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Charles Austin Whittlesey


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Charles A. Whittlesey Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1987.

Biographical Sketch
Born April 19, 1880, to Joseph Freeman (1840-1908) and Annettio Lascelles (1846-1916) Whittlesey of Akron, Ohio, Charles Austin Whittlesey worked for the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Railroad for 33 years. After graduating from Akron’s Actual Business College in 1899, Charles began as a yard clerk for the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus. On October 16, 1901, Charles married Bertha Anna Bruner of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. In 1909, he was promoted to transit freight solicitor for the railroad. Nine years later, Whittlesey became the claims agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad, a position he held until his death in 1922.

Scope and Content
The collection contains a series of memoranda books dating from September, 1904 to 1921. Sporadic entries appear for the late 1890s in an earlier volume which also contains several notations from the year 1866. The collection also includes the Civil War diary of Joseph F. Whittlesey, Charles’ father, for the year 1863. The elder Whittlesey served in the 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Joseph F. Whittlesey, a sawmill and lumber dealer from Akron, was mustered into the Union army on August 30, 1862, serving until his discharge on June 28, 1865. The 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry participated in engagements at Danville, Kentucky; Knoxville, Tennessee; Kenesaw Mountain; as well as in the Atlanta Campaign, battles at Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee, and the march through the Carolinas during the closing months of the conflict.

Three cabinet card photographs, two of Joseph F. Whittlesey and one of R. Lascelles, Co. A., 72nd New York Infantry, some genealogical information, and an autograph sentiment book from 1890 belonging to Bertha Whittlesey complete the collection.

Ac. 2261, 4945
1/4 linear ft.

1. Genealogical Information
2. Photographs
3. Diaries, Sept., 1904 - July 28, 1906 (2 volumes.)
4. Diaries, Aug. 1, 1906 - March 7, 1909 (3 volumes.)
5. Diaries, 1910 - 1912 (3 volumes.)
6. Diaries, 1913 - 1915  (3 volumes.)
7. Diaries, 1916 - 1921 (4 volumes.)
8. Diaries, Civil War diary of Joseph F. Whittlesey and 1890s diary of Charles A. Whittlesey
9. Bertha Bruner Whittlesey Autograph Sentiment Book (1 volume)
10. Correspondence

BLACK DOG (second chief of Osages)
    To Gen. Wm. Steele dtd. Seminole Agency, May 5, 1863, 4pp. A.L.S.

    To Col. D. Leadbetter dtd. Yorktown, Va, Nov. 3, 1861, 2 pp. A.L.S.

MAURY, Col. H.
    To "Dear Major" dtd. Hdqrs. Fort Morgan, Oct. 12, 1861 3 pp. A.L.S

PEARSON, John and Sarah
    To "Dear Brother [Richard LaSalles]" dtd Sinclearville, Jne. 15, 1859, 4 pp. A.L.S.

RIVES, Alfred L.
    To Maj. Gen. J. F. Gilmer dtd. Richmond, Va. Oct. 24, 1863, 2 pp., A.L.S.

VANDORN, Col. Earl
    To L. P. Walker dtd. San Antonio, Texas, May 12, 1861, 3 pp., A.L.S.

Miscellaneous Items

1. Civil War discharge papers of Private Henry Bruner, Apr. 25, 1862, 1 pp., D.S.
2. Furlough papers of Private Henry Bruner, Apr. 25, 1862, 1 pp., D.S.
3. Resolution of Respect for Henry Bruner, Hdqrs., Eadie Post No. 37, Dept. of Ohio, G.A.R.,
    Cuyahoga Falls, Oh., Nov. 28, 1888, 1 pp., D.S.
4. Pension notice for the late Henry Bruner, Jne. 30, 1890, 1 pp. , D.S.
5. Newspaper clipping, Jne. 16, 1917.
6. Newspaper clipping, (Akron Beacon Journal), Feb., 1923.