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Steinle Brothers Construction


Agency History
Scope and Content

The Steinle Brothers Construction records were the gift of the Held Family of Fremont, Ohio.

Agency History
Joseph and Oswald Steinle, sons of the German immigrant Joseph Steinle, began working as carpenters in Fremont, Ohio in the 1860's. A short time later Joseph, as a building contractor, started Steinle Construction. His brother, Oswald, joined him within a few years. The Steinle Brothers contracted for and oversaw the construction of some of Fremont's major structures. In 1899, Joseph's son, Carl, an architect, joined the firm. The firm changed its name to Steinle Brothers and Co. Both Joseph and Oswald retired from the company in 1907.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of five ledgers, documenting the Steinle Brothers labor and material costs in the Fremont, Ohio area from 1877 to 1921. Although only a part of the company's financial records, the ledgers provide some aid in documenting dates, costs, and material used in constructing commercial buildings and private homes in the city of Fremont, Ohio during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Some of the entries represent additions, repairs, and remodeling of existing structures.

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Papers, 1877-1954

1. Work and Materials Ledger: 1877-1888
2. Jobs Ledger A: 1899-1902
3. Jobs Ledger B: 1892-1899
4. Index to Jobs Ledgers A & B: 1892-1902
5. Cash Ledger: 1894-1906
6. Expense Ledger: 1905-1921