"Uncaged:" Monthly featured artifact

From an Olympic medal to the pencil Ulysses Grant used to write the draft of the Civil War surrender terms, unusual and interesting artifacts are coming out of storage to be featured in the Hayes Museum.

“Uncaged” features a different artifact each month in a display case in the lower level of the museum. These artifacts are taken from the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums’ collection storage area, which staff have nicknamed “the cage.”

            The title sponsor for Uncaged is Albrechta & Coble Ltd., Attorneys at Law.

            The artifact schedule:

  • November 2018 – Civil War drum and Spanish-American War fife: The drum was believed to have been used during the Civil War era. The fife was one of three used on a transport on an 1899 voyage from San Francisco to Manilla.
  • December 2018 –East Asian Swords and Spears: This is an assorted collection of imposing weaponry acquired by Col. Webb C. Hayes while traveling throughout East Asia


  • January 2019 – Chinese Fish Bell: This bell was captured in the Relief (or battle) of Peking during the Boxer Rebellion.


  • February  2019 - Presidents' Day assorted presidential items, sponsored by Unique Fabrications


  • March 2019 - Historic cameras


  • April 2019 - Political cartoon(s)


  • May 2019 - Memorial Day – Civil War artifacts


  • June 2019 - Bicycle artifacts


  • July 2019 - President William McKinley items, sponsored by Unique Fabrications


  • August 2019 - Historic hats


  • September 2019 - Organized labor artifacts


  • October 2019 - Medical artifacts


  • November 2019 - Grand Army of the Republic artifacts


  • December 2019 - World War II artifacts, including a fragment from one of eight Japanese Zeroes shot down over Pearl Harbor

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