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Brough Family Photographs


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection of photographs was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2014.

Biographical Sketch
Simon Brough (Brugh, Bruch) settled in Northampton County, Pennsylvania in 1767. Son Michel married Elizabeth Worman. Their children were Simon, John, Francis, George, and Charles Brough (Brugh, Bruch), all born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania between 1818 and 1822.  The family later settled in Columbiana County, Salem, Ohio. Two more children, Joseph and William, were born while the family resided in Columbiana County, where Michel earned a living as a cooper. Around 1834, the family moved to Riley Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. Eventually, extended family members settled in the northwest Ohio counties of Sandusky, Seneca, Ottawa, and Wood.

This family and subsequent generations are documented in the 2009 publication titled Larry B. Brough’s Fifty-two Year Family Collection: 1710 - 2009 of which a copy was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by the author. This 187-page publication contains a myriad of images of maps, pictures, biographical sketches, and stories written and/or compiled by Mr. Brough.

Scope and Content
This photograph collection contains 28 original photographs of Brough family members and relatives collected by Mr. Larry Brough and featured in his work Larry B. Brough’s Fifty-two Year Family Collection: 1710 – 2009. Each contains birth and death dates and has a biographical sketch taken from Mr. Brough’s publication affixed to the back.

Ac. 5866
28 items

Geraldine Sweet Ross, 1886-1958 (3)
Eli Brough, 1838-1928
Levi Brough, 1838-1928
Simon Brough, 1858-1934
Bertha Schmidt
[Lester Charley Brough, 1897-1978
Chester Henry Brough, 1901-1978
Ernest John Brough, 1895-1948]
Rebecca Brough Selfe, 1895-1986
Permilla Marie Brough, 1899-1900
Otto Frederick Brough, 1892-1981
Jennie Estella Sanders, (w/o Otto) 1890-1987
Milton Brough, 1896-1947
Lawrence Brough, 1893-1948
Mary Berndt, 1872-1935 (w/o Jesse Brough)
Anna Sophia Fredrick Hintz, 1871-1948
Arthur Franklin Brough, Sr., 1915-1996
Emma Jane Brough, 1862-1940
Catherine Shoemaker, 1835-1916
Lake Erie Brough, 1894-1968
Norman Brough, 1903-1906
Cora Brough, 1866-1949
Virgil Brough, 1902-1982
Leonard Frederick Brough, 1906-1978
Edna Brough, 1898-1919 (funeral card)
Orville Garret Brough 1894-1919