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Lt. Alfred H. Rice, son of Dr. Robert S. Rice and an officer in the
72nd OVI during the Civil War.
Dr. Robert S. Rice


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Related collections include those of John B. Rice, Ada Rice, Henry Rice, Robert H. Rice, Monroe Smith, J. W. Pero, and the Fry Family. An extensive collection of family photographs accompanies the material.

Biographical Sketch
Dr. Robert S. Rice was born in Ohio County, Virginia, one of the seven children of Jacob and Nancy Stewart (Stuart) Rice, on May 28, 1805. He came to Ohio at the age of ten with his parents. The family settled in Chillicothe (Ross County) but moved to Marion County in 1818. In 1827, Robert S. Rice came to Lower Sandusky (later known as Fremont) with his wife, Eliza Caldwell Rice whom he had married in Marion, Ohio on December 24, 1824. Rice began his career in Lower Sandusky as a potter, apparently under Elijah Drury who had begun the trade in the village in 1822. Rice succeeded him and continued in the business for some years. Between 1832 and 1839 Rice was also active in the local militia, rising from captain to brigadier general in the 17th Division of the Ohio Militia. In 1835, he played a role in the Ohio Michigan boundary dispute. Rice later served as a chaplain in the Ohio Militia. He also served as a lay minister, inspector of fish for the village, and a justice of the peace.

Rice engaged in the study of medicine during his leisure hours. About 1847 he launched his practice notwithstanding the lack of any formal medical training. He and two of his sons established successful careers as area physicians. Rice practiced for over twenty-five years until his health failed. On August 5, 1875, Dr. Rice died at the age of seventy. The couple had nine children of which two sons died in infancy. Sarah Jane (1835-1841) and Emma E. (1847-1859) lived relatively short lives. Five sons survived: William A. (1829-1893); John B. (1832-1893) Robert H. (1837-1906); Alfred H. (1840-1913); and Charles F. (1843-1909). William became a dry goods merchant in Fremont. Alfred H. served as a first lieutenant in the 72nd OVI in the Civil War, became a lawyer and acquired considerable real estate in the Fremont area. He later moved to California where he died. Charles F. worked early in his life in his brother William's store, then moved to New York City where he became a wholesale dry goods merchant. He remained in New York for twenty-five years and then returned to Fremont to conduct a real estate and insurance business. John B. and Robert H. followed in their father's footsteps, becoming prominent Fremont physicians. John B. Rice served as the 72nd OVI regimental surgeon during the Civil War. From 1881 to 1883, Rice served as the 10th District’s representative to the U. S. Congress.

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of the personal and financial correspondence, medical records, and militia papers of Dr. Robert S. Rice. Included is the correspondence of Robert H. Rice during his years in medical school (1860-1863), Alfred H. Rice’s Civil War letters to his parents and brothers during the Civil War (1862-1863), as well as business papers and the correspondence of son Charles F., and grandson Charles W.

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Box 1
1. Robert S. Rice - Correspondence, n.d.-1839
2. Robert S. Rice - Correspondence, 1840-1870
3. Robert S. Rice - Miscellaneous Correspondence
4. Robert S. Rice - Family Record
5. Robert S. Rice - Family Bible
6. Robert S. Rice - Medical Licenses and Miscellaneous Printed Material
7. Robert S. Rice - Military Records
8. Robert S. Rice - Miscellaneous Business Records
9. Robert S. Rice - Presbyterian Church
10. Robert S. Rice - Medical
11. Robert S. Rice - Financial Papers, 1850-1889
12. Robert S. Rice - Patients' Bills, A-G
13. Robert S. Rice - Patients' Bills, H-M
14. Robert S. Rice - Patients' Bills, N-Z
15. Emma E. Rice - Correspondence and Papers, n.d.-1859
16. Robert H. Rice - Correspondence Medical School, 1860-1863
17. William A. Rice - Miscellaneous Papers, 1856-1875
18. Alfred H. Rice - Correspondence (includes Civil War) 1857-1862
19. Alfred H. Rice - Correspondence (Civil War) 1863
20. Alfred H. Rice - Miscellaneous Papers (Civil War) - 1862-1892
21. Charles F. Rice - Family Correspondence, 1863-1874
22. Charles F. Rice - Miscellaneous Papers, 1860-1909
23. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Correspondence, 1894-1897
24. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Correspondence, 1899
25. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Correspondence, 1900
26. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Correspondence, 1901
27. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Miscellaneous Material
28. Charles F. and Charles W. Rice - Estate - Mary Rice; James Wilson

Box 2
Miscellaneous Ledgers