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Ottawa County, Ohio Auditor's Office


Agency History
Scope and Content

The records of the Ottawa County, Ohio Auditor's Officer were microfilmed by the Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. The microfilm is located in the Library Reading Room.

Agency History
The county Auditor's Office was created statewide in 1820. Its initial function was to list all taxable lands within each county and to prepare the county's tax duplicate . The auditor received each of the township assessor's list of taxable lands and compiled them into the county's official record. The auditor was also charged with listing livestock, issuing licenses, and determining the indebtedness of the county's municipalities, townships, school boards, and residents. The auditor also was allowed to appoint deputies and establish official bonds.

Scope and Content
The collection, although not complete, is comprised of five rolls of microfilm containing a variety of early records from the Ottawa County Auditor's Office. Three of the five rolls of film (24, 41, 64) contain copies of records from other county offices. The records date from 1840 to 1885.

Ac. 5483

1. Roll 24: Tax List: 1840-1841, 1844 (also contains Ottawa County Treasurer's Tax Duplicate; 1843)

2. Roll 25: Tax List: 1845-1848

3. Roll 26: School Lands: 1820-1821

4. Roll 41: Official Bonds: 1840-1845  
   Transfer Records: 1866-1870 (also contains deed records, 1840-1846, from the Ottawa County
    Recorder's Office)

5. Roll 64: School Land Records: 1846-1867, 1846-1875
    School Report: 1840-1866 (also contains Register of Conveyances and deeds, 1840- 1845, from
    the Ottawa County Recorder's Office)

Ac. 5514

1. Abstracts of Militia, Enumerations of Militia, Enrollments of Volunteers, School Enumeration
    Records: 1862-1877
    School Enumeration Records: 1835-1842, 1844, 1846-1852, 1857, 1860-1862 (also contains
    Quadrennial Enumerations, 1899, and Benton Township Precinct 1, 1903 from the Ottawa County
    Court of Common Pleas)

2. Militia Rolls: 1862-1877

3. Enumeration of Soldiers and Sailors: 1900
    Militia Rolls: 1908 (also contains Quadrennial Enumerations, 1857, from the Ottawa County Court
    of Common Pleas' Civil Division)

4. Quadrennial Enumeration, assessor's corrected list of all persons serving in the U.S. Army, Navy,
    or Marine Corps during The Mexican War, to War of the Rebellion and Spanish American War:
    Harris Township, 1907; Salem Township, 1907; Clay Township, 1887