Key Bank Sponsors Students from Margaretta Elementary

In May 2014, nearly 100 4th graders from Margaretta Elementary visited the Hayes Presidential Museums. During their visit, students had the opportunity to visit both the Hayes Home and Museum. Their visit to the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums was made possible due to the generous sponsorship of Key Bank. The entire experience was part of the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums's Curriculum Connections program.

Curriculum Connections allows teachers and students to better connect with our nation’s past, Ohio’s history, and our local history while addressing Ohio’s Social Studies and English/Language Arts Academic Standards. The program finds sponsors, like Key Bank, that are willing to cover admission and/or transportation costs for school children to visit the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

Hayes Presidential Library & Museums's Development Director Kathy Boukissen is seeking additional sponsors for school systems that do not have adequate funding for a visit. For more information about Curriculum Connections or to donate to the program, please contact Kathy at 419-332-2081, ext. 226 or email her at [email protected]