A just-for-kids publication!

Most of the temporary exhibits displayed in the Hayes Museums are created by Hayes Presidential Library and Museums staff. Each exhibit represents months of planning, discussion, coordination, and effort by our incredibly talented employees. The driving force behind such efforts is the desire to share with the public the vast resources available at the Hayes Presidential Library and Museums. In 2001, we created Past Times, a special-edition newspaper to help young learners understand the issues and topics presented in our exhibits. Photographs, text, and games are used to reinforce lessons learned after a visit to the Hayes Museums. Printed copies of Past Times are provided free of charge to Museum visitors thanks to sponsorship by area businesses.

To print your own copy at home, click on the title of the corresponding exhibit. The documents have been saved at the lowest resolution that produces a readable copy. 

(*NOTE: If you have a slow Internet connection these files may take a while to download) 

Privy to History: Civil War Prison Life Unearthed