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Sloane House


Scope and Content

The Sloane House registers are part of the larger Charles E. Frohman Collection.  The collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums by Mr. Frohman in 1967.

The Sloane House was built and owned by Rush R. Sloane, well known lawyer and abolitionist of Sandusky, Ohio. Before erecting the substantial building, Sloane relocated the site’s original structure, the Eleutheros Cooke home. Construction of the hotel began in 1879, while Sloane was mayor of the city, and it officially opened two years later. The Sloane House was located in downtown Sandusky on the northwest corner of Washington Row and Columbus Avenue.

The building contained a total of 62 rooms. The first floor featured the hotel lobby and six store fronts. Stores such as Lang’s Men’s Clothing Store and J. J. Butts Hardware occupied the store fronts on Columbus Avenue, and Henkelman’s Drug Store occupied the corner storefront. Dr. Oscar Burger, optometrist, and dentist Dr. George Heiter also occupied storefronts. The second floor provided 30 guest rooms with private baths. Rooms on the upper levels, second through fourth floors, also provided balconies that overlooked the streets.  The hotel was known for its early efforts of fireproofing. The building was owned by the family until 1920. The building was demolished in 1948 to make room for LaSalle’s Department Store. 

Scope and Content
The collection contains six ledgers that served as registers for the Sloane House from May 1886 to March 1890. The registers recorded the individual’s name, residence, room number, call time, date, purchases, and laundry. According to the records, the proprietor from 1886 to 1890 was A. W. Powers and from 1890 until an unknown date, E. J. Fay. During this period, room rates were $2.00 to $2.50 per day. The Sloane House was open seven days a week. It featured electric bells, fire annunciator, elevators, and steam heat.

Guests were largely made up of individuals and a few large groups such as the Haverly Mastodon Minstrels, the Buffalo, Mansfield, and Toledo baseball clubs, and Peck and Fursman’s “Daniel Boone” Company. The bulk of the Sloane House clientele resided in states east of the Mississippi.

6 Items

  1. May 15, 1886 – October 10, 1886
  2. July 19, 1886 – May 21, 1887
  3. April 1, 1888 – June 26, 1888
  4. September 20, 1888 – January 17, 1889
  5. May 9, 1889 – August 14, 1889
  6. January 1, 1890 – March 5, 1890