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Rendell Rhoades - Croquet Collection


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The Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by (Mrs. Rendell) Nancy L. Rhoades in 1990.

Biographical Sketch
Dr. Rendell Rhoades, born 1914 in Highland County, Ohio, received his BA and BS in Education from Wilmington College. His MS and PhD were awarded by The Ohio State University. As a scientist, he was well known as a specialist in crustacea with emphasis on taxonomy and zoogeography. In conjunction with this specialty, Dr. Rhoades held positions as: fisheries technician, special investigator and staff writer for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Earth Sciences at Wilmington College, Curator for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, consultant on crustacea for the Tennessee Valley Authority, research associate at the Franz Theodore Stone Laboratory, technical representative for the Dow Chemical Company, consultant for the Bio-science Section of Battelle Memorial Institute and consultant for environmental impact on aquatic life for Burgess and Niple, and lastly Professor and Chairman of the Biology Department, Ashland University.

Rhoades’ enthusiasm for croquet led to the development of an esoteric collection of nearly 1,000 books and materials on croquet. From 1956 until his death in 1976, he operated a small private press, Rhodopress Publications and Rhodopress of Ashland, reprinting nine pamphlets on croquet. In 1992, Nancy L. Rhoades, his widow and past Director of Cataloging at the College of Wooster, published a subject bibliography of 679 references to croquet, based on the late Dr. Rhoades' collection.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of croquet source materials collected by Rendell Rhoades and the original manuscript materials created by Nancy L. Rhoades during her efforts to catalog and publish a subject bibliography (Croquet: An Annotated Bibliography from the Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection, Metuchen, New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, 1992) for the Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection. Dr. Rhoades' collection included a variety of books, pamphlets, periodicals, catalogs, trading cards, newspapers, photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, art prints, and advertisements, appearing in their original form and as photo duplicates and Rhodopress reprints.

In 1990, Nancy L. Rhoades donated the entire Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection, including artifacts associated with the game of croquet, to the Hayes Presidential Center where the nearly 300 published works were established as the Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection. In 1996, Mrs. Rhoades donated personal records associated with her late husband's croquet collection and manuscript material concerning the publication of "Croquet". An Annotated Bibliography from the Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection.


Box 1
Source material and references relating to croquet history and rules, literature, biography, art and music, etiquette and cookery, and associations (see: #4 through #362 in Croquet).

Box 2
Source material and references relating to croquet contests, tournaments, manufacturers, trading cards, government regulations, and serials (see; #363 through #596a in Croquet).

Box 3
Source material and references relating to croquet in newspapers, clippings, and ephemera (see: #596e through #722 in Croquet).

Box 4
Periodicals and Literature concerning croquet

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Box 5 - Nancy L. Rhoades
Bibliography manuscript
Corrected copy
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Master copy

Box 6 - Rendell Rhoades
Correspondence with Roger Bray
Source Material
Rhodopress Reprints
Dealer Lists
Source Lists
Croquet in History
Croquet in Literature
Illustration and Photocopies

Box 7 - Rendell Rhoades
Want Lists

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