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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Ebert C. Smith



Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content



The Ebert C. Smith Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1994.

Biographical Sketch

Ebert C. Smith, a native of Ashland, Ohio, attended the city's schools before entering Bowling Green State University where he received a degree in Business and Marketing. During his college years, he worked in his father's trucking business. Following graduation, Mr. Smith found employment at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio. He remained at the base throughout his working career, holding the position of Historian upon retirement. He, his wife, (Eula) and children attended the High Street Methodist Church in Springfield, Ohio, where they resided. Smith maintained an acute interest in early aviation and railroad history as well as stamp collecting.

Scope and Content

The collection focuses on books, periodicals, publications, photographs, and some records about early aviation and rail history in the United States, particularly the years prior to and during World War II. Though only a portion of the material can be considered original, some records exist that document early U.S. aircraft manufacturring, the registration of aircraft during the WWII years, and the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Perhaps, the most valuable aspect of the collection is the black and white, identified photograph collection of early U.S. aircraft. A descriptive index of the photograph collection is available in the library reading room.


Ac. 5275

6 linear ft.


Box 1


1 Correspondence ECS 1954-1960

2 Correspondence ECS 1961-1964

3 Correspondence ECS 1965-1992

4 Correspondence Air Corps, Army Air Force 1936-1942

5 Correspondence Air Aeronautics Administration, Aircraft Inspections 1942

6 Correspondence ECS - Society of American Archivists 1953-1957

7 Correspondence ECS - Detroit Public Library

8 Civilian Aircraft Purchased by Armed Forces 1942-1943

9 Twin & Multi-Engined Aircraft Registered in U.S. 1943

10 Planes: miscellaneous photos, post cards, notes (handwritten)

11 Unidentified planes - drawings

12 Dirigibles

13 Plaques to Pioneer Flyers

14 Waco Aircraft Company

15 Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation

16 Rage Aviation Service, Oklahoma City, OK

17 Roberts Engine Company

18 Railroads: notes (handwritten)

19 Railroads: photographs, post cards

20 Railroads: brochures, time tables

21 Railroads: miscellaneous

22 Stamps

23 Grand Turks Islands - Caircos Islands Road Maintenance

Box 2 - Periodicals (complete inventory available in the library reading room)


1 Aeronautical Engineering Review

2 Aerospace Historian

3 Air & Space

4 Air BP

5 Air Force - 1956-1958

6 Air Force - 1959, 1970, 1974

7 Air Trails

8 Air University Quarterly Review

9 American Aircraft Modeler

10 American Aviation Historical Society Journal

11 American Airman

12 Antique Airplane News

13 Antique Airplanes Quarterly

14 Boeing Magazine

15 Bulletin 1971, 1972, 1973, 1976

16 Bulletin 1978, 1979

17 Educational Journal

18 Flying 1944, 1945

19 Flying 1945, 1964

20 Focus on Robert Graves & His Contemporaries

21 I Care

22 Insider Talk

23 Journal of American Aviation Historical Society

24 Lexington Quarterly

25 Model Airplane News

26 National Aeronautic Association Review

27 Ohio Flyer

28 Ox 5 Wing Ding

29 Parks Air News

30 Private Pilot

31 Ryan Reporter

32 Wingspread

Box 3 - Publications


1 ACF Industries 55th Annual

2 Airman’s Information

3 Air Corps. Technical Report: The Material Division - Its Organization & Engineering

4 Air Force Manual of Abbreviation (1970)

5 Association of American Railroads - Railroad Mileage by States (1959)

6 Association of American Railroads. Research: The Route to Better Rail Service

7 Associated Hobby Manufacturers 1979

8 Ausmus, Reiny. Early Bird Experiences

9 Curtis Wright Corporation Engineer

       Ranjet Primer, Turbojet Primer

10 Douglas Aircraft. Service Information - Summary (1\2 - 1962)

11 Hauptversammlung 1938 der

     Lilienthal: Gesellschaet furLuftfahrforschung (1938)

12 J. B. Publishing - Nebraska C.B. & Q. Depots (1970)

13 Kettering Digest (1956)

14 NASA Technical Notes, D-1026, D-1162 Installations

15 National Advisory Committee Aeronautics: Testing of Baloon Gas #168


16 National Archives Preliminary Inventories #108. Records of the House of Representatives

     Select Committee of Inquiry into Operations of the U.S. Air Services (1924-1925)

17 New York Central System. Examination for Fireman (1945)

18 Preliminary Inventories. Number 101 War Department National Archives Collection of

     Confederate Records

19 New York Air Brake Co. - Strato Power in Aviation

20 Parks College of Aeronautical Technology of St. Louis MT Airframe and Powerplant

     Mechanic Cause & Flight Training Bulletin (1960)

21 St. Petersburg Times (Reprint) November 29, 1953

22 Saturday Evening Post - Birth of a Miracle. Wesley Price

23 Ships and Aircraft. U.S. Army - Aircraft (1908-1946) by James C. Fahey

24 Spartan Aircraft Since 1928 - Spartan Model 7W Executive

25 Trains Magazine 1928 Handy Railroad Atlas of United States

26 U.S. Air Force Historical Program Notes (1977, 1978)

27 U.S. Air Force History Office: A Guide to Personal Collections in Public and Private


28 U.S. Army Air Force: Glider Pilot Training Program 1941-1943

29 U.S. Air Force of Flight and Bold Men

30 U.S. Army Air Force Silhouette Handbook of U.S. Army Air Force Airplanes

31 U.S. Air Force Unit Costs of Aircraft, Guided Engines (1958)

32 U.S. Air Force: U.S. Air Power: Key to Deterrence (1947-1976)

33 U.S. Department of Commerce. Civil Aeronautics Administrative Maintenance, Repair

     & Alteration of Airframes, Powerplants, Propellers & Appliances (Manual #18) (1957)

34 U.S. Department of Commerce Civil Aeronautics Administration Practical Air

      Navigation(Bulletin #23) (1941)

35 U.S. Department of Commerce Civil Aeronautics Administration Practical Air

     Navigation (Bulletin #24) (1940)

36 U.S. Department of Commerce Civil Aeronautics Administration Practical Air

     Navigation (Bulletin #24) (1945)

37 Waco Aircraft Co. - Instruction Manual for Waco Model UPF. Waco - A1-A164 & 1-1500

38 Westinghouse. Aviation Handbook

39 Wright Patterson Air Force Base Aircraft Noise & Sonic Boom (1959)

40 Wright Patterson Air Force Base: Index of AF serial numbers assigned to Aircraft 1958

     and Prior. Part 1: Numerical Listing

41 Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Pictorial Review (1917-1967)

     Handbook of Style and Policy (1970)

Transferred to the Library:

BOOKS (Air):

Ohio Airport Directory, 1963

Winged Gospel, America's Romance with Aviation, 1900-1950

Aircraft Engines

Great Mysteries of Aviation

Heroes of the Sunlit Sky

Red Baron


Aviation Facts and Figures

Systems Approach

United States Air Force History: An Annotated Bibliography

United States Air Force History: A Guide to Documentary Sources

First War Planes

Air News Yearbook, Volume 2

Evolution of Aerial Warfare

United States Civil Aircraft Register

What Plane Is That?

Giants in the Sky

Days of Trial and Triumph

Pictorial History of Lockheed

September Champions: The Story of America's Air Racing Pioneers

America's Fighting Planes

Aircraft Year Book: 1957-1958



Air Commerce Act of 1926

BOOKS (General):

Book of Small Houses

Directory of American Scholars

Rules for the Government of Employes of the Pere Marquette Railway Co.

Stamps, Posts, and Postmarks

Additional Improvement Patents, 1837-1861

Friendship United Methodist Church Directory and Annual Report, 1979

Great Book of Currier and Ives' America

Lagonda United Methodist church

First Methodist Church, Conservation Service

High Street United Methodist Church

Welcome to First United Methodist Church

Historic West Liberty, Ohio Yearbook and Directory, 1965-1966

Milford Center, Ohio, 1816-1866-1966 Sesquicentennial

Lake Erie Floods, Lake Levels, Northeast Storms

Printing Office Style Manual

Handbook of American Genealogy

Encyclopedia of Associations

Christmas in America

PAMPHLETS (General):

Tribute to John H. Patterson Delivered on the Hundredth Anniversary of His Death

Dr. Hess Stock Book

Exhibit: Ford Documents and Photographs

Ford Motor Company Archives

Story of a Little Waterdrop

Leary's of Philadelphia

Guide Book and History of the President Calvin Coolidge Home at Plymouth Notch, Vermont