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How to Order Obituaries from the Worthington Libraries

The Worthington Libraries Staff will mail or email you the copies of the obituaries as soon as they are able to, generally within 14 days of the receipt of the request.

A request should include the citation of the obituary as it appears in the Hayes Index, including name of the deceased, date of the obituary and title and page number of the newspaper in which the obituary appeared. Requests must also include the name, address, telephone number and email (if available) of the person making the request. Indication should be made as to how the information may be sent to you (mailed or emailed).
If you are requesting copies of obituaries to be mailed to you, please limit your requests to four obituaries. Once you receive those obituaries, you may request four more. At this time, there is no charge for this service. Alternately, you may mail requests with self-addressed stamped envelopes sufficient to cover the cost of postage for the number of obituaries you are requesting. This limit does not apply to emailed obituaries.
Mail or email requests to:

Worthington Memory Staff
Worthington Libraries
820 High Street
Worthington, Ohio 43085
[email protected]

You may also visit the Worthington Libraries in person. Obituaries are available on microfilm at our Old Worthington Library location, 820 High Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085, 614-807-2626. Copies of the obituaries on site are $0.10 each. For information about hours and location, please see our website:


The Worthington Libraries have only Worthington-area newspapers. For other newspapers listed in the Obituary Index, check the list of newspapers under "Location" to verify which library owns the newspaper microfilm at http://www.rbhayes.org/hayes/index/list.asp.

Worthington Libraries Contact Information:
Worthington Memory Staff
[email protected]
Phone: (614) 807-2626
Fax: (614) 807-2649