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Harry W. Miller


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Harry W. Miller photographs were donated by Dr. Arthur F. Miller in 2011.

Biographical Sketch
Harry W. Miller was born 13 June 1876 in New Galilee, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. His parents lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. At the age of 22, he enrolled in the Pennsylvania National Guard, which was federalized into the service of the United States Army during the Spanish American War. As a private, he was assigned to the Tenth Regiment, Company B of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.  He was officially mustered on 27 April 1898 and was stationed in Tampa, Florida before being shipped to the Philippines. He served for approximately 16 months and fought in the Spanish-American War in 1898 in the Philippines. He was involved in the Advance upon the Capture of Manila, Philippine Islands on 13 August 1898. Additionally, he was engaged in the Philippine Insurrection from 4 February 1899 to 30 June 1899.

According to his discharge records there was no objection to his reenlistment and his service was “honest and faithful.” He was officially discharged from military service on 22 August 1899 at the Presidio in San Francisco, California. He was awarded the Spanish Campaign Medal for his honorable service.

After the war he married, Jessica “Jessie” Mae Watson, in 1904 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. In 1915, he and his wife moved to Ashtabula, Ohio. They were the parents of three sons: Arthur Watson Miller, Leslie Miller, and Donald Miller. Miller worked as a as telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1947, he ran as a candidate for the Ashtabula City Council representing Ward 5.

At an unknown date, he attended a large reunion for Spanish-American War veterans. He was a member of several organizations, including, the Harris Memorial Presbyterian Church in Ashtabula, the Ashtabula VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), the Spanish American War Veterans, Knights of Pythias, and the Bugbee Grange. He died on 15 November 1957 on the way to Ashtabula General Hospital after a lengthy illness.

Scope and Content
This collection consists of six albumen prints of American military personnel, Philippine civilians, and a Philippine soldier. They likely  date from the Spanish American War era. They appear to be part of a commercially produced set created for veterans of the Spanish American War. There are also photocopies of Harry W. Miller’s obituary, military discharge records, an Ashtabula County Recorder’s Office official soldier’s discharge record, and personal correspondence from Marjorie J. Rehark concerning Harry W. Miller.

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Six items


  1. Spanish American War Soldier
  2. Filipino Civilians
  3. Filipino Civilians
  4. Spanish American War Soldiers in camp
  5. Harry Miller
  6. Picnic Scene (Spanish American War Veterans Reunion?)