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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Elmer A. Whitney


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This photograph collection was given to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Dave Miller in 2008.

Biographical Sketch
Elmer Austin Whitney was born on 28 November 1884 in Sandusky County, Ohio to Jay and Alice (Stout) Whitney. After receiving an education until the 4th grade, Elmer left school to pursue other ventures.  As a young man he began to travel the country with his camera, taking pictures along the way to support himself.  Whitney excelled at sleight-of- hand and magic tricks.  He used his talents to attract audiences. Once Whitney gained their interest, he asked to take their photographs.   .

After returning to Fremont, Ohio, Elmer Whitney opened a photography studio on the second floor of what is today (2008) the Paramount Theatre on Front Street.  He specialized in photographing babies. He also went door-to-door around the Fremont area.  Elmer married the former Kathryn Paquette Miller on 15 June 926, in Toledo, Ohio.  Kathryn managed the Jackson Hotel located in downtown Fremont near Elmer’s studio.

He gained a stepdaughter, Mrs. Clyde (Frances) Breyman, and a stepson, Donald A. Miller from the marriage.  The couple spent their winters in Florida. Elmer always took along his camera.  After spending 62 years as a photographer in Fremont, Ohio, Elmer A. Whitney retired.  He died on 2 January 1967 at the age of 82.

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning from 1889-1952, contains 32 black and white photographs and a 1952 election booklet.  The photographs depict people, places, and events at various locations in Fremont, Ohio and the surrounding area. Most of the photographs are identified and/or dated.

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33 items

Folder 1:

1. Heights Consolidated School Ballville Twp. Sandusky County, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1919
2. Hazel St. Field, K[nights] of P[ythias] Baseball Team, Fremont, Ohio, May 14, 1922
3. Overmyer Reunion- Fremont, Ohio, Aug.31, 1922
4. 6th Annual Reunion, Co.G 329th Infantry, Aug. 2 and 3, 1924
5. Unidentified Group, dtd. Oct. 30, 1915

Folder 2:

6. Waldo’s Gang, AT&T Co    Nov. 15, 1924
7.  Dr. Geo Smith’s M.E.S.S. Class, Sept. 12, 1915
8.  Sunset Band    Sept. 7, 1936
9.  Fremont Majorettes- Sponsored by Moose Lodge 1286
10. The Cross Photo Supply Co. Christmas Party, Dec. 24, 1931

Folder 3:

11. “The Schemers,” Fremont, OH  Dec. 3-4, 1924 (2 photos)
12. Cigar Store Indian located in Fremont, Ohio on Front St.
13. Our Gang Band- Meadowbrook Park, July 4, 1936
14. [?]
15. Old Bridge over Sandusky River, Fremont, Ohio

Folder 4:

16. Photograph of 3 men- Elmer A. Whitney (top left), 1914
17. Maumee Bus Stop
18. Elmer & Edna Whitney, Albert Soders, Fred Williams, and an unidentified woman 
      before “Old Betsy” Cannon, Fremont, Ohio
19  Ollie Hess & nieces Addie & Alice, 1889
20. Unidentified man standing by machinery, Nov. 15, 1937

Folder 5:

21. The Pilgrim Shoppe
22. Fremont Middle School Collapse
23/24. Fremont Steam Boat A.S. Gabel, (2 photos)
25. Group of unidentified children    Sept. 22, 1939

Folder 6:

26. Group of unidentified men splitting logs, Apr. 14, 1940
27. Fremont, Ohio State Street bridge in winter
28. Group of unidentified military men
29. Group of unidentified children in the winter
30. Group of unidentified factory workers in front of building

Folder 7:

31. Two unidentified men on bicycles in front of A. Beesch Co.
32. TM Baseball Team
33. Election Booklet from 1952