home of George Buckland, Michigan City, Indiana
  • Photos of Charlotte Boughton Buckland, birth 2 years of age
  • Graduation of Charlotte Buckland from University of Virginia, 1933

Album 4

Scrapbook 7

  • Correspondence and photos of relatives of Grace Huntington Buckland
  • Emily Fall
  • Clarine Scudder (daughter of Simeon Williams)
  • Scudder family
  • Charles Stedman Hanks
  • Hanks family
  • William Johnston
  • Johnston family
  • George McKnight Williamson
  • Bessie Williamson
  • Williamson family

Scrapbook 8

  • Fremont, Ohio photos of Buckland homestead
  • Photos of George Buckland
  • Newspaper published by George Buckland during Grand Army Fair, Fremont, Ohio, 1884
  • Fremont, Ohio photo of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church

Album 5

Scrapbook 9

  • Fremont, Ohio newspaper clippings
  • Obituaries
  • Local events
  • Activities of state and local historical societies
  • Dedication of Buckland Gateway at Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio
  • Advertisements for Fremont, Ohio businesses
  • Poems by George Buckland

Album 6

Scrapbook 10

  • Fremont, Ohio photos
  • Sandusky River - Blue Banks farm
  • Sandusky County Courthouse and jail
  • Reunion Souvenir Toledo Critic, 23rd O.V.I. reunion, 1897
  • Photos of Waldoboro, Maine Hay farm
  • Shoreline of Goose River and creek
  • Charlotte and Mary Buckland and friends at Hay farm
  • Farmhouse exterior and interior views
  • Streets and buildings in town
  • Photos of Mouse Island, Lake Erie, Ohio
  • Photos of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
  • Photos of Buckland house at Jacksonville, Florida

Scrapbook 11

  • Shiloh Battlefield Association materials
  • George Buckland application to Judge Advocate General’s Corps, World War I
  • George Buckland application to Quartermaster Corps, World War I
  • Capt. Stephen Buckland’s Revolutionary War record
  • Correspondence from Mrs. Horace (Eliza Baumann) Buckland
  • List of books
  • Family history of Joseph Pomeroy

Album 7

Scrapbook 12

  • Poems by George Buckland
  • Interest in writing as a career by George Buckland
  • National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
  • Jacksonville, Florida, Mrs. George Buckland
  • Correspondence from Mrs. Horace (Eliza Baumann) Buckland, Fremont, Ohio, 1917-1918, 1932-1934
  • News of Hayes family
  • Correspondence of Grace Buckland
  • Correspondence of George Buckland regarding genealogy

Scrapbook 13

  • Genealogy, including some photos
  • Avery family
  • Palmer family
  • Miner family
  • Wales family
  • Webster family
  • Marsh family
  • Lyman family
  • Fitch family
  • Wright family
  • Mason family
  • Bradford family
  • Kent family

Album 8

Scrapbook 14

  • Nathaniel Greene, Revolutionary War general
  • Newspaper clippings from Savannah, Georgia
  • Greene family genealogy, photos

Scrapbook 15

  • R. B. Buckland business items and correspondence
  • Grace Buckland correspondence
  • George Buckland correspondence
  • Society of Colonial Dames of America, Ohio
  • Travel brochures, itinerary, mementoes
  • Jacksonville, Florida National Guard, World War II
  • Newspaper clippings

Album 9

Scrapbook 16

  • George Buckland correspondence (mostly 1930s)
  • Financial matters
  • Shipment of furniture from Fremont, Ohio (1930 – stored at Miss Grant’s house)
  • Preferred stock sale in Jacksonville (Florida) Gas Co.
  • Farm in Waldoboro, Maine

Scrapbook 17

  • Photos of Hay Farm in Waldoboro, Maine
  • Photos of scenes in Maine

Scrapbook 18

  • Real estate deeds for George Buckland
  • Photo of George Buckland, Grace Huntington, Capt. Reynolds, Lizzie Meek
  • Correspondence and estate of George N. Boughton (cousin of George Buckland)
  • Genealogy of Mary Huntington Buckland and Charlotte Boughton Buckland
  • Volney Hanchett, Hanchett Works
  • Correspondence, newspaper clippings
  • Correspondence of Ann Dillon, Eliza Buckland, Mary (Dillon) Fangboner, Fleet Dillon

Album 10

Scrapbook 19

  • Colonel Edmund Rice and family photos
  • Estate of Elizabeth Huntington Rice
  • Photos of Charlotte Boughton Buckland

Scrapbook 20

  • Charlotte Buckland science notes
  • Christmas cards

Scrapbook 21

  • Charlotte Buckland’s graduation from Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia, 1927

Album 11

Scrapbook 23

  • Correspondence of Charlotte Buckland while attending Agnes Scott College, Georgia, Jan.-May 1927
  • Documents pertaining to Charlotte Buckland’s senior year at Agnes Scott College

Scrapbook 24

  • Fremont, Ohio landmarks
  • Fremont Memorial Hospital
  • Soldiers’ Memorial Tablet, Spiegel Grove
  • Buckland homestead and George Buckland’s parents
  • Ralph P. Buckland agreement, correspondence
  • Letter from Jerusha Boughton, aunt of George Buckland
  • Fremont (Ohio) Plank Road materials
  • Correspondence of George Buckland with siblings Horace Buckland and Ann Dillon

Album 12

Scrapbook 25

  • Ancestry of Simon Breed Williams
  • Ancestry of Cornelia Johnston Williams
  • The Family of John Williams
  • Correspondence between George and Grace Buckland and Dwight Williams (her cousin)
  • Photos of Williams family
  • Anna Williams correspondence
  • Estate inventory, unidentified

Scrapbook 26

  • Photos of Huntington family
  • Correspondence with Sally Huntington
  • Chatfield family photos and correspondence

Album 13

Scrapbook 27

  • Mitchell family genealogy
  • Mitchell family photos and correspondence
  • Searles family photos and correspondence
  • Moore family photos and correspondence

Scrapbook 28

  • Photos and correspondence of Dwight Huntington (brother of Grace Huntington Buckland) and family
  • Sketches by Dwight Huntington
  • Correspondence regarding Elizabeth Huntington Rice estate
  • Huntington family photos

Album 14

Scrapbook 29

  • Photos of Grace Huntington and friends
  • Photos and correspondence of Fred Huntington & family

Scrapbook 30

  • Photos of Fremont, Ohio
  • Photos of Canfield, Ohio
  • Photos of Norwalk, Ohio

Scrapbook 31

  • Newspaper clipping, Stephen Buckland elected mayor of Fremont
  • Photos of Buckland family
  • Granville Whittlesey Buckland
  • Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Buckland
  • Eben Newton photo and newspaper clippings
  • Photos of Richard Brown’s children, Josephine Gillett, Dr. George Wright

Album 15

Correspondence with Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dawes

Scrapbook 32

  • Photo and correspondence of Charles Brooks
  • Photos of W. T. Nichols, Manchester, New Hampshire, Grace Townsend, Dr. Wallace Seely
  • Ancestry of Grace Huntington Buckland
  • Coffin Family
  • Burckhardt family
  • Cincinnati, Ohio newspaper clippings
  • Friends of Buckland’s

Scrapbook 33

  • Coit family ancestry of Grace Huntington Buckland
  • Photos of friends of Grace Huntington including:
    Louis Avery
    Eliza Fisher
    Hester Brinkerhoff Jackson
    John Macy
    Bessie Horton
    Nora Murphy
    Mary Holmes
    Lucy Putnam
    Annie Woodruff
    Elizabeth Woodruff
    Josephine Shade
    Anna Cochran

Album 16

Scrapbook 34

  • 250th anniversary of Norwich, Connecticut
  • Genealogy of John C. Huntington, descendant of Simon Huntington, Rev. John Lathrop, Thomas Laffingwell
  • Photos and obituaries of John C. Huntington
  • Photos and obituaries of Mary Mitchell Huntington
  • Photos of Elizabeth Mitchell Huntington
  • Photos of Kate Huntington
  • Photos of Cincinnati home, interior

Album 17

Scrapbook 35

  • April-May 1933 Newspaper clippings regarding Franklin Roosevelt’s appointments and policies, especially farm relief, conservation, and forestry
  • Eleanor Roosevelt activities

Scrapbook 36

  • Photos of Hart family members: Helen, Louise Hobby
  • Photos of friends of Grace Huntington from Ft. Keogh, Montana
  • Carrie Brisbane
  • Mrs. Dr. George Blackman
  • Dr. Hayes
  • Ralph Huntington
  • Charles Tear
  • Eugene Clark
  • Dr. Pemberton Cutler
  • Dr. (Norris?) Pomeroy and correspondence
  • Col. & Mrs. Hathaway

Album 18

Scrapbook 37

  • Correspondence of George Buckland with Grace Buckland and Josephine Huntington
  • Newspaper clippings of Fremont, Ohio events
  • Obituaries of Fremont, Ohio residents
  • Records of Buckland Zouave Guard Cadets, 1861-1862
  • Genealogy of Jonathan Buckland, b. ca 1716

Scrapbook 38

  • Charlotte Buckland, 1926
  • Correspondence with family from Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia
  • Grade report
  • Correspondence between George Buckland and Agnes Scott College regarding tuition
  • Newspaper clippings about Agnes Scott College
  • Correspondence from Charlotte Buckland traveling after school (early summer 1926)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Norwich, Connecticut

Album 19

Scrapbook 39

  • Charlotte Buckland, 1924
  • Correspondence with family from Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia

Scrapbook 40

  • Congratulatory cards and letters for Charlotte Buckland’s graduation from Agnes Scott College, 1927
  • Correspondence between Charlotte and parents, 1932

Album 20

Scrapbook 41

  • Graduation of Charlotte Buckland from Duval High School, Jacksonville, Florida, 1923
  • Correspondence from Charlotte to parents from Agnes Scott College, Sept.-Dec. 1923

Scrapbook 42

  • Charlotte Buckland, 1925
  • Correspondence with family from Agnes Scott College
  • Correspondence between George Buckland and Agnes Scott College regarding tuition

Album 21

Scrapbook 43

  • Unidentified photos – Jacksonville, Florida?
  • Photos of Charlotte and Mary Buckland
  • Genealogy of Huntington family
  • Newspaper clippings of Harry Hoyt and family members
  • Photos of George Buckland home in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jacksonville Gas Co. newspaper clippings and photos
  • George Buckland poem/lyrics and attempts to publish

Scrapbook 44

  • Charlotte Buckland, 1926
  • Summer study at University of Maine
  • Correspondence with family from Agnes Scott College, Aug.-Dec.
  • Correspondence between George Buckland and Agnes Scott College regarding tuition

Album 22

Scrapbook 45

  • Charlotte Buckland correspondence, 1931-1937
  • Porter University, Jacksonville, Florida (where Charlotte Buckland taught biology), newspaper clippings
  • Material regarding East Coast Travel of Charlotte  Buckland
  • Charlotte Buckland’s activities with Girl Scouts of America
  • Correspondence between Charlotte Buckland and George Buckland
  • Newspaper clippings and correspondence from Mountain Lake Biological Station of University of Virginia, 1937
  • 1936 Christmas cards

Scrapbook 46

  • Correspondence from Charlotte Buckland with family from Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia, 1931-1933

Album 23

Scrapbook 47

  • Estate of Elizabeth Huntington Rice
  • Correspondence regarding Josephine Huntington
  • Buckland family genealogy
  • Photos of Buckland homestead Fremont, Ohio
  • Grace Buckland, Society of Colonial Dames
  • Photos and correspondence from Waldoboro, Maine
  • Newspaper clippings regarding historical house, events, and organizations

Album 24

Scrapbook 48

  • Primary school conducted by Mary and Grace Buckland, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Christmas cards 1927,1928
  • Invitations
  • Seaboard Air Line railway newspaper clippings
  • Agnes Scott College and Alumnae Club correspondence and newspaper clippings
  • Cultural events at Jacksonville, Florida 1928-1930, movies, concerts, plays

Scrapbook 49

  • Correspondence between George Buckland and James Benner, husband of Viola Benner, regarding house and Hay Farm at Waldoboro, Maine, 1937-1938
  • Viola Benner estate
  • Correspondence regarding Hay Farm home maintenance

Album 25

Scrapbook 50

  • Charlotte Buckland correspondence while at Mountain Lake, Virginia 1929-1932
  • Agnes Scott College and alumnae information
  • Andrew Jackson High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Scrapbook 51

  • Correspondence of George Buckland regarding family occurrences, health, Fremont events and residents, Buckland homestead with:
  • Frederick Huntington
  • Elizabeth (Mrs. Horace) Buckland
  • Kent Dillon
  • Charlotte (Dillon) Ickes
  • Annie Dillon

Album 26

Scrapbook 52

  • Miscellaneous household bills
  • Medical bills for Grace Buckland
  • Letter from R. W. Huntington, Buenos Aires
  • Efforts to sell book “Baths of the Romans”

Scrapbook 53

  • Household bills
  • Utility bills
  • Tax receipts
  • Medical bills for Grace Buckland
  • Pharmacy bills
  • Correspondence with Dwight Huntington

Scrapbook 54

  • Newspaper clippings from 1918-1920
  • World War I
  • International events
  • U.S. domestic policies
  • Historical events
  • Baby book for Mary Buckland, born March 21, 1896
  • Correspondence regarding birth of Mary

Scrapbook 55

  • French Spoliation Case, 1891-19092
  • George Buckland represented interests of Mary Huntington, granddaughter of Jethro Mitchell. (Mitchell and sons owned a ship, the Active, which was seized and sold by a French privateer in 1799).

Album 27

Scrapbook 56

  • Correspondence between Charlotte Buckland and her parents, 1916-1919
    (including Charlotte’s trip to visit her aunt Elizabeth Huntington Rice in Rhode Island)

Box 6

  • Acid free photocopies of Scrapbooks 1 -39

Box 7

  • Acid free photocopies of Scrapbooks 40 – 56

Box 8

  • George Buckland- Solicitations for Jacksonville Gas Company (1907-1909)
  • Charlotte Buckland- “School Days” Memory Book (1917-1919)
  • Charlotte Buckland- “The Girl Graduates Record Book” (1923-1924)
  • Mary Buckland- “Miss Jacobi’s” School (ca. 1915)
  • Mary Buckland- Baby book (1896)
  • George and Grace (Huntington) Buckland- Marriage Scrapbook (1891)
  • Newspaper Clippings (ca. 1883-1886) Fremont Ohio Flood of 1883; 72nd OVI reunion articles; political articles
  • Photograph Album- Dillon House (Fremont, Ohio); Gen. R.P. Buckland Homestead (Fremont, Ohio); Residences of prominent citizens of Fremont,  Ohio; Unidentified portraits
  • The World’s Standard Woodworking Machinery- J.A. Fay & Egan Co. / George Buckland family ephemera (1918-1919)

Box 9

  • Religious poems and articles/obituaries/marriage announcements (ca. 1895)
  • Photograph Album- Fremont, Ohio landmarks; Gen. R.P. Buckland Homestead (Fremont, Ohio) (ca. 1860s-1890s)
  • Photograph Album- Fort Marion (St. Augustine, Florida); Waynesville, North Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida
  • Photograph Album (4) - Italy and France; England and Holland; Milan, Italy; London, England

Box 10

  • Calling Cards (1880s-1890s)
  • Calling Cards (n.d.)
  • Wedding Invitations (ca. 1890s-1905)
  • European Postcards (ca. 1900-1920s)

Box 11

  • Stephen Buckland- Revolutionary War Record [See Album 6, Scrapbook 11]
  • Century of Progress Chicago’s World’s Fair Pamphlets, 1934
  • Forestry Building-World’s Columbian Exposition; Chicago, Illinois 1983
  • Gen. Ralph Pomeroy Buckland
  • “Miss Jacobi’s” School Play (cast identified on verso)
  • Government Building
  • Class Picture (George Buckland) (2)
  • Post Cards: George Buckland (1908-1934); Grace Buckland (1905-1938); Mary Buckland (1902-1960); Charlotte Buckland (1908-1960)

Box 12 - Glass Plate Negatives

  • Butcher? of 36 W.  Adams Street
  • Verin Martin Cabinet
  • Dishes (2)
  • Patrick Henry Table-T. Frederick Davis
  • Pitcher (2)
  • Bourdin Clock
  • Table, 36 W. Adams Street
  • Bourdin Clock and table
  • John Randolph Table
  • Cabinet of China (2)
  • Alaskan Totem Pole (2)
  • Wedgewood Jugs and Cup

Box 13 - Books

  • Silhouette, 1926, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
  • The Silhouette, 1927, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
  • The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures
  • The Book of Psalms
  • Rose in Bloom, A Sequel to Eight Cousins by Louisa M. Alcott, 1906, Boston
  • Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1904, Boston
  • Hero Stories of the Old Testament, 1913, Milwaukee, Wis.
  • Les Adventures De Charlot…, by Alfred De Brėhat, Paris
  • Under The Lilacs, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1899, Boston
  • Jo’s Boys, and How They Turned Out, a sequel to “Little Men”, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1903, Boston
  • Eight Cousins, or Aunt-Hill, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1906, Boston
  • Little Women, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1903, Boston
  • Signs and Seasons, by John Burroughs, 1889
  • The Elson Basic Readers, Book Two, by William H. Elson and William S. Gray, 1931
  • Geology and Mineralogy by Rev. William Buckland, D.D., 1841, Philadelphia
  • Natural Theology: or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of The Deity”, by William Paley, D.D., 1880
  • The Holy Bible, 1871
  • The Holy Bible, 1841
  • The Baronetage of England, June 1804, London
  • The Book of Common Prayer, 1929, New York
  • The Political Works, of John Greenleaf Whittier, 1868, Boston
  • David Copperfield, Charles Dickens, 1958
  • Pansies and Water-Lillies, by Louisa M. Alcott, 1902, Boston
  • What is Worth While, by Anna Robertson Brown, 1897, New York
  • New Primary Arithmetic, John H. Walsh, 1905, Boston
  • Easy Lessons for the Little Ones at Home
  • Bible Pictures and Their Stories, by Susanna G. Fisher, 1930
  • McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer, 1896
  • History of Norwich, Connecticut, by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1866
  • The Society of the Founders of Norwich, June 1908
  • Notes on Persons and Places in the Ancient Town of Norwich in Connecticut, 1909

Box 14 - Books

  • Two Little Friends in Norway, by Margaret Sidney
  • Deutfch fur Unfanger, by W. D. Zinnecker, Ph.D.
  • Of the Imitation of Christ, by Thomas A. Kempis
  • American Military Biography Containing the Lives, Characters, and Anecdotes of the Officers of the Revolution… 1825
  • The Story of the Odyssey, by Rev. Alfred J. Church, M.A., 1908, New York
  • English Surnames, An Essay on Family Nomenclature…, by Mark Antony Lower, M.A.
  • Joshua, A Story of Biblical Times, by Georg Ebers, 1890, New York
  • Treize, par Victor Hugo, New York
  • The New Baronetage of England… June 1804, London
  • The ‘Old Northwest’ Genealogical Quarterly, 1898, Columbus, Ohio
  • The Story of the Rocks, Fourteen Weeks in Popular Geology, by J. Dorman Steele
  • Elements of Heraldry, by William H. Whitmore, 1866, Boston
  • The Antiquities of Heraldry, by William Smith Ellis, Esq., 1869, London
  • Snow-Bound; Among the Hills Songs of Labor; and Other Poems, by John G. Whittier
  • Yearbook of Agriculture 1932
  • Stories of American Life and Adventure, by Edward Eggleston
  • The Silent Readers, by William D. Lewis, Albert L. Rowland, Ethel H. Gehres
  • Valuable Musical Works
  • Church Psalmist; or Psalms and Hymns
  • The Power of the Will or Success, by H. Risborough Sharman, 1896, Boston
  • The Sacred Harp, A Collection of Church Music, by Lowell Mason, 1836
  • Fables de La Fontaine, 1878
  • The Sabbath-School Bell, Cincinnati
  • Pronouncing Musical Dictionary, by H.A. Clarke, 1886, Philadelphia
  • The Sunday School Service and Tune Book, by John C. Hollister, 1863
  • The One Hundred and One Best Songs for Home, School and Meeting
  • Official Handbook of Exhibits in the Division of the Basic Sciences, 1934 Chicago
  • Illustrated Guide to Savannah Georgia, 1917
  • Masterpieces of Piano Music

Box 15 - Books

  • Descendants of John Williams of Newbury and Haverhill, Mass. 1600-1674, 1925, Chicago
  • Home Needlework, 1899, Florence, MA.
  • Geology and Mineralogy, by Rev. William Buckland ,D.D., 1837, Philadelphia
  • Essai Historique et Critique sur LaRevolution Francaise, 1815, Paris
  • The Everyday Song Book, 1927, Chicago
  • The Genealogy of the Existing Brush Peerage, by Edmund Lodge, Esq., 1832, London
  • County Pioneer Historical Association and Historical Society, Yearbook for the Years 1923 and 1924, Fremont, OH
  • Transactions of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, 1839, Cincinnati
  • Little Bo-Peep and Other Good Stories, Philadelphia
  • Ful-O-Pep Poultry Book for 1924, Chicago
  • 1894 Rules and Regulations of the Police Department
  • The Peerage of England, Vol. I, 1741, London
  • The Peerage of England, Vol. III, 1741, London
  • Vanity Fair, by William M. Thackeray, 1871, Philadelphia
  • The Child’s World, First Reader, by Sarah Withers, Hetty S. Browne, W. K. Tate
  • Ainsworth’s Dictionary, English and Latin, by Thomas Morell, D.D., 1829, Philadelphia
  • History of Windham County, Connecticut, Vol. II, by Ellen D. Larned, 1880
  • The Grand Hotel, LTD., Guide Book for Yokohama and Immediate Vicinity, by N. Amenomori
  • The Handbook of Herladry, by John E. Cussans, 1869, London
  • The House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne” by Clyde Furst, 1917, New York
  • Wild Flowers We Know, by Thornton W. Burgess, 1929, Racine, WI.
  • Wild Flowers We Should Know, by Thornton W. Burgess, 1919, Racine, WI.

Box 16 - Books

  • Round the Year, by Arthur I. Gates and Miriam Blanton Huber, 1937, New York (French Primary School)
  • Everyday Classics First Reader, by Fannie Wyche Dunn, Franklin T. Baker, Ashley H. Thorndike, 1925, New York (French Primary School- 2 copies)
  • Yearbook of the Unites States Department of Agriculture 1916
  • Atlantic Classics Second Series, Boston
  • Recollections of a Lifetime, by General Roeliff Brinkerhoff, 1900, Cincinnati
  • An Abridgement of Guillim Heraldry, Vol II, by Samuel Kent, 1823, London
  • The Key to the Golden Islands, by Carita Doggett Corse, 1931, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Liturgy for the Use of the Church at King’s Chapel, Boston, 1811
  • The Peerage of England; Vol. IV, by Arthur Collins, Esq., 1741, London
  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • History of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, by Jacob Abbott, 1878, New York
  • Lady Jane, by Mrs. C.V. Jamison, 1906, New York
  • The ‘Old Northwest’ Genealogical Quarterly, 1899, Vol. II, 1899, Columbus, OH
  • Heraldry: Ancient and Modern, by S. T. Aveling, 1891, London and New York
  • The Curio, An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Sept. 1887, to Feb. 1888

Box 17- Books

  • The Coit Family; or the Descendants of John Coit, by Rev. F.W. Chapman, 1874, Hartford
  • The Dream Bag, by Winifred Agnes Haldane, 1904, Chicago
  • Tales and Verses of Long Ago, 1894, New York
  • Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language
  • Oracle 1923, Duval High School, Jacksonville, FL
  • The Oracle Annual of Andrew Jackson High School, 1932
  • The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Florida, May 1939
  • The Berlitz Self-Teacher: French, New York
  • Holidays at Roselands, by Martha Finley, New York
  • Neuman and Baretti’s Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages, 1827, Boston
  • Speeches and Addresses of William McKinley, From March 1, 1897 to May 30, 1900, New York
  • The Mayflower Descendant, 1899, Boston
  • United States Department of Agriculture Yearbook 1922, 1923, Washington
  • Messages of the Presidents of the United States from the formation of the general government, down to the close of the administration of President Van Buren; concluding with the inaugural address of President W. H. Harrison, 1841, Columbus
  • Stories from English History, by Albert F. Baisdell
  • The School Song Book; Student Edition

Box 18 - Books

  • The Life of George Washington in Words of One Syllable, by Josephine Pollard, New York
  • Century of American Literature and the Lives and Portraits of our Favorite Authors
  • The Animal Kingdom, by S.G. Goodrich
  • The Blennerhassett Papers, embodying the Private Journal of Harman Blennerhassett, by William H. Safford, 1891, Cincinnati
  • History of Windham County, Connecticut, Vol. I, 1600-1760, by Ellen D. Larned, 1874, Worcester, MA
  • The Story of San Michele, by Axel Munthe, New York
  • The Natural Method Readers – A Second Reader, by Hannah T. McManus and John H. Haaren
  • Essentials of Algebra for Secondary Schools, by Webster Wells, S.B.
  • Silas Marner, The Weaver of Raveloe, by George Eliot
  • The Leffingwell Record, 1637-1897; 1897, New York
  • A Treasury of Stephen Foster, New York
  • Geology and Mineralogy, by Rev. William Buckland, D.D., 1841, Philadelphia

Box 19 - Books

  • Appletons’ Cyclopedia of American Biography, Vols. I – V”, edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske, 1888, New York
  • Higher Geography, by Alexis Everett Frye

Sheet Music:

  • “Winner’s Eureka Method for the Guitar…”, 1891, Boston
  • "Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics, Chopin Waltzes for the Piano”, 1939
  • “Schirmer’s Library, Vol. 482, Kuhner, The School of Etudes for the Pianist”, 1898, Boston
  • “The National Anthems of the Allies”, 1917
  • “First Pedal Studies for the Piano”, n.d.
  • “Berens, The Cultivation of the Left Hand…Piano”, n.d.
  • “Harry Alexander Matthews, A Frolic, Mazurka for Piano”, 1910
  • “Sunny Side Up”, 1929, N.Y.
  • “Carolina Sweetheart, Waltz”, 1925, N.Y.
  • “When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin Along”, 1926, N.Y.
  • “Enid Waltz”, 1919, N.Y.
  • “The Rose of No Man’s Land”, 1918, N.Y.
  • “Smiles”, 1917, Chicago
  • “My Hawaii, You’re Calling Me”, 1917, Seattle
  • “The Remick Mandolin & Guitar Collection”, 1918
  • “Florida”, 1925, N.Y.
  • “Chiquita”, 1928, N.Y.
  • “My Ohio Home”, 1927, N.Y.
  • “Lucky Lindy”, 1927, N.Y.
  • “Melrose official University Song Book”, 1943, N.Y.
  • “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”, 1922, N.Y.
  • “Mazie”, 1921, N.Y.
  • “You Know You Belong to Somebody Else”, 1922, N.Y.

Box 20 - Books

  • “The Holy Bible”, Vol. I, 1849, Philadelphia
  • "Miscellanea Genealogica et Herladica”, edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A., Vols. I – IV, 1884, London
  • “The Silhouette, 1924”, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
  • “Silhouette, 1925”, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA

Transferred to the Museum



Box 21

  • Galleys of publication by Dwight Huntington, 1898
  • "In Brush, Sedge, and Stubble: A picture Book of the Shooting - Fields and Feathered Game of North America"
  • Watercolor of landscape scenes, n.d. and unsigned, but believed to be the works of Dwight W. Huntington