What is History Day?

National History Day is a nation-wide event that provides students, grades 4-12, with the opportunity to conduct their own historical research and present it to the public.  By either creating an exhibit, a website, a documentary, a paper, or a performance, students have the ability to go through the process of acquiring information, internalizing their material, and teaching others what they have learned.  

The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums is the proud host of Ohio’s Region 2 contest.  Each year in March, the Hayes Library & Museums welcomes over 100 students to display their projects to the public.  Some of these projects are then sent on to the state competition in Columbus where they may qualify for the national competition in Maryland.

Throughout the United States, into U.S. territories, and even internationally, History Day now includes nearly 600,000 participants yearly.  This event has received such notice that in 2011 President Barack Obama awarded National History Day with a National Humanities Medal.




History Day 2018

Ohio's Region 2 History Day contest this year was a great success! We had over 100 students compete from different schools across the Region 2 area. This year's theme is Conflict & Compromise in History. This theme gives students the opportunity to look at history through a variety of perspectives, think critically about conflict resolution tactics, and see how the process of solving conflicts in history has effected our lives today. Students covered a variety of topics relating to this theme, such as issues with women's rights in the early 20th century, the Salem witch trials, race issues in professional sports, the fall of the Berlin Wall, etc. 

Thank you to all of our HPLM staff and volunteers who helped out on the day of the competition!

Thank you to all of our students who participated and shared all of your hard work with us. Thank you to the parents of our students, who helped create projects, drive to libraries, museums, etc. for research, and are constant supporters of their children.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to our amazing Region 2 teachers. Without your dedication, influence, and advocacy for History Day, we would not be able to have these contests. 

HPLM staff and volunteers are proud to say that we have 20 projects advancing to the state contest from Region 2! Congratulations to all of our students who competed on their outstanding projects!

State Qualifiers 2018

Junior Group Documentary
Grace LaFollette Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
          Margaretta High School

Junior Group Exhibit
Sydney Stacklin, Maddie Taylor Wicked or Innocent? A Witch’s Trial
            Sailorway Middle School
Nicholas Hawley, Dylan Willard The Forgotten War: Conflict in Crimea 
            Sailorway Middle School 
Rose Sewall, Audrey Reiter Sit Down Girl Claudette Colvin Stands Up for Justice
            Sailorway Middle School
Scarlett Oliver, Lillian Mealey, Maddie Collins Bloody Mary Queen with a Torched Heart
            Sailorway Middle School
Andie Appleton, Maddy Wearsch, Kayla Bartlebaugh Eleanor Roosevelt: The Signing of our Future
            Sailorway Middle School
Landri Naill, Lewis Strama, Angelique Garcia Joining Races: A Home Run for Equality
            Sailorway Middle School
Emma LaFollette, Natalie Zorn, Jennifer Patrick Mary Harris Jones: The Mine Wars
            Margaretta High School

Junior Group Website
Owen Kyser, Malachi Howell The Manhattan Project
           Sailorway Middle School
Kellen Moore, Xander Bohn The Berlin Wall
           Margaretta High School
Hayden Valenti, Hannah Piwinski, Isaac Looks Fight Like a Girl: Gender Equality in Combat
           Sailorway Middle School

Junior Individual Documentary 
Patrick Anders English Civil War 
           Sailorway Middle School

Junior Individual Exhibit
Breanna Smith Henrietta Lacks: The Immortal Cells
           Sailorway Middle School

Emma Charlton Suffragettes & Woman’s Rights in the 21st Century
           Tiffin Middle School
Emilee Loera Killed at Kent State: Conflict Over Vietnam
           Sailorway Middle School

Junior Individual Performance
Jonathan Shafer Dale Earnhardt Hans Device Issue
            Hillsdale Middle School
Hailey Stow The Conviction of 1616
            Hillsdale Middle School

Junior Individual Website
Damion Young The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
            Margaretta High School
Sierra Kastor Eleanor Roosevelt and the Woman’s Rights Movement
            Margaretta High School
Nathan Burkett Fighter Planes of World War 2
            Margaretta High School

Junior Paper
Cora Wall “All Deliberate Speed”: How Chief Justice Warren’s Brown v Board of Education Decision Slowed School Integration
            Wall Homeschool




The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums would like to say a special thank you to our sponsors, Unique Fabrications, Inc. 


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