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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential


Beta Sigma Phi

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Agency History

Scope and Content



These records were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in several deposits beginning in 1984, and continuing in 1985 and 2009.

Agency History

Walter W. Ross founded Beta Sigma Phi in 1931 to “unite congenially in fellowship and friendship women interested in promoting their cultural development and fostering association with each other in pursuit of the liberal arts.”  Members of Beta Sigma Phi span all ages and educational backgrounds.  The Greek letters of its name represent life, learning and friendship, which is the organization’s motto. 

This service oriented sorority first appeared in Fremont, Ohio during an installation ceremony held at the Fremont Hotel in 1936.  The first records of the City Council, a coordinating body made up of members from various local chapters, dates back to 1946.  By the 1950s membership in Beta Sigma Phi had doubled across the United States as the women held elegant teas and grand balls.  In the 1960s and 1970s the organization became less formal, but more active in the community with service projects and charity fundraising. 

At one time there were as many as five local Beta Sigma Phi chapters in the Fremont, Ohio area.  These included the following chapters: Iota Delta, Nu Sigma, Nu Psi, Xi Delta and Xi Theta Zeta.  Today (2009) Beta Sigma Phi has become an international organization with over 200,000 members in chapters around the world.

Scope and Content

The records span the years from 1936 to 1981, with the bulk of the materials dating from the 1960s and 1970s. There are 20 scrapbooks, 3 photograph albums and accounting books belonging to the Fremont, Ohio chapters of Beta Sigma Phi. Records exist for four of the five Fremont, Ohio area chapters; however, no complete set of records exists for any single chapter.  The records include chapter correspondence, minutes, program booklets, manuals, financial records, photographs, negatives and event information pertaining to this sorority.


Ac. 4646, 4765, 5743

7 ˝ linear ft.

Box 1

1:         Beta Sigma Phi History

2:         Manuals

3:         Meeting Programs

4:         Program Booklets

5:         Miscellaneous Booklets

6:         Pamphlets – Rushing, etc.

7:         Book – “The Living Masterpiece”

8:         Songbooks

9:         Order of the Rose – Certificate

10:       Correspondence 1936-1948

11:       Newspaper clippings 1957 - ?

12:       Ohio Beta Sigma Phi Convention- Toledo, Ohio May 25-26, 1957

13:       Photographs and Negatives

Box 2

1:         City Council – Bank Books, 1948-1978

2:         City Council – Bank Statements, 1966-1973

3:         City Council – Bank Statements, 1974-1979

4:         City Council – Bank Statements, 1974-1979

5:         City Council – Financial Records, 1977-1980

6:         City Council – Receipts, 1979-1980

7:         Correspondence, 1974-1977

8:         Events: Mistletoe Ball ca.1970s

9:         Ceremonies – Invitations and Installation of Officers

10:       Program Books

11:       Magazine – “Torch of Beta Sigma Phi”

12:       Miscellaneous

13:       Nu Psi Chapter – Correspondence

14:       Nu Psi Chapter – Minutes, 1960s 1970s

15:       Nu Psi Chapter – Miscellaneous

16:       Iota Delta Chapter – Miscellaneous

Box 3

Beta Sigma Phi Scrapbooks




1961-1962 / 1966-1969


Beta Sigma Phi City Council – Account Book, 1946-1973

Beta Sigma Phi City Council – Account Book, 1973-1980

Beta Sigma Phi City Council – Check Stubs, 1965-1977

Beta Sigma Phi City Council – Cancelled Checks

Box 4

Pi Chapter Scrapbooks






Box 5

Pi Chapter Scrapbooks



Iota Delta Chapter Scrapbooks




Box 6

Iota Delta Chapter Scrapbooks


Xi Delta Chapter Scrapbooks



Xi Delta Chapter Minute Book, 1944-1954

Xi Delta Chapter Minute Book, 1968-1978

Xi Delta Chapter Minute Book, 1978-1981

Xi Delta Chapter Account Book, 1951-1977

Box 7

Nu Psi Chapter Scrapbooks



Photograph Album, 1971

Photograph Album, 1968-1969

Iota Delta Chapter Photograph Album, 1966-1968

Transferred to the Museum:

Two star-shaped candlestick holders

Beta Sigma Phi music charm, 1975

First place scrapbooking ribbon

Mistletoe Ball rubber stamp, 1979