HPLM needs your help! Please ask Ohio Legislators to increase state funding

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums at Spiegel Grove in Fremont has been sharing Ohio’s history with our citizens since 1916.


The son of Rutherford and Lucy Hayes, in partnership with the State of Ohio, opened a museum and library to the public to “illuminate” his parents’ legacy and the era in which they lived.   


Today, Hayes Presidential is reaching more Ohioans with its programming and inspiring them to think about and engage more thoughtfully with the world in which we live. 


In 2018, Hayes Presidential shared history with nearly 40,000 citizens across the state, country and world, including 3,448 Ohio students across 67 schools.   


Recent programming initiatives in the schools were designed to be more educational, thought provoking, and relevant to today’s world. 


Using lessons learned by Rutherford and Lucy Hayes, such as conflict resolution, these new programs teach good history while helping students develop skills for solving real life problems such as racism, bullying and drug addiction. 


Last year, Hayes Presidential partnered with other Ohio organizations to establish the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.  This event, which focuses on the themes of people, places, politics, and power, is the first of its kind in the United States.  


To continue this mission, Hayes Presidential needs your help. 


Although the buildings, grounds, and Hayes family manuscript and artifact collections are owned by the State of Ohio, only 28 percent of Hayes Presidential’s operating budget is provided by the State. We need your support to boost funding so Hayes Presidential can more effectively carry out its essential function educating Ohioans about our history.


Please take a moment to click the link below to send your local representative an email urging them to support increased funding for Hayes Presidential. An email has been composed that can be sent as is or modified. It is important that legislators know how many Ohioans support the work of the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.





The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums is America’s first presidential library and the forerunner of the federal presidential library system. It is partially funded by the state of Ohio and affiliated with the Ohio History Connection. The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums is located at Spiegel Grove at the corner of Hayes and Buckland avenues.


For information, call 419-332-2081, or visit rbhayes.org. Like HPLM on Facebook at fb.me/rbhayespres and follow on Twitter at @rbhayespres and Instagram at rbhayespres.