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 Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Society of U.S. War of 1812 in Ohio


Agency History
Scope and Content

The Society of the War of 1812 in Ohio placed the documentation of members' descent from a War of 1812 soldier on deposit at the Center. The records remain the property of the organization, but are open to the public for research purposes. Those patrons wishing to photocopy any portion of the collection should contact the organization.

Agency History
The General Society of the War of 1812 was formed at a convention of surviving veterans in 1854 at Independence Hall. The organization was composed of fifty-three veteran members and 253 descendant members. The society first recognized the affiliation of state chapters during its 1894 campaign to strengthen ties with veterans nationally. The Society of the War of 1812 in Ohio was organized in January of 1895 and admitted to the General Society in June of that same year. The Ohio organization functioned with the same purposes in mind as did the national society. As one of the many patriotic hereditary societies that formed in response to America's heavy nineteenth-century immigration, membership was limited to men who could prove descent from ancestors who had seen military service in the War of 1812. The focus of the organization was to promote pension legislation, aid impoverished families among its membership, and provide for the education and moral instruction of the children of deceased veterans. Forty-one Ohio members were recruited over the next three years. The society gradually became less active until its charter was revoked in 1911. In 1988, Keith Drew Ashley of Pomeroy, Ohio reactivated the society with an organizational meeting at Columbus with eleven members. For further information on the organization, its members, and their ancestors who served in the War of 1812, see: General Society of the War of 1812: The Roster 1989. The volume is located in the Center's reading room.

Scope and Content
The Society of the U.S. War of 1812 in Ohio collection consists of the documentation of thirty-four individual members' proof of descent from their identified ancestors who served in the War of 1812. The records were generated as a result of the reactivation of the organization in 1988 by Keith Ashley. They include all accepted members' hereditary papers through 1996. Proof of descent from an Ohio War of 1812 soldier is a necessary requirement of membership. Note that several members have more than one file on record.

Ac. 5450
.66 linear ft.

Box 1

Papers of:

Balser, Everett
Cupp, Frederick
Grim, Robert
Harding, Harry
Morehouse, E.
Reid, Robert D.
Broadbent, Peter E.
Bowen, Norman A.
McElroy, Glenn W.
McInturf, Robert G.
Brown, Vincent
Zimmer, Robert
Howell, Ronald J.
Bahl, Daniel
Ralston, Michael
Moore, William A.

Box 2

Papers of:

Martin, Paul
Reed, Ralph Charles
McElroy, Glenn Wallace
Ralston, Michael
McCoy, Robert C.
Hill, Thomas Allen
Pitts, Neal Chase
Thomas, Ruddy Scott
Hutchings, Joseph Ray
Grimes, John Francis
Brown, William Raymond
Ford, Larry Lindell
Dunahay, Lowell Vincent
Jenkins, Dean
Pohl, Clifford Ralph
Olney, Allen Lee
O'Neil, John Thomas
Simler, Francis L.
Harris, Hugh Allen

Ac. 5497
.66 linear ft.

Members' documentation of proof of descent.

Box 3

Morehouse, Phil
Neal, Thomas
Drake, Robert Scott Drake
Fry, Charles George
Baker, Harrison Scott
Hodalski, Jr., Frank
Schubert, Glenn F.
Brinker, John Thomas
Brinker, Brett Thomas
Seiple, Stephen B.
Daniels, Thomas S.
Ashley, Robert Drew
Reining, Michael Andrew
Simpson, Jr., Gustavus S.
Cox, Shawn Alan, Bradley Scott, Gregory David

Box 4

Jones, Myron E.
Trefts, Albert Sharpe
Bauman, Kirby Lee
Johnson, Jr., Ishmael Herman
Bartholomew, Robert E.
Spellman, Wilbur
McGill, Gerald L.
Fazzini, Phillip A.
Smith, Edwin
Moore, Jason Hurd (2)
Gensemer, Richard Lee
Connor, Robert J.
Colburn, Rolland D.
Tilton, Bradley A.
Hadsell, James Earl

Ac. 5635
.66 linear ft.

Box 5

Irick, John Daniel
Cornell, Barry Laird
Morey, Graham Denby
Mann, Timoth Allen
Rice, Steven Douglas
Abbott, Alvin Arthur
Rice, Jonathan Norman
Armentrout, Jerry Allen
Schumaker, William Ellis
Wilson, Richard Eugene
Ward, Timothy Edward
Murphy, Gerald Edward
Vaughn, James Edward

Box 6

Johnson, Eric E.
Blum, James Robert
Marck, Charles W.
Hayes, Wendell Burdette
Reid, Ronald Jay
Moore, James Eugene
Reed, John Arthur
Karr, Jean Phillip
Sandersfeld, Thomas Ralph
Garey, Richard William
Smith, John Hobart