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George Schade


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The George Schade ledger is part of the larger Charles E. Frohman Collection.  The collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Mr. Frohman in 1967.

Biographical Sketch
George J. Schade was born on February 15, 1869, in Sandusky, Ohio, to William Schade and Susan Heck.  He was educated in the Sandusky public school system, received special training in chemistry and business in Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pa., and in 1884, started work as a pharmacist at the age of 15.  Mr. Schade purchased Wm. Schade and & Sons and continued his business career as the owner, manager, pharmacist, and manufacturing chemist at his drugstore located on the corner of Washington Row and Jackson Street in Sandusky, Ohio.

In 1894, he left his pharmacy and joined the wholesale and retail coal business as the manager of Inter-Lake Fuel Company; he remained with the business for ten years.  In 1900, Mr. Schade became one of the first automobile owners in Sandusky.  After leaving the coal business in 1914, Schade opened and managed the Schade Theater, located on West Market St. in Sandusky.  He operated the theater until 1930, when it was then leased to Warner Bros.; the name was subsequently changed to the Ohio Theater. 

George Schade was very active in Sandusky politics for over fifteen years.  In 1921, he was elected as a Sandusky City Commissioner, and served three consecutive terms.  From January 1, 1934 until January 1, 1936, he acted as Sandusky’s mayor.  George Schade married Miss Anna Kuebeler, daughter of Jacob Kuebeler, pioneer Sandusky brewer.  They had two children, Julian, born in 1901, and Christine, born in 1903.  The family resided in Sandusky, but also owned a house at Rye Beach, Ohio.  On March 25, 1937, George Schade died as a result of sudden-onset pneumonia. 

Scope and Content
The collection consists of one ledger ranging in date from 1885 until 1949.  The book consists of ledger entries, prescriptions, receipts and orders from various doctors located in and around Sandusky.  Pages 1 through 114 contain writing or documents, while pages 115 through 281 are blank. 

One Ledger

The book contains receipts, prescriptions, and orders from:

  • Dr. Atla F. Cook, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Dr. Charles Graefe, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Dr. Charles H. Merz, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Dr. C.E. Perkins, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Dr. Gabriel Samter, Detroit, Michigan
  • Dr. O.T. Sears, Put-In-Bay, Ohio
  • Dr. L.S. Szendery, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Wm. Schade & Sons Pharmacy, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Arnold & Henkelman, Druggists, Sandusky, Ohio
  • H.K. Henkelman, Druggist, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Wm. Altstaetter, Wholesale Dealer in Native Wines
  • U.S. Patient Office application