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Manning Ferguson Force


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

In addition to the textual files, the Hayes Presidential Center holds microfilm of the Manning Force Papers located at the University of Washington, containing material on the various aspects of his life. They include journals kept by Force during the Civil War and while at Harvard.  A close friend of President Rutherford B. Hayes, Force was a frequent visitor to Spiegel Grove.  The Hayes Papers contain Force's correspondence with Hayes from 1865 to 1893.  Typed transcripts are available.

Biographical Sketch

Manning Force was born Dec. 17, 1824 in Washington, D.C. to Peter and Hannah Force, the fourth of ten children. He received his early education from Benjamin Hallowell of Alexandria, Virginia and then attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School. Upon graduation in 1848 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and entered the practice of law. Force joined the Literary Club of Cincinnati where he met fellow lawyer Rutherford B. Hayes with whom he would form a lifelong friendship. (Hayes named one of his sons Manning Force Hayes.)

Manning Force received his first military exposure as a member of the Burnett Rifles prior t the Civil War and on August 26, 1861 was appointed major of the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. In September he was promoted to lieutenant colonel with the responsibility of training new soldiers. The first battle for the 20th O.V.I. was at Fort Donelson in February 1862.Shortly after the battle of Shiloh, Force was promoted to colonel and placed in command of the regiment when the original colonel resigned due to health problems. During the 1863 siege of Vicksburg, he served as acting commander of the 2nd Brigade of Mortimer Leggett’s Division, 17th Corps and promoted to brigadier general in August. In the summer of 1864 Leggett’s Division joined William T. Sherman’s drive on Atlanta. While leading his brigade in the defense of Bald Hill, a crucial position in the battle for Atlanta, Force was struck by a Minnie ball. The ball struck him on the left side of his face and exited the upper right side of his skull. Thinking the wound mortal, Force was sent home to die. Instead, he recovered, although scarred for life, and rejoined Sherman’s Army in October in time for the March to the Sea. For his actions at Atlanta, Force was promoted to major general and, in 1892, awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Following the end of the Civil War, he was appointed military commander of the District of Mississippi, a position he held until January 1866 when he was mustered out of the army.

Manning Force returned to Cincinnati, resumed his law practice, and from 1866 to 1875 he was elected judge of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. He married Frances Dabney Horton of Pomeroy, Ohio, on May 13, 1874. They were the parents of two children, a stillborn son born May 3, 1877, and another son, Horton Caumont Force, born Dec. 20, 1878.

In 1876 Manning Force ran for election as a Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives but was defeated. The next year he joined the faculty of the Cincinnati Law School and was also elected as judge of the Superior Court of Cincinnati. In 1887 Force suffered a nervous breakdown from overwork and resigned his seat on the bench. His good friend Rutherford B. Hayes took him into his home in Fremont, Ohio. After his stay in Fremont and a month long vacation in Europe, he began to recover and returned to Cincinnati. In 1888, Force was appointed Commandant of the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Sandusky, Ohio, a position he held until his death May 8, 1899.

Manning Force was a literate man of diverse interests. He wrote papers and books on prehistoric Native Americans, contributed to legal publications, and authored several books and pamphlets on the Civil War. His interest in music led to his affiliation with the Cincinnati Musical Festival Association. And, he belonged to numerous archaeological and historical societies including those from Cincinnati and other areas of Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. 

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of miscellaneous correspondence written by friends, colleagues, and Civil War comrades to Manning Force during the post-war years.  Extending from 1866 to 1895, the correspondence reflects Forces continued interest in military organizations and reunions, and the written history of the Civil War. 


Box 1


1.  A. Force, M. F. to E. C. Brown, 26 November 1885 [Ac. 621]

     B. Force, Peter to M. F. Force, 5 September 1866 [Ac. 1207]

     C. Force, M. F. to A. T. Gordon, Esq., 31 January 1870 [Ac. 1571]

     D. Force, M. F. to L. J. Cist, 7 September 1867 [Ac. 4547]

Letters to General Manning Ferguson Force [Ac. 5518]


2. Reprint of speech to the Army of the Cumberland [Taylor, Daniel Morgan, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, dtd. 9 Oct. 1883].

3. Invitations:

    A. The Ladies Citizens Committee National Reception [Logan, Mrs. John A. and Clara
        Barton, dtd. 19 Sept. 1892]

    B. The John A. Logan Posts G.A.R. of the Illinois G.A.R. and the Womans Relief Corps,
         [Logan, Mrs. John A., dtd. 20 Sept. 1892]

    C.  Reunion of the Survivors of the Army of the Tennessee, dtd., 22 Sept. 1892, including
          sixteen-page report of reunion committee

    D.  Twentieth Ohio Regimental Association, dtd 29 Aug. 1895.

4. Bliss, Eugene F.

    A.  9 Aug. 1886, re: Articles of Association of the Ohio Company

    B.  Two envelopes; 27 Feb. 1892, 12 Dec. 1892

5. Brockway, J. R. (GAR quartermaster in Cincinnati)

    A. 12 Aug. 1892, re: Rail fare to Washington, D. C. for veterans

6. Chickering, Josiah Boutelle

     A. 15 June 1878, re: Appreciation for presenting diplomas at Chickering Classical and
          Scientific Institute, Cincinnati. 

7.  Coppinger, J. V. (Inspector-General Department of the Missouri)

      A. 29 Oct. 1882, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, re: Appreciation for pipe sent by Force.

      B. 19 Jan. 1883, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, re: Inspecting posts in Colorado and New Mexico

8.  Dodge, Richard Irving (Headquarters Army of the U.S)

      A. 28 Nov. 1881, Washington, D. C., re: Distribution and sale of Civil War flags

9.   Kemper, Andrew C. (physician)

      A. 24 Feb. 1885, re: Forces recollections of the Vicksburg Campaign

10. Hamilton, James Kent (attorney)

      A. 12 Sept. 1873, re: Reunion of the Army of the Tennessee

11. Harmon, Judson (judge)

       A. 14 Sept. 1883, re: legal issues

       B. 1 Sept. 1884, re: salary

12. Jones, Charles Colcok (attorney and historian)

      A. 9 May 1884, re: Autographs

      B. 26 May 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph

      C. 2 Aug. 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph

      D. 15 Oct. 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph

      E. 29 Jun. 1885, re: Appreciation of letter

      F. 28 Nov. 1885, re: Reply to letter

13. Loomis, John Mason

       A. 3 Nov. 1891, re: Admiration of the Force women

14. Moulton, C. W. (attorney)

      A. 5 Jun. 1883, re: Appreciation for Forces address at Marietta

15. Nicholson, Colonel John P.

      A. 20 Dec. 1883, (Christmas card)

16. Norton, Charles Eliot (author, critic)

       A. 30 May 1868, re: Letter of introduction of C.H. Pearson

       B. 6 Sept. re: Introduction

       C. May 1885, re: Printed broadside

17. Oliver, George

       A. 3 Nov. 1880, re: Congratulations on the election of President Rutherford B. Hayes

18. Orr, W. P.

      A. 13 Sept 1892, re: Decline of invitation 

19. Patterson, James Willis (Senator)

      A. Sept 1871, re: Pamphlet about patents and inventions

20. Perkins, Charles Elliott (railroad president)

      A. 27 Oct 1882, re: Response to Forces request that he telegraph the Secretary of War urging
           Gen. Popes promotion.

21. Pomeroy, George

      A. 19 Feb. 1882, re: Appreciation for Forces assistance in the burial of his father

22. Pope, General John

       A. 22 Nov. 1882, re: Newspaper clipping on General U. S. Grants article in the North
           American Review [no letter]    

23. Porter, J. M.

      A. 2 Aug. 1871, re: Personal letter expressing his wish to see Force

24. Potts, Benjamin F. (Governor of Montana Territory)

      A. 20 May 1876, re: Request for Forces recommendation of him to Secretary Taft, expresses
           political opinion of Blaine, and request for support on Indian matters.

25. Shaffer, Newton Melman (physician)

      A. 16 Aug. 1867, re: Visit to Force

26. Shippen, Joseph (attorney)

      A. 12 Oct. re: Health and doctrine of the Unitarian Church

27. Stead, Robert (architect)

      A. 10 Nov. 1886, re; Birth of son

      B. 7 Jan. 1892, re: Invitation to Cosmos Club

      C. 3 Mar. 1892, re: Photograph of his sons and design of building on F St., Washington

28. Storer, Bellamy (Congressman) and wife Maria Longworth Storer (artist)

      A. 26 Dec 1891, re: Invitation to Force to visit

      B. 4 Jan. 1892, re: Arrival of generals in Washington, D. C.

      C. 13 Jan. 1892, re: Invitation to Force to concert

      D. 14 Jul. 1892, re: Committee work on Foreign Commerce

29. Woolworth, James M.

      A. 12 Jan. 1892, re: Cancellation of dinner engagement

30. Miscellaneous envelopes


Ac. 5545
181 items

The addenda to this collection consists of approximately 181 items spanning the years 1856-1894, most of which are letters written from family members to Manning Force.  Even though Manning and his brothers Charles and Henry fought on opposing sides during the Civil War, their correspondence makes it clear there was no animosity between these brothers. Many of the other items are letters from veterans of the 20th Ohio Volunteer infantry and concern their annual reunions.

Typed transcriptions exist for portions of this collection.

Descendants of Peter and Hannah Force

1.Mary Isabel Force (10/9/1818-7/20/1870) married William Hyter Jones in 1843. They lived in Ft.   Wayne, Indiana and had one son who died at a young age.

2. William Quereau Force (3//7/1820-12/15-1880) lived in Washington, D.C. and was primarily        interested in library and archival work. He was active in the sale of the library of Peter Force, his father, to the United States government. This collection was part of the basis for the Library of Congress. On October 19, 1841, William married Georgianna Lyons who died in July 1843.They had one daughter, Georgianna Lyons Force (6/26/1843-6/14/1868). William married Elizabeth A. Stewart (6/16/1818-9/7/1886) in 1850 and they were the parents of four children: William Marion, Mary, Cynthia, and Quereau. They also raised Peter, the son of brother Henry Force, after Henry’s death in 1874.

3. Peter Force (8/3/1822-12/?/1823)

4. Manning Ferguson Force (12/17/1824-5/9/1899) married Frances Dabney Horton (d. 9/4/1900) in 1874. They were the parents of a stillborn son born May 3, 1877 and Horton Caumont Force born Dec. 20, 1878.

5. Charles Fairchild Force (2/9/1827-8/5/1884) was a medical doctor before the Civil War. He served as Captain, Co. C. 51st Alabama regiment, was captured near Murfreesboro, and sent to Johnson’s Island in Sandusky Bay, Ohio. While a prisoner he became very ill and, through the efforts of his brother Union General Manning Force, was exchanged. Once back in Alabama he regained his health and reentered the Southern army for the remainder of the war. After the war he once again practiced medicine until health problems prevented him from carrying on his duties. He worked in hardware stores in Selma the rest of his life, working very long hours and struggling financially until poor health forced him to stop.

Charles married Mary Elizabeth Matthews (10/20/1843-5/31/1923) on January 15, 1867. They were the parents of six children: Margaret Caumont, Mary, Zilpha and Laura (twins), Alice, and Peter. (Peter served in Roosevelt’s Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War)

6. Edward Leggett Force (8/1/1829-3/18/1863) graduated from Harvard in 1855, unmarried.

7. Peter Force (8/1/1829-2/21/1830)

8. Henry Clay Force (5/13/1832-2/7/1874) graduated from Harvard in 1855 and worked as a civil engineer. During the Civil War he served as the color bearer for the 5th Alabama regiment. In December, 1865 hr married Catherin Ogio Frierson and they had four children: Mary Elizabeth, Peter Evans (12/5/1868-2/2/1930), Henry Ella, and Manning Caumont.

9. Samuel Southard Force (4/11/1835-3/7/1856), unmarried.

10.Marion Evans Force (11/27/1838-1/31/1861), unmarried.

Box 2


  1. Letters from Manning Force
    • 3/6/1856 to “My Dear Brother” (unidentified) - tells of daily routine and legal activities
    • 5/15/1866 to Gen. Jas. B. Fry- re Civil War casualties of 20thV.I.
    • 8/30/1877 to Wm. T. Dennison - letter of recommendation for John W. Clarke
    • 10/18/1882 to Edmund H. Pendleton - regrets that Pendleton is leaving Musical Festival Association
    • 5/29/1888 to William R. Neff, President of Cincinnati College – resignation from law school to accept Superintendent of Ohio Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Home
    • 4/18/1893 to Leroy G. Hunt, Secretary of 20thV.I. veterans – re 1893 reunion location 
  1. Letters from Charles Fairchild Force (brother of Manning)
    • 9/22/1871 re 2 trips to brother Henry before & after Henry’s daughter died
    • 4/30/1874 after brother Henry’s death. Henry’s son Peter going to Washington, C. to live with William Q. Force
    • 9/11/1877 after birth of daughter Alice, mentions Hayes’ upcoming appointment to Supreme Court, possibly from the South
    • 12/29/1877 re Christmas gifts and celebration
    • 2/5/1879 tells of birth of his son, Peter and asks about Manning’s new son
    • 2/25/1879 thank you for gifts
    • 5/21/1880 tells of children growing & suffering from whooping cough, meeting Mr. Taylor of Cincinnati
    • 11/25/1880 brother William ill & weak “nervous system disarranged” not hopeful of recovery
    • 12/23/1880 William’s death and estate, Peter (Henry’s son) not provided for, Innie (William’s daughter Cynthia) “renounced” as administratrix
    • 12/7/1881 re Manning’s book on the Civil War, tells of children
    • 11/2/1882 thanks for clothing for Margaret and Mamie
    • 12/16/1882 re Manning’s speech (in pamphlet), pleased Manning not running for Governor of Ohio
    • 1/1/1883 mentions Peter’s (Henry’s son) return to Alabama due to unfortunate influence of his family
    • 1/5/1893 not feeling well, friends suggest he needs a break from business so will visit Manning for a rest
    • 3/24/1883 asks to borrow money to pay taxes – Selma’s economy struggling
    • 4/19/1883 thanks for money and picture of Horton (Manning’s son), doesn’t know location of Katie and Peter (Henry’s widow and son) and concerned
    • 5/15/1883 working very long hours, mentions Manning’s nomination
    • 12/15/1883 felt health failing for 7 years – leg troubles, eczema, anemia, went to North Carolina to rest, Alabama climate not agreeing with him
    • 5/26/1884 in Wayne, IN w/ Jones (sister Mary Isabel Force’s husband), not well, weighs 139 pounds (from 195)
    • 6/9/1884 health poor, daily routine
    • 6/15/1884 daughter Margaret begins teaching school
    • 6/22/1884 on complete liquid diet
    • 6/29/1884 re doctor’s diagnosis and Charles’ suspicions, plans to return to Selma
    • 7/1/1884 travel home via Cincinnati
    • 7/3/1884 travel home via Cincinnati
    • 7/5/1884 travel home via Cincinnati
    • 7/6/1884 travel home via Cincinnati
    • 7/6/1884 travel home via Cincinnati
    • 7/10/1884 back in Selma, trip and reception upon his return, feeling better 
  1. Letters from William Q. Force (brother of Manning)
    • 5/1/1874 apologies and explanation why not attending Manning’s wedding
    • 9/24/1877 re Manning’s visit to Washington, visit to Benjamin (Hallowell) who soon died, Manning’s support for John Clarke, patent office burns, Stanley Matthews & Supreme Court vacancy
    • 12/8/1877 Manning prefers Scarlet plan for Washington Monument, tough financial times, William’s thoughts on silver question
    • 1/31/1878 mentions daughters Mary and Innie (Cynthia), family interested in music
    • 5/30/1878 Peter (Henry’s son) stamp collecting, Prof. Henry died, views on separation of National Museum and Smithsonian
    • 7/10/1878 Peter’s French lessons, Mr. Jones’ visit, Dr. (Edward?)Young’s forced resignation
    • 7/31/1878 Manning’s impending visit, Peter’s poem
    • 9/25/1878 Brother Charles and family staying in Gen. Morgan’s house outside Selma – fear of yellow fever
    • 10/26/1878 Mr. Horton not elected to Congress, “Premier establishment” not in Congressional Library
    • 11/26/1878 seeking recommendation for Middleton Cuthbert to West Point
    • 2/8/1879 birth of Manning’s son Horton, Peter struggling in school – associated with bad crowd
    • 3/5/1879 William’s purchase of books, Peter (father of Manning et al) last work, thoughts on Congress and National Library
    • 5/4/1879 Peter (Henry’s son) collecting business cards, hoping Manning and family visit Washington in the summer
    • 11/8/1879 re “drawbacks” on property taxes (William’s and Manning’s), Innie to Wayne, Charles’ wife not well
    • 11/13/1879 Henry’s widow (Peter’s mother remarried to Mr. Martin in Tennessee Valley
    • 4/28/18880 death of Mr. French – 2nd auditor from Maine, Washington, C. real estate
    • 7/6/1880 Manning to start on western tour, letter from Peter’s mother, Peter’s 4th of July celebration
    • 10/5/1880 re letters from Manning’s western trip, Mary studying music, Innie’s excursion
    • 10/20/1880 Anthropological Society discussed paper re Shawnee Indians, recent book acquisitions
    • 11/29/1880 William ill – “nervous prostration” – very weak & cough, Charles’s wife writes he appointed elder in Presbyterian church 
  1. Mamie Force (William’s daughter Mary)
    • 12/3/1880 Williams’ illness – very weak and cough
    • 12/5/1880 William’s illness – seems a little better, Drs. Optimistic but still critically ill
    • 1/10/1891 William’s estate, adjusting to life without William
    • 2/25/1891 trying to get embroidered screen framed, Peter’s (Henry’s son) writings
    • 4/18/1881 frame sent by Manning, William’s estate, paying off note for their house 
  1. Elizabeth A. Force (wife of William Q. Force)
    • 12/6/1880 William’s illness, Manning plans to visit
    • 12/26/1882 mentions Mr. Stead (Mary’s and then Cynthia’s husband)
    • 8/25/1884 Mourning material for Charles’ widow, financial pressures limit what she can send to Mary (widow of Charles), impending birth for Mamie (Mary) – William Force Stead b.1884, out of debt – Elizabeth more cautious than William, owes surgeon $200 
  1. Mary Elizabeth Force (widow of Charles F. Force)
    • 6/29/1884 re Charles’ health and wanting him to come home for his last days
    • 7/3/1884 re Charles’ health and wanting him to come home if no hope of improvement
    • 7/22/1884 Charles at Selma – at first improved but now weaker
    • 8/1/1884 Charles’ condition worsening, Mary’s care of him
    • 8/16/1884 arrangements and notifying of Charles’ death, Mr. Titcomb’s tribute to Charles, children’s activities
    • 8/26/1884 Mary’s uncle in Austin has asked her to move to Austin, Charles’ time as prisoner of war and illness, Manning helped get him released
    • 8/?/1884 Manning left for home shortly after Charles’ funeral, children’s mourning for father 

6-A. Mary Isabel Force Jones (sister of Manning)

  • 11/29/? Visit to Henry’s family in Alabama, tells of his farm 
  1. Peter E. Force (son of Henry)
    • 3/4/1879 story Peter wrote
    • 7/16/1879 collecting business cards
    • 1/2/1881 sledding, starting school next day; Cynthia adds note about William’s estate
    • 1/16/1881 re school
    • 2/27/1881 flood in Washington; note from Cynthia re Doc. His. Unbound
    • 5/2/1881 has mumps, went fishing with Mr. Phillips and James
    • 6/25/1881 re Manning’s coming to Washington and Peter playing with Horton
    • 3/12/1882 Manning, Frances, and Horton coming for visit
    • 2/12/1885 Peter now living in Alabama with Mr. Burns about a mile from Mr. Martin, snow
    • 5/23/1885 re Indian past near Mr. Burns’ house
    • 1/17/1886 wishes he had studied harder when he had the chance, went to Henry’s old house and found pictures and books in disarray
    • 12/12/? Hunting after Thanksgiving
    • 8/23/? tells of visit to Henry’s former house, his mother’s remarriage to Mr. Martin who mistreats Peter’s brothers Ella and Manning (sons of Henry). 
  1. Cynthia Force (daughter of William Q. Force, frequently referred to as Innie)
    • 12/30/1878 thank you for Christmas gifts, refers to Peter’s difficulties in school
    • 12/8/1880 illness of William Q., Peter’s home schooling
    • 1/14/1881 mentions Peter’s (father of William Q. and Manning) desire his Archive be given to Library of Congress, Peter’s studies
    • 4/13/1881 re Peter’s studies and difficulties with school
    • 5/9/1881 house now paid for
    • 10/28/1881 Mary’s (sister of Cynthia) engagement to Robert Stead, Mary’s eye problems
    • 11/9/1881 Mary’s spine and eye problems
    • 2/23/1882 estate of William Q. and real estate holdings, Peter’s mother tells of new husband, Mary recovering slowly
    • 6/20/1882 Elizabeth (widow of William Q.) bedridden
    • 7/1/1882 Elizabeth’s condition improving, Robert & Mary Stead to build a house
    • 11/15/1882 Peter doing poorly in school, wants to live with his mother in Alabama
    • 12/4/1882 Peter dismissed from school, going to Alabama to live with his mother
    • 12/19/1882 Peter gone to Alabama, Robert Stead’s houses finished and rented but not sold
    • 12/30/1882 Thank you for Christmas presents, Mary better but not well, renting of former house on 10th Street
    • 4/17/1883 Elizabeth had slight set back from last year’s illness (tumor) but now better, real estate matters: sale of lot at 17th and N, rent of houses
    • 9/26/1883 return from trip where Cynthia & Elizabeth had been joined by

Manning’s family 

  1. Katie Force (widow of Henry Force)
    • 12/12/1877 thank you for Christmas presents and $10 for young Manning (her son), unsure of her arrangements for the next year
    • 7/30/1879 Ella and Manning (her children) going to school – wishes there were better teachers available, farming conditions – promising corn and cotton crops, purchased 2nd mule, in debt and asks to borrow $75 if harvest delayed 
  1. Ball (Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati)
    • 5/27/1881 response to inquiry of when Force became a member of Board of Musters – 4/18/1874 
  1. M. Best (Gest?) (Cincinnati Museum Assn.)
    • 1/9/1889 will call for barrel of pottery 
  1. Frank Burnham (Cincinnati Musical Festival Assn.)
    • 5/29/1886 Force named to committee for arrangements and oversight of endowment to support Festival chorus 
  1. Levi Cassell (20thV.I. Reunion Assn.)
    • 7/20/1891 requests Force to command 16th annual reunion in Fredericktown, Ohio
    • 8/13/1891 response to Force’s inability to attend reunion 
  1. D. Cox (Toledo)
    • 10/4/1877 Cox’s views on silver and Civil Service Reform
    • 5/30/1888 response to Force’s resignation from Cincinnati Law School to accept appointment in Sandusky 
  1. F. Curren (Niagara Fire Insurance Co.)
    • 3/25/1893 to Col. L. G. Hunt re 20thV.I. reunion in Chicago
    • 4/14/1893 to Col. L. G. Hunt re 20thV.I. reunion in Chicago 
  1. Clara Dabney (cousin to Frances, Manning’s wife; Fayal – island in the Azores)
    • 2/3/1882 Thank you for Force’s book, family health issues, her brother Sam Dabney ill 
  1. Herbert Dabney (son of Sam Dabney; Fayal – island in the Azores)
    • 2/28/1882 Sam now better, social events for island, ball to benefit new hospital, pre-Lent Carnival parties 
  1. James Franklin (Selma, Alabama)
    • 7/1/1884 telegram asking where to meet Charles Force to take home 
  1. P. Fusselman (member of Co. H, 20th O.V.I. (Dutch Co.))
    • 8/13/1883 asks reunion be held closer to northeast Ohio so expense of attending reunion is more affordable 
  1. Charles E. Guild (Roxbury, Massachusetts; brother-in-law of Charles Eliot, Pres. of Harvard)
    • 4/22/1866 re post-war business conditions around Boston, fund raising for Alumni Hall, books about Civil War being written
    • 7/30/1866 W. T. Sherman’s visit to Boston, Alumni Hall
    • 1/20/1867 social activities in Boston
    • 8/2/1871 summer travels
    • 3/21/1875 social activities in Boston
    • 2/20/1876 visit to Mrs. Ticknor in Newport, lecturers and topics, financial difficulties for railroads, events at Harvard
    • 9/21/1876 clipping of Force’s platform as candidate for Congress, political situation and upcoming elections
    • 5/6/1877 illness and death of Jane Norton
    • 7/28/1877 engagement of Charles Eliot, President Hayes’ commencement speech at Harvard, travels
    • 3/2/? Busy with parish activities, death of wife’s saddle horse 
  1. Mary Guild (wife of Charles E. Guild)
    • 2/27/? Letter in response to Force’s inquiry about Sunday School 
  1. J. Hawk (Mt. Vernon, Ohio)
    • 8/22/1884 sympathy re death of Charles Force from 20thV.I., will miss Manning at upcoming reunion 
  1. _ T. Hills (Delaware, Ohio)
    • 4/20/1893 re suggestion upcoming 20thV.I. reunion held at Chicago to accommodate western veterans 
  1. Blanche H. Horton
    • n.d. letter in French 
  1. G. Hunt (secretary of 20th Ohio Regimental Association, Mt. Vernon, Ohio)
    • 6/6/1892 Hunt and Dr. Gordon will meet Force at upcoming reunion
    • 6/21/1892 upcoming reunion to be held at Cedar Point
    • 6/24/1892 details of upcoming reunion July 21, 1892
    • 6/26/1892 more details about July reunion
    • 7/19/1892 will arrive in Sandusky July 20, headquarters at West Hotel
    • 7/28/1892 financial status of organization, successful reunion July 21-22
    • 3/21/1893 seeking support for reunion at Chicago during Exposition, newspaper clipping about Hotel Kenyon operated by Hunt & Rowley
    • 4/2/1893 seeking Force’s written request for reunion in Chicago in early July
    • 4/10/1893 circular announcing 20thV.I. reunion in Chicago July 5-6
    • 4/19/1893 comments from other members re Chicago reunion
    • 5/3/1893 responses to Chicago circular and proposed dates
    • 5/23/1893 comments about reunion in July rather than in August
    • 5/28/1893 suggests changing reunion date to August 10
    • 6/14/1893 now suggests holding reunion in Delaware, Ohio as had been decided the previous year
    • 5/21/1894 20thV.I. reunion in Mt. Vernon, Ohio August 20
    • 8/7/1894 Force to respond to address of welcome at upcoming reunion 
  1. Charles C. Jones, Jr. (Wall Street, New York)
    • 12/9/1893 re primitive defensive works in the south 
  1. Lawrence (judge, former member of Congress)
    • 6/28/1878 copies of 3 notes re resignation of Edward Young as chief, Bureau of Statistics 
  1. Jules Marion
    • 3/16/1875 met sister of Manning a few years earlier, re Force’s book (in French) 
  1. H. McElroy (Delaware, Ohio)
    • 7/24/1889 re 20thV.I. reunion 
  1. Alexander H. McGuffey (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • 6/18/1888 reporting the acceptance of Force’s resignation from Cincinnati College Law School 
  1. E. Nutt (Sidney, Ohio)
    • 5/20/1895 re 20thV.I. reunion to take place in Sidney 
  1. George Oliver (Fayal – island in the Azores)
    • 2/24/1878 will send pottery, telling of events on the island
    • 4/16/1878 shipping pottery to Force 
  1. Edmund H. Pendleton (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • 10/20/1882 Thank you for note of thanks & support for work with Festival (Musical?) 
  1. E. Perkins
    • n.d. expressing friendship and thanks for information re Force’s brother (Charles?) 
  1. James H. Perkins   (Cincinnati, Ohio)8/5/1884 sympathy re Charles’ failing health 
  1. L. Porter (Wildbad, Gatlein)
    • 8/8/1869 glad to hear Force is in Europe, her travel & activities 
  1. Lucy Kebler (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • 6/5/1885 returning cane Force sent her father during the Civil War 
  1. E. S. (Exeter; former Cincinnatian, associate of Force, R. B. Hayes, etc.)
    • 11/7/1878 election news & results, updates on friends and associates from earlier times 
  1. T. Songwell (former soldier)
    • 5/2/1881 Thank you for pictures, his children names Carrie Force and Raymond 
  1. R. Springer (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • 10/8/1878 request for Force to serve as pall bearer for Lewis Mills 
  1. S. Stanton (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • 3/6/1875 mentions Stanton wrote to “Commercial” re Pope and Porter, asks Force to forward a letter to Pope 
  1. Robert Stead (Washington, C.; husband to Mary Force – daughter of William Q.)
    • 9/7/1886 telegram reporting Mother (Elizabeth Force, widow of William Q.) passes away 
  1. Thomas Stephens (Cincinnati, Ohio – Mayor?)
    • 3/30/? asks Force to meet Gen. Hickenlooper and others at mayor’s office 
  1. W. Tallmadge (Washington, D.C.)
    • 2/13/1884 letter to P.W. Speker re desertion charges against Geo. Boyer and Jefferson
    • 2/25/1884 letter to P.W. Speker re recent act of amnesty for deserters 
  1. William Wailes (Selma, Alabama)
    • 8/9/1884 will meet Force for a d rive 
  1. Bryant Walker (Cincinnati, Ohio lawyer, judge, professor, former Assistant Adjutant General to Force)
    • 1/9/1875 Obituary (wounded in battle near Atlanta which ultimately caused his death) 
  1. Cornelia Wells (Marietta, Ohio)
    • 3/16/1886 acknowledging condolences at death of her husband 
  1. _ Worthington (Washington, C.)
    • 2/24/1883 request for repeat of correction Force had suggested
    • ?/?/1883 from Force to Worthington – Force’s statements re actions at Shiloh 
  1. Mary Yost (Pottstown)
    • 9/6/1877 to “Mr. Force” (William Q.?) re Indian mounds & relics that Manning might find interesting 
  1. Unidentified
    • Photo of boy in native dress
    • 8/30/1877 list of articles found in Indian graves near Pottstown (Mary Yost?)
    • n.d. note complaining of Sec. Sherman asking for his resignation on groundless charges, feels this will lead to Republican losses at next election (Edward Young?) 
  1. Miscellaneous Documents
    • 8/28/1884 20thV.I. reunion
    • 1893 flier for Hotel Kenyon, Chicago
    • n.d. fragment of poem by Voltaire (French)
    • 1889 newspaper clipping of visit to Sandusky Soldiers & Sailors Home by Cincinnati veterans
    • business card – E. P. Edgar, cook 20thV.I.
    • n.d. ticket- 8th Army Corps & Armies of W. Va. Reunion
    • list of clothing and prices 
  1. Biographical Information 
  1. Typed Transcriptions 

Ac. 5815 

  1. Manning Force Biographical Materials
    • Newspaper articles re: Force’s gravesite, 1966 and exhibit of Force’s Civil War
    • Uniforms and artifacts Washington State Capitol Museum, Olympia, Washington, n.d.
    • Photograph: Peter Force, , dtd. “June 1863.”
    • Typed Manuscript of Force Genealogy
    • Caumont lithograph
    • Caumont sketch (French) typescript, d.
    • LaForce lithograph
    • CaumontLaForce sketch (French), typescript 
  1. Frances Horton Force Materials
    • Photograph: Frances Horton Force and son Horton, cabinet card, d.
    • Frances Horton Force, cdv, d.
    • Frances Horton Force, cabinet card, d.
    • Handwritten Horton genealogy chart
    • Letter re: Horton genealogy 
  1. Horton Force
    • Photograph: Horton Force
    • Photograph: Frances Force Juul (2)
    • Engraving plate for wedding invitation of Frances Force and John Loren Juul 
  1. Miscellaneous
    • Albumen photograph of furniture piece, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Photocopy of certificate issued to “Mrs. M. F. Force” by the Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA, dtd. November 10, 1876, for ‘exhibiting in the Women’s Pavilion a “Wood Carving.”  

Civil War Escutcheon: Transferred to the Museum