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Blanchard Indian Pow Wow Club


Agency History
Scope and Content

This organization’s records were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2007.

Agency History
The Blanchard Indian Pow Wow Club was founded in September of 1995 by Don Van Renterghem.  The club, which grew to about 40 members,  was dedicated to the “non-profit education and welfare relating to Native Americans” and “transactions relating to the education of the general public, to expose and teach the general public Native American culture.”  To achieve this goal, the club held yearly Pow Wows every September in Findlay, Ohio.  The club’s other main focus was children, and they donated many items to schools on reservations, such as school supplies, clothes, and playground equipment. 

After years of successful Pow Wows, the Blanchard Indian Pow Wow Club voted to disband, as the workload involved in organizing the Pow Wows became an overwhelming task for the small membership.  The last meeting was held May 19, 2004. 

Scope and Content
These records span the life of the Blanchard Indian Pow Wow Club, from 1995 to 2004.  They include the organization’s regulations (articles of incorporation) adopted in 1998 and a complete set of regular meeting minutes as well as board meeting minutes from 1999 to 2001. Also included are correspondence and membership lists from 1998 to 2000. Other materials relate to the yearly Pow Wow, including grant applications, contracts and negotiations with speakers and presenters, and actual programs from the Pow Wows. 

Ac. 5667

Box 1

1.  Regulations
2.  Membership Lists
3.  Letters from the President
4.  Letters from Members
5.  Correspondence from Others
6.  Minutes – 1995-1996
7.  Minutes – 1997
8.  Minutes – 1998
9.  Minutes – 1999
10. Minutes – 2000
11. Minutes – 2001
12. Minutes – 2002
13. Minutes – 2003-2004
14. Board Meeting Minutes – 1999-2001

Box 2

1. Pow Wow Programs
2. “Your Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Pow Wows”
3. “Educational Activities and Resources to Accompany Pow Wow Guide”
4. Pow Wow Committee Reports
5. “Project Summary and Profile” for 1997 and 1998 Pow Wows
6.  Surveys from 1999 Pow Wow
7.  Ohio Arts Council Grant – 1998
8.  Ohio Arts Council Grant – 1999
9.  Ohio Arts Council Grant – 2000
10. 2000 Pow Wow – Schedules, Fliers, Contracts, Etc.
11. 2001 Pow Wow – Speakers and Contracts
12. Contracts
13. Potential Speakers
14. Miscellaneous
15. Cassette Tapes (3)

Transferred to the Museum: Eagle quilt created and donated by the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.