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Webb C. Hayes I
Photograph Collection


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Images and the activities of Webb C. Hayes I may be found in other Hayes Family photograph and manuscript collections, including the albums of President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Biographical Sketch
Webb C. Hayes, second son of Rutherford B. and Lucy Webb Hayes, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 20, 1856. At the age of ten, Webb joined his older brother, Birchard, at Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio, the home of their great uncle, Sardis Birchard. Webb attended Cornell University from 1873 to 1875, leaving to serve as his father’s secretary during his third term as governor of Ohio. Following the presidential election, Webb again served as his father’s secretary. In 1881, Webb moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he began his business career as treasurer of the Whipple Manufacturing Company. Six years later, in association with Myron T. Herrick, James Parmelee, and W. H. Lawrence, he organized the National Carbon Company (later known as Union Carbide). Hayes continued for many years as the vice president of the corporation. However, Webb’s greatest interests included military affairs, hunting, and outdoor life. As a child, Webb was frequently present in the Civil War camps of his father’s regiment. Here he met General George Crook, whom Webb considered his godfather. Crook taught Hayes to hunt the wild game of the Rocky Mountains during their annual fall hunts that continued for nearly a decade.

Hayes was a veteran member of the First Cleveland Troop, later known as Troop A, Ohio National Guard. He served with Troop A as the personal escort of all United States presidents from Hayes to Taft, and at the funeral ceremonies of three Ohio presidents (Hayes, Garfield, and McKinley). At the outbreak of the Spanish American War, Hayes was commissioned a major in the First Ohio Cavalry and mustered into the United States service May 9, 1898. He accompanied Major General W. R. Shafter as part of the First Expedition against Havana. Later, he joined his regiment at Chickamauga Park until he embarked with the Fifth Army Corps for Santiago, Cuba. He served through the campaigns of Santiago de Cuba and the invasion of Puerto Rico. Despite wounds received during the crossing of the San Juan River, Hayes took part in the assault on San Juan Hill on July 1, 1898. On the breaking out of the insurrection in the Philippines, Hayes was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 31st U.S. Infantry. After a harrowing thirty-three-day voyage aboard the Manauense, Hayes arrived in Manilla in late November of 1899. Within hours after landing, Hayes led a rescue party to free the U.S. soldiers garrisoned at Virgin Island. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for this act of heroism. Colonel Hayes also participated in the Boxer Rebellion, the China Relief Expedition, and the Russo-Japanese War. He was instrumental in commemorating numerous Cuban and Chinese battlefields where American soldiers had lost their lives. In WWI, Hayes served as a special agent for the State Department until the French government’s withdrawal from Paris. Commissioned a full colonel when the U. S. entered the war, Hayes was sent to the Italian front where he served as a regional commander of the American Expeditionary Force.

In 1912, Hayes married Mary Otis Miller Brinkerhoff, daughter of Anson and Nancy Otis Miller of Fremont, Ohio. Prior to the United States’ involvement in WWI, Mrs. Hayes worked extensively with the Red Cross. In addition to world traveling, the Hayeses took an active interest in community affairs. He established Memorial Parkway, a living monument to Fremont, Ohio’s WWI war dead. The Hayeses also donated funds and land to found the Memorial Hospital of Sandusky County and the Mary Miller Hayes School of Nursing Home. Mrs. Hayes gave her home on Court Street to the Fremont Federation of Women.

Colonel Hayes had many careers: soldier, adventurer, world traveler, philanthropist, and businessman. However, he is be best remembered for his role as the moving force behind the founding of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, the first presidential library in the United States. He died July 29, 1934 at the age of 78. Mrs. Hayes followed in death less than a year later.

Scope and Content
The Webb C. Hayes I Photograph Collection contains approximately 3750 images - photographic prints, glass negatives, and flexible negatives - spanning the years from Hayes’ infancy (ca. 1860) to shortly before his death in 1934. A large portion of the collection is images of Col. Webb C. Hayes, including formal portraits and candid shots.. The collection reflects and is dominated by Hayes’ strong interest in military affairs, including his participation in the First Cleveland Troop, (later known as Troop A, Ohio National Guard), Spanish American War, the Philippine Insurrection, Boxer Rebellion, China Relief Expedition, Russo-Japanese War, and WWI. Individual images, professional and amateur, feature Colonel Hayes, military personnel, military activities and movements, fortifications and indigenous subjects and scenes at each location. Souvenir pictures from many of the countries are also included.

After his marriage to Mary Miller Brinkerhoff Hayes, the colonel and his wife traveled extensively, visiting many states and then Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Numerous photos of the couple, friends and perhaps traveling companions, scenic views of landscapes and tourist destinations are included. The collection also documents the colonel’s efforts to commemorate the military conflicts in which he served, including military memorials, monuments, plaques, and tablets erected at battlefield sites, particularly in China and Cuba.

Finally, the collection reflects Hayes’ strong interest in the Hayes family, Spiegel Grove, and Fremont, Ohio. There are candid images of family activities and celebrations as well as organizations on the grounds of Spiegel Grove. To a lesser extent, the collection documents Colonel Hayes’ role and participation in the creation of Memorial Parkway in Fremont, Ohio. Also noteworthy is the series of Kodak circular photographs taken in Wyoming during the last of ten annual game hunts (1889) with General George Crook.

18 linear ft.
ca. 3750 items

Box 1 - Images of W.C.H: Childhood to 1899

    Childhood to 1878
    1st Cleveland Troop, 1887
    Ohio National Guard-Columbus, Ohio Encampment
    1898 -First Ohio Cavalry Uniform
    1898 -First Ohio Cavalry - Decker and Wilber, Theodore Endean Studios, Cleveland, Ohio
    1898 - June - August - First Ohio Cavalry, Porto Rico
    Composite: Porto Rico, China, Philippine Islands
    Composite: Philippine Islands
    Mounted on "Piddig" at North Luzon, Philippines, December 1899
    Mounted on "Black Yauco," 1899-1901
    Undated, Unidentified locations on horseback

Box 2 - Images of W.C.H. I: 1900-1918

    China Expedition, on horseback
    Omaha, Nebraska, Home of J.S. Collins
    1916 Holiday card, photo from January 1900, Philippines 1900
    1917 W.W.I. uniform - G. Vignes di Luigi Conti, Rome
    1918 W.W.I. uniform - full length
    Military Medals
    Portrait: Medal of Honor
    Raja Yoga Academy, Pt. Loma, California
    Portrait: by Harris and Ewing, Washington, D.C.
    Portrait: Hayes Home Drawing Room
    Portraits: Miscellaneous updated portraits by unknown photographers

Box 3 - Spanish American War

1. Soldiers: Presidio and Angel Island, California
2. Huntsville, Alabama, August 1898
3. Landscapes and livestock
4. Battleship "Maine"
5. Troop A Chickamauga Park, Tennessee, September 18, 1895
6. Troop A Ohio National Guard
7. Troop A Ohio National Guard, Chattanooga, Tennessee
8. 31st Infantry Officers, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

Box 4 - Cuba: Military Personnel, Fortifications, and Prisons

1. General Wood and other officers
2. Lieutenant Hobson at El Morro, Santiago, Cuba
3. Unidentified fortifications, ruins, etc.
4. Prisons and prisoners

Box 5 - Cuba: San Juan Hill, Santiago and El Morro

1. San Juan Hill
2. Santiago de Cuba Photo Album
3. El Morro, Estrella, Santiago
4. Relief Map of San Juan and Vicinity

Box 6 - Cuba: Santiago

1. Panoramic views
2. Structures and street scenes
3. War destruction, etc.
4. People
5. Ships in Santiago Harbor

Box 7 - Cuba: Places and Structures

1. Guantanamo-Guanahacae- El Paso-Matayas
2. El Canez
3. Sancti Spiritus
4. Unidentified structures
5. Unidentified panoramic views

Box 8 - Philippine Islands

1. Philippine Islands: 1899-1901
2. Philippine Islands: 1899-1901
3. Philippine Islands: 1898-1901
4. Philippine Islands: Groups and Individuals
5. Philippine Islands: Cities and Scenes, 1898-1901
6. Philippine Islands: Manilla, 1898-1901

Box 9 - China

1. 3rd Squadron, 6th U.S. Cavalry, 1900
2. Russo-Japanese War: 1903-1905
3. American Legation, Peking, China (1908?)
4. Identified Officers and Troops
5. Identified Structures and Groups
6. Mounted Troops
7. Unidentified Portraits
8. Unidentified Officers, Troops, and Civilians
9. Unidentified Ships.
10. Unidentified Structures
11. Unidentified Mounted Photos
12. Chinese Citizens
13. Mary Miller Hayes
14. Photos Taken by Webb C. Hayes
15. Commercial Photos with Typed Identifications

Box 10 - Italy: 1917 - 1918

1. Prés Alps
2. Italian Planes and Aviators
3. Military Officers, Red Cross Nurses, Children, etc.
4. Soldiers; Camps; Fortifications
5. War-damaged Structures
6. Cathedrals, Monasteries, etc.
7. City scapes and Street Scenes
8. Venice
9. Postcards with Inscriptions; Miscellaneous

Box 11 - Locales: U.S. and Foreign

1. Alaska
2. Arizona - Grand Canyon
3. California - Riverside
4. California - Yosemite National Park
5. Colorado - Rocky Mountain National Park
6. Connecticut - New London
7. Illinois
8. Kentucky - Locust Grove, Louisville, Col. George Croghan Family Cemetery
9. Minnesota
10. New York - New York City
11. New York - Staten Island
12. Tennessee - Shiloh National Military Park
13. Virginia - Old Point Comfort
14. Vermont - Brattleboro
15. Washington - Fort Vancouver
16. Wisconsin - Ashland, Lake Superior
17. Washington, D. C. c. 1892
18. Hawaii

19. Africa?
20. Carribean?
21 Cuba
22. France
23. France - Paris, 1917
24. Germany
25. Germany - Charity Garden - August 5, 1924
26. India
27. Italy
28. Japan
29. Panama Canal
30. Russia
31. Unidentified

Box 12 - Military Monuments

1. San Juan Hill
2. Santiago, Cuba
3. Rock Island Arsenal
4. El Visa, Cuba
5. Daiquiri, Cuba
6. Boxer Rebellion - China
7. Fifth Corps
8. Memorial Cemeteries
9. Unidentified Monuments
10. Local Monuments

Box 13 - Wyoming Hunt: 1889

Box 14 - Wyoming Hunt: 1889

Box 15 - Fremont, Area, and Ohio

1. Spiegel Grove Funeral of Webb C. Hayes -1934
2. Spiegel Grove Groups - 1907 - 1930
3. Spiegel Grove Dog Law Suit Photos - Lucy E. Keeler & Sherman O. Hayes
4. Fremont Hayes Centenary - Oct. 4, 1922
5. Fremont Toledo Band at Birchard Library
6. Fremont Mary Miller Hayes School of Nursing Graduates
7. Canton William McKinley Tomb
8. Cincinnati
9. Delaware Oak Grove Cemetery - 1952
10. Port Clinton William Henry Harrison Monument Dedication
11. Mouse Island Hayes family
12. Put-in-Bay Perry’s Victory Commission - 1910
13. Marion Sawyer Sanitorium

Box 16 - Groups

1. Cornell University - 1872-1874
2. Office of Pemiscot Land & Cooperage Co.
3. Webb C. Hayes & Others - Unidentified
4. Pres. Wm. F. McKinley Parade, Philadelphia
5. Prince Henry of Battenberg, West Point, N.Y. - 1902
6. U.A. Rifle Team - 1910 Champions
7. Outings and/or Travels - Unidentified
8. Military - Unidentified
9. Cyanotypes perhaps taken by Lucy Elliot Keeler

Box 17 - Miscellaneous

1. Unidentified Men
2. Unidentified Women
3. Unidentified Children
4. Ships Miscellaneous
5. Photographs Enclosed with Correspondence
6. Black Yauco
7. Photo negative envelopes with handwriting of Webb. C. Hayes and negatives
8. Miscellaneous

Box 18 - Miscellaneous Flexible Negatives (not described)

Box 19 - Album First Cleveland Troop, ca. 1897

Album of approximately 78 separated albumen images of the First Cleveland Troop, inc. images of officers, inc. Colonel Webb C. Hayes; field tactics; dress parade, camp scenes; and perhaps the inaugural preparations for President Wm. McKinley

Album 20 Korea: February - May 1904
Album of nearly 100 prints of Russian and Japanese ships, military movements and naval activities, sailors, and scenes of the Korean countryside during the Russo - Japanese War. Colonel Webb C. Hayes appears in many of the images. Nearly all of the captions were written by Hayes, who served as an observer aboard the dispatch boat "Fa Wan." He was arrested on several occasions by Russian military for taking photographs.

The last few images are of the Pacific Squadron in port at Honolulu and are dated 1899. Col Hayes, along with officers, appears in a number of the photographs.

Album 21 Philippine Islands 1899 - 1900

Album of 24 albumen prints (each with a handwritten caption) of Philippine Island scenery and wartime scenes, including Corregidor, Manila, Headquarters of the 8th Army Corps, Dept. of the Pacific, Caloocan, artillery at Santalon, Yeorrote warriors of Luzon, Paco Cemetery, Drill Ground Cuartel de Espana, prisoners of war.

Album 22 Campaign of Santiago de Cuba: ca.1908

Album of 14 prints, 4 programs, several brochures and calling cards related to the memorialization of and the assault on Fort San Juan in 1898, including images of memorial tablets, monuments, dedication scenes, canon surrounding the "Surrender Tree," and scenery.

Album 23 Campaign of Santiago de Cuba and China Relief Expedition Memorials: ca. 1911

Album of 36 albumen prints, 2 diagrams, 2 brochures related to the China Relief Expedition of 1900 memorial, including images of memorial tablets, monument to Col. E. H. Liscum, Chinese Legation, plat, maps, and diagrams associated with the El Caney and San Juan Battle Monuments.

Album 24: Presidio and Angel Island, Ca.; Philippine Islands, Egypt, 1899-1900

134 photographs of 31st Infantry and the Presidio and Small Pox Quarantine Camp at Angel Island, California. Nearly all have handwritten, dated captions, identifying many of the officers and locations pictured; numerous images of Webb C. Hayes riding Piddig and Black Yauco in Manilla; Field Headquarters of 31st Infantry at Mindanao, Parang-Parang, Fort Del Pelar, Zamboanga Island

Album 25 Last Hunt of Webb.C.Hayes and General George Crook in Wyoming, 1889; Images of soldiers at Chattanooga before the Spanish American War, Scenes of 23rd OVI, Webb C. Hayes, and Inauguration of President William McKinley, 1897.

Album 26 Japan, n.d.

Binder containing 30 8 x 10 color prints showing scenes and people of Japan, including Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kioto.

Album 26a Album containing ca. 140 images of the Society of the Army of Santiago de Cuba, Santiago Battlefield Commission, 1906. Images of Cuban battlefield memorial dedication, Union Club of Santiago, the palace, American Consulate, the "Sumner," mortars and field guns, and battle sites.

Box 27 - Album Point Loma, California, 1900; Album China, 1899-1900

Album containing 12 images of Raja Yoga Academy, Point Loma, California, 1900

Album containing 195 captioned images of the 15th Infantry, Peking, and officers during the Boxer Rebellion

Box 28 - Portraits

1. J. T. Dickenson
2. A L. Mills
3. Warren G. Harding
4. Adna E. Chaffee
5. S. M. Young
6. Webb C. Hayes
    Riding Black Yauco
    Riding Piddig
    Formal portrait, 1923
    Albumen print (oval) Pach Bros., (2)
    Grouping of various images of Webb C. Hayes - 1st Ohio Cavalry
    Grouping of various images of Webb C. Hayes - Philippine Islands
    Judge William Howard Taft and luncheon guests at Spiegel Grove, 1908
    President and Mrs. William McKinley - Camp Meade, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1898
    Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio, n.d. (2)

Box 29 - Groups - Military - (Oversize)

1. 1st Cleveland Troop, ONG - Encampment, 1888
2. 31st Infantry - Dato Piang, Philippine Islands, 1903
3. 1st Ohio Cavalry, Spanish American War - Return to Cleveland, Ohio
4. Maj. Gen. Adna Chaffee and Staff, Peking - China Relief Expedition
5. U. S. and Cuban Officers, Santiago, Cuba, Feb. 8, 1906

Box 30-  Frames

1. Frames with photocopies of removed images

Box 31 - Foreign Scenes (Oversize)

1. Athens - Panorama (Paper)
2. Italy - Naples and Venice - Interior and Exterior Scenes, Albumen Prints

Oversize Area:

Montage of military images of Webb C. Hayes (2)
Portraits of Webb C. Hayes in military uniform
Argonne American Cemetery - Panorama (Paper)
Flexible Negatives (Film Vault) SP.2G1-256

1-5 Views of RBH tomb; and a group inc. Col. Webb C. Hayes and Birchard Hayes

6-12 Group views outdoors at Spiegel Grove; Group of boys with basketball, n.d. ca. 1920's or 30's. Found in Grob processing envelope #8149.

13-19 Two negatives showing machinery used to place RBH tomb (Col Webb C. Hayes shown in the picture). Col. Webb C. Hayes shown with unidentified group and alone posed with Mary Miller Hayes. Young men (perhaps Webb II) posed in groups and singly with horse. Perhaps Webb II and father, Birchard A. Hayes posed together.

20-29 Negatives of South American trip by Col. Webb C. Hayes & Mary Miller Hayes, 1912-1913

30-51 Negatives from letter addressed to Mary Miller Hayes from Willeria R. Beulow (sp.?).

Negatives pertain to South American trip, including scenes some of which Col. Webb C. and Mary Miller Hayes.

52-55 5 X 7 negatives of the re-interment of RBH and LWH. Vintage prints available.

56-66 Unidentified, poorly-focused images of harbor with lighthouse, perhaps visited by Webb C. Hayes.

67-73 Col. Webb C. Hayes and Mary Miller Hayes posing while touring unidentified locations.

73-134 Negatives from Grob Studio photo-finishing envelope #5882 addressed to Mrs. Webb C. Hayes. Adm. Webb C. and Martha Hayes appear in several images; however, the majority of views are of a Wyoming vacation enjoyed perhaps by the Hayes boys. The adolescent boys are shown at the wheel of a sailboat, the State Bird Farm, Sheridan, Wyo., and at a cottage.

135-146 Negatives from a Toledo Camera Shop photo-finishing envelope #194 to Mrs. W. C. Hayes. Unidentified blurred images of little boys posed and playing in front of a large brick house. One of the images shows three boys playing with a woman who resembles Martha Hayes, ca. 1920's.

146-172 Negatives from Finch "Amateur Finishing" envelope to Col. Hayes "Panama"handwritten on the envelope. 146-161: Views of warships at sea, Col. Webb C. and Mary Miller Hayes seated at table with party. In an envelope from "Mrs. A. W. Co__ly 128 S. 2nd St., Chambersburg, Pa. to Mrs. Webb Hayes," dtd. July 6, 1912 inside the Finch envelope

Second series is street scene views in front of a building "Loteria de Panama," others show Mary Miller Hayes posed with an unidentified female friend before jungle ruins.

173-183 3 X 4 negatives Col. Webb C. Hayes seated in a room before a makeshift curtain/photo backdrop. Vintage prints available. Found in Columbia Photo supply Co. photo- finishing envelope.

184-208 Misc. views of children and adults at the beach, perhaps the children of Webb Hayes II and friends. Found in Grob photo-finishing envelope #6332.

208-256 Not described

Glass Negatives SP.2F

1-28 4 X 5 glass plate negatives taken in Italy during WWI. (Good quality)

29-49 3 X 4 1/8 in glass plate negatives, ca. 1890's. Views around Fremont, Ohio, perhaps taken by Rutherford P. Hayes, the President’s son. (Poor quality)

72-125 5 X 8 in. glass plate negatives (orig. No. 4000-4100). Subjects include Hayes family groups, Hayes residence, interior and exterior; Spiegel Grove scenes; and a few Fremont, Ohio scenes. Mostly original negatives, taken in the late 1800's, probably by Rutherford P. Hayes or Lucy E. Keeler. (Good quality).

126-157 4 X 5 in. glass plate negatives found interfiled with 5 X 7 negatives described above. Same as above with the addition of copy negatives of Col. Webb C. Hayes’ exploits during the Spanish American War, and what appears to be a Memorial Day observance at McPherson Cemetery, Clyde, Ohio. (Good quality)

158-167 1 3/4 X 4 1/4 inch strip of glass upon which are two square images. Mixture of positive and negative images. Subjects include Martha Hayes Wilder with a baby, Adm.Webb Hayes II posed with friends at unidentified sight-seeing locations (Good quality).

Images from the Webb C. Hayes Photograph Collection transferred to the Portrait File

Adams, Maude
Bennett, Donald Wood 3 months, 1 day
Brinkerhoff, Samuel
Carson, Prof. Hiram (Cornell U.)
Comstock, Prof. J. H. (Cornell U.)
Comstock, Prof. J. H. (Cornell U.)
Crook, Gen., George 1886
Doyle, Judge John H. (Toledo, Ohio)
Fiske, Prof. Willard (Cornell U.)
Hayes, Mary Miller (3) Studio portrait, Red Cross uniform; seated at home (2)
Hayes, Webb C. II Mounted on Black Yauco, Aug., 1904
Hilliard, Savannah B.
Hough, Col. Benson W. (Delaware, Ohio)
Law, Prof. James (Cornell U.)
Morton, Henry C.
Otis, Alice Snapshot, 1921
Potter, Prof. Ziba H. (Cornell U.)
Roehrig, Prof. Frederick L. O. (Cornell U.)
Russell, Prof. Wm. C. (V.P. Cornell U.)
Schaefer, Prof. Charles A.(Cornell U.)
Shackelford, Muscoe L.
Sherman, Mary William Snapshot, Aug. 19, 1926
Stepniak, Peter J.
Taft, Charles Mounted image, Sept. 7, 1908
Troxel, Lynn, Jr. Snapshots (2), 6 months
Van Ness, William P. (Cornell U.)
White, Prof. Horatio
Wilder, Prof. Burt G.
Williams, Charles R.
Wilson, Prof. William D. (Cornell U.)