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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Roger Long


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content


The papers of the late Roger Long were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by his widow Novella King in 2012.

Biographical Sketch

Born in Bellville, Ohio June 21, 1937, Roger Long graduated from The Ohio State University in 1959. During the summers of 1955 and 1958, he worked in New York City. He attended Mexico City College, where he wrote for the English “Mexico City Times.” He married Marilyn Zeldman in 1959. They were the parents of two children: Lisa and Andy.

His father was an agent for Wolverine Insurance Company. Roger also entered the insurance business, founding Long and Durnell Insurance Company. Following his career in insurance, he moved to Port Clinton, Ohio where he pursued his long held interest in the Civil War and the Confederate Officers’ Prison at nearby Johnson’s Island in Lake Erie.  In 1991, he married Novella King.

He was dedicated to the local history of Northwest Ohio and the Erie Islands. Mr. Long wrote for, and for a time, served as an associate editor of “Blue and Gray.” He researched, lectured, and wrote extensively about Sandusky, Ohio native and Civil War financier Jay Cooke of Gibraltar Island and the abolitionist family of John Brown of South Bass Island.  But his particular passion was for the history of the Confederate Officers’ Prison on Johnson’s Island.

His interest led him to repositories in southern states, where he researched the lives of imprisoned officers through their letters, diaries, and memoirs. As an authority on Johnson’s Island, Mr. Long shared his knowledge with descendants, educators, historians, and students by way of numerous articles and essays, lectures, and during island tours. For many years, Mr. Long was the featured speaker at the Johnson’s Island annual Memorial Day service. He routinely provided programs for Elder College classes and Lakeside, Ohio’s summer Chautauqua lecture series. He wrote book reviews, scripts for documentaries, and articles for area historical publications. He enjoyed providing computer instruction at the Ida Rupp Public Library, teaching at Terra State College, and participating in theatrical performances at Port Clinton’s Playmaker’s Civic Theater. Mr. Long passed away at Port Clinton, Ohio November 27, 2011. He is survived by his wife Novella King; daughter Lisa and son Andy Long, and stepson Jacob King. 

Scope and Content

This collection spans the years from 1859 to 1995, however, the bulk dates from 1959 – 1995. The collection is primarily made up of Roger Long’s research papers of the Civil War Confederate Officers Prison on Johnson’s Island in Lake Erie. They include photocopies of published articles, books, diaries, letters, memoirs, documents, and photographs from various institutions. Also included are Mr. Long’s notes, manuscripts, correspondence, and his published articles. Only a small portion of the collection is original. These include several publications, federal documents, a handwritten pass, and several war date letters.

The first nine boxes consist of Long’s research of individual prisoners and may include genealogical and biographical information, memoirs, diaries, military records, published articles, photographs, Long’s correspondence with descendants, historians, historical organizations, and references to sources. Files are arranged alphabetically by prisoners’ surnames.

Also included in this collection are photocopied and published lists of dead (Confederate and Union) as well as burial lists; maps and drawings of Johnson’s Island; photographs of the island; Confederates from various states; and regimental (Union and Confederate) information. 

Box 11 consists largely of newspaper clippings (1862 – 1865) mainly from the “Sandusky Register;” notes to various sections of the Official Records relevant to the prison; historic information on Sandusky, Ohio; and manuscripts and published works on the Johnson’s Island prison. Box 12 contains articles, speeches, drafts and manuscripts for chapters of Roger Long’s intended book on Johnson’s Island. Research correspondence with state archives, universities, libraries, and other researchers can also be found here.

Reports and correspondence regarding preservation; materials on Jay Cooke, who owned Lake Erie’s Gibraltar Island; and John Brown, Jr., who lived on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island during the Civil War can be found in Box 13. Materials on various Civil War battles, prisons, hospitals, units, individual Civil War soldiers and officers; Abraham Lincoln, Long’s published Civil War articles, and his work as magazine editor are part of Box 15. Box 17 contains copies of incomplete runs of “Blue and Gray” and “Gettysburg Magazine,” dating from 1964 to 1995. Long’s personal correspondence, journals, other writings, and some business correspondence are also included in the collection. Microfilm of Civil War manuscript collections from various institutions may be found in Box 20.   

A variety of artifacts, some of which are believed to be “dug” artifacts from the site of the Confederate prison on Johnson’s Island, have been transferred to the Museum. Two boxes of index cards complete the collection. One is presumed to be that of Roger Long and the other appears to have been compiled by an unknown individual. The cards are arranged alphabetically by surname. It is supposed that each name refers to a prisoner. Biographical data and historical sources are listed for each of the individuals. 



Between April 1862 and Sept. 1865, Johnson’s Island served as a military prison, primarily for Confederate officers. About 9,000 prisoners passed through, including 25 generals and several U.S. Senators, state governors, a U.S. Supreme Court justice and 5 slaves.

Prisoners came to Sandusky by rail and then boarded a steamboat for the 3-mile trip across Lake Erie’s Sandusky Bay. All U.S. money was confiscated and put in an account so that prisoners could purchase items from a sutler store inside the 12-foot high fence.

The prison was guarded by the “Hoffman Battalion,” later known as the 128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Several other units also acted as guards at various times. These Federals were housed in barracks similar to those for prisoners. South of the stockade were scores of support buildings, warehouses, barns, etc.

Prisoners had a 16-acre compound, 12 two-story barracks and a hospital. Prisoners were allowed to swim in the bay in the summer. Friends and family kept the captives supplied with clothing and food delicacies.

However, for several months rations were drastically reduced and no packages were allowed. This was in retaliation for reported conditions of Southern prisons housing Union captives—especially Andersonville in Georgia. During this retaliation, prisoners on Johnson’s Island went hungry and were reduced to killing and eating rats and guards’ pets that wandered through the gate.

Prisoners passed the time by writing letters, reading, playing baseball, and carving jewelry, chess sets, violins, etc. Theatricals were organized. There was a debate club, schools for law, dentistry, foreign languages, etc. Still, as one prisoner noted, “Time was long and Dickens was short.”

About a dozen prisoners escaped from Johnson’s Island, several by walking across the ice to Marblehead or Sandusky. Others simply boarded the steamboat for Sandusky. One prisoner stole a Federal officer’s rowboat and rowed to Marblehead.

Although records are often confusing, it appears that more than 250 prisoners died. Of those, 206 are buried in the cemetery – 211 according to other records. Some bodies were shipped home for burial. Still, 17-19 bodies are not accounted for – and are believed to be buried somewhere on the island. Four prisoners were executed, and two were killed by guards, one while trying to escape.

Today [2014] Johnson’s Island is a National Historic Landmark. The cemetery is owned by the federal government.  The Georgia marble tombstones were placed in 1890, with the exception of two that were previously located at the cemetery. A few additional stones have been placed since 1890. The monument, known as “The Lookout,” was erected in 1910 by the Daughters of the Confederacy. The sculptor was Sir Moses Ezekiel, and the statue was cast in Rome. The base was paid for by the Masonic Lodge of Mississippi.

Ac. 5819

30 linear ft.

Box 1

1: Asbury, Ai Edgar. Captain, Missouri State Guard 

2: Basinger, William S. 18th Georgia Battalion

3: Beall, John Yates 2nd Virginia – National Archives Records

4: Bedord, A.M., 3rd Missouri Cavalry

5: Bradford, Moses J., 10th Missouri Infantry

6: Brewer, Stephen W., Co. E, 26th North Carolina

7: Campbell, Thomas M. 1st Bat. Kentucky Mounted Rifles

8: Christian, Colonel William Steptoe. 55th Virginia

9: Collier, Thomas. 18th Arkansas

10: Crawford, Charles G., 5th New Hampshire

11: Cooke, Lieutenant Tom B.

12: Davis, Samuel Boyer

13: Fite, John A., 7th Tennessee

14: Frazer, Charles W., 5th Confederate Infantry

15: Frazer, Charles W., 1861 Letters

16: Frazer, Charles W., 1862 Letters

17: Frazer, Charles W., 1863 Letters

18: Frazer, Charles W., 1864 Letters

19: Frazer, Charles W., 1865 Letters

20: Frazer, Charles W., Postwar Letters, Undated Letters

21: Frazier, S.J.A., 19th Tennessee

22: Griffin, James R., 1st Louisiana Cavalry

23: Guy, John Henry – Diary, 

      Captain Floyd’s Virginia Artillery, Richmond Lawyer, and 2nd Battalion Reserves

24: House, John Moore

25: Houston, Thomas D., 11th Virginia

26: Hundley, Daniel R., 31st Alabama 

27: Hundley, Daniel R. – Diary

28: Hundley, Daniel R., Prison Echoes of the Great Rebellion

29: Kierolf, A.S.

30: Kinsey, Joseph.

31: McKinnon, John L., 1st Florida

32: Maury, James H.

33: Maxwell, George Troup. 1st Florida Cavalry

34: Metts, James. 3rd North Carolina

35: Murray, Thomas J., 39th Mississippi

36: Noble, George Washington., 5th Kentucky Infantry

37: Noble, George Washington., Behold He Cometh in the Clouds

38: Parsons, James Madison.

Box 2

1: Pearson, James Madison. 30th Alabama

2: Polk, Tristen. Military Judge

3: Reece, John H., 1st Georgia

4: Robinson, William J.

5: Saunders, Joseph H., 33rd North Carolina

6: Stakes, Edward T./ Stakes, John E., 40th Virginia

7: Stakes, Edward T. – Diary

8: Steedman, Isaiah George Washington, 1st Alabama

9: Stephens, William Anderson, 46th Alabama

10: Stewart, William M. – Autograph Book

11: Thompson, Meriwether Jeff.

12: Thrasher, Robert Mullins. 18th Arkansas

13: Trimble, Isaac R., Major General Army of Northern Virginia

14: Tritt, William. 64th Virginia

15: Walker, C.H., 3rd Tennessee – Autograph Book

16: Woolard, Leander G., 42nd Mississippi

17: Masonic Prisoners at Johnson’s Island

18: Register of Officers at Johnson’s Island – J. Alison Ross

19: Confederate Prisoners of War, Johnson’s Island, 1862-1864 – Wesley Makely

20: List of Johnson’s Island Confederate Prisoners Dead

21: Hill, Charles W., 128th OVI

22: Pierson, William. 128th OVI

23: Gallagher, Thomas. 6th Veteran Reserves Corps

24: Lynch, James. 6th Veteran Reserves Corps

25: Marshall, James C. 6th Veteran Reserves Corps

26: Military Annals of Mississippi, Military History of Mississippi

27: North Carolina POWs Johnson’s Island - R.M. McIntire, 4th North Carolina Cavalry

28: Federal Documents from Johnson’s Island

29: Federal Letters from Johnson’s Island

30: Scrapbook

31: Cemetery Diagram

32: Reinterment of Bodies from Johnson’s Island

33: Johnson’s Island Newspaper Clippings – Postwar

34: Notes from Sandusky Register

35: “Confederates Abroad”

36: “Johnson’s Island in War Days” by S. N. Cook. Ohio Magazine, 1906

37: Huron County, Ohio Deed – Bull’s Island

38: Coffin Family – Letters and Documents

39: Camp Chase

40: Miscellaneous Legal Sized


Box 3

1: Adams, Alfred R., 8th Georgia

2: Adams, William C., 3rd Maryland

3: Allen, John 7th Tennessee

4: Allen, Littleberry Woodson., 24th Virginia Cavalry 

5: Anderson, James 35th Virginia Cavalry 

6: Archer, James Jay. 5th Texas 

7: Asbury, Ai E., 6th Maryland Cavalry 

8: Avery, William T. 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi

9: Atwood, Evans 15th Arkansas

10: Aylett, William R., 53rd Virginia

11: Baker, Alpheus. 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi

12: Baker, Henry 3rd Confederate Cavalry 

13: Barber, Flavel C., 3rd Tennessee

14: Barbiere, Joe. Scraps from the Prison Table

      Captain 1st Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi

15: Barrow, George Washington. Tennessee Confederate Senator, 11th Tennessee

16: Bariza, Decimus et Ultimus. The Adventures of a Prisoner of War 1863-1864

      1st Lieutenant, 4th Texas, Hood’s Brigade

17: Basom, J.A., 128th Ohio, York, Nebraska

18: Battle, Frank

19: Battles, Herman A.

20: Beall, John Yates. 2nd Virginia

21: Beall, John Yates

22: Beall, John Yates. Memoir

23: Beard, Richard. 18th Tennessee

24: Beall, William Nelson Rector. Arkansas Brigadier General

25: Bell, Alfred E., 9th Tennessee Cavalry 

26: Bell, James T., 21st Alabama

27: Benjamin, Judah P.

28: Bennett, Dick.

29: Bingham, Robert. 44th North Carolina

30: Blackburn, Theodore W., Letters from the Front 128th OVI

31: Blacknall, Charles C., 23rd North Carolina

32: Blackwelder, Moses. 1st Florida Cavalry 

33: Blake, Charles Henry. 1st Kentucky Lt. Cavalry 

34: Blue, John. 11th Virginia

      Blue, Monroe. 18th Virgina Cavalry 

35: Bouchelle, James N., 13th South Carolina

36: Bowen, Dana Thomas. Memoirs of the Great Lakes, Lore of the Lakes

37: Boyle, Virginia Frazer. Confederate Poet, father in war

38: Bradford, Henry. 1st Florida Cavalry 

39: Bradford, George W., 4th Missouri Cavalry 

40: Brailsford, William. 5th Georgia Cavalry 

41: Breckinridge, Robert Thomas, Jr., 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry

42: Brewer, Stephen O., 26th North Carolina

43: Brevard, Theodore Washington. 11th Florida

44: Brewer, Stephen W., 26th North Carolina

45: Brown, Thomas W. Jr., 18th North Carolina

46: Bryan, Harlen W.

47: Buckingham, Franklin L.

48: Bullitt, Henry Massie

49: Burgress, Charles W., 5th Tennessee

50: Burley, Bennett. War Correspondent 

51: Burtchaell, W. D., 5th Florida

52: Burroughs, Benjamin Maxwell., 2nd Florida Cavalry 

53: Cabell, William Lewis

54: Caldwell, James P. 1

55: Caldwell, James P. 2

56: Caldwell, James P. 3

Box 4

1: Caldwell, James P. 4

2: Caldwell, James P. Watson Louisiana Battery

3: Caldwell, James P.

4: Callis, J. B.

5: Campbell, Alexander William. 33rd Tennessee

6: Campbell, Andrew Jackson, 48th Tennessee

7: Campbell, Thomas M., 1st Bat. Kentucky Mounted Rifles

8: Carpenter, Horace. “Plain Living at Johnson’s Island” Century Magazine April 1891

    41st OVI

9: Carrington, Henry A., 18th Virginia

10: Chamberlayne, John H. “Ham”

11: Chapman, R. D., 55th Georgia

12: Chatfield, William M., 20th Mississippi

13: Chisholm, William R., 4th Alabama Cavalry 

14: Clark, James B., 9th Louisiana

15: Clark, Oliver. 55th Georgia

16: Clay, Ezekiel Field. 3rd Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles

17: Clemson, John Calhoun. First Lieutenant

18: Clewell, Frank C., 1st Missouri 

19: Cluke, LeRoy S., 8th Kentucky Cavalry 

20: Cobb, Mames E., 5th Texas

21: Cockerham, David D., 5th Kentucky

22: Cole, Charles H., 5th Confederate Infantry

23: Collier, Thomas H., 18th Arkansas

24: Conner, Farrar B.

25: Cooke, S. G.

26: Coos, John M., 30th Louisiana

27: Coulter, David. 12th Arkansas

28: Coulter, John. 5th Confederate Infantry

29: Corbin, William Francis. 4th Kentucky Cavalry 

30: Couper, Robert H., Fraser’s Georgia Battery

31: Cox, Alfred E.

32: Cox, Jacob. Military Reminiscences of the Civil War.

33: Cox, William B., 9th Missouri

34: Craft, John H., 10th Kentucky

35: Crocker, James F., 9th Virginia

36: Cross, J. F., 5th North Carolina

37: Crouch, Robert C.

38: Cumming, Julien

39: Cussons, John. 4th Alabama

40: Dabney, Frederic Y. 1st Maryland Artillery

41: Daswell, Richard M.

42: Davis, Joseph J., 47th North Carolina

43: Davis, L.B., 6th North Carolina

44: Davis, Samuel Boyer, spy

45: Davis, Thomas H., 1st Virginia (escapee)

46: Davis, William J., Morgan’s Cavalry 

47: Davis, W.W., 35th Mississippi

48: Delaunay, James R., 38th Tennessee

49: DeMoss, William E., 10th Tennessee Cavalry 

50: Dixon, Edward D., 55th North Carolina

51: Donges, George.

52: Dooley, John., 1st Virginia

53: Douglas, Henry Kyd., 2nd Virginia

54: Duckworth, J. T., 46th Mississippi

55: Duke, Basil., 2nd Kentucky Cavalry 

56: Duke, Richard T.W., Virginia Reserves

57: Dunaway, Wayland F., 40th Virginia

58: Dunlop, W.S., Lee’s Sharpshooters 2nd South Carolina

59: Eidson, Swimpfield. 16th Tennessee Cavalry 

60: Efland, Madison Lindsay., 53rd North Carolina

61: Ellis, E. John. 16th Louisiana

62: Ellis, E. John. 16th Louisiana (Diary)

63: Elliott, Bailor Samples. 33rd Georgia   

Box 5

1: Emerson, John S.

2: English, George M., 31st Alabama

3: Erwin, Robert

4: Evans, John C., 23rd South Carolina

5: Ezekiel, Moses J. Virginia Mourning Her Dead Statue. Battalion of Boy Soldiers

6: Farabee, J. R.

7: Farinholt, Benjamin Lines. 53rd Virginia

8: Fellows, John R.

9: Ferguson, Richard. 18th Virginia

10: Fite, John A., 7th Tennessee

11: Fite, John A., 7th Tennessee

12: Fite, John A., 7th Tennessee. Memoirs and Galley

13: Floyd, John A.

14: Fontaine, Lamar. 10th Mississippi

15: Forshey, William T., 3rd Missouri

16: Foster, Nathaniel A., 52nd North Carolina

17: Foster, Thomas Hunton. 6th Virginia Cavalry 

18: Frazer, Charles W. Company B 5th Confederate Infantry

19: Frazer, Charles W. Autograph Book

20: Frazer, John Wesley. 8th and 28th Alabama

21: Frierson, William. 27th Tennessee

22: Frith, C. H.

23: Fry, Birkett D., 13th Alabama

24: Gash, Thomas L., 7th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry 

25: Gellette, Otto Richard. 2nd Mississippi  

26: George, Alex N.

27: George, James Z., 20th Mississippi & 5th Mississippi Cavalry 

28: Ghormley, Dr. Samuel. 3rd Tennessee

29: Gibson, Elijah. 11th Arkansas

30: Gilbert, Love E., 28th Alabama

31: Girardeau, John L., Chaplain, 23rd South Carolina

32: Glover, William H.

33: Goble, Hugh.

      (no record of regiment, described as victim of war w/ being uninvolved in the fight)

34: Godwin, Archibald Campbell., 57th North Carolina

35: Goff, John B., 2nd Virginia Sharpshooters

36: Gordon, George Washington. 48th Tennessee

37: Gordon, R. H.

38: Gorrell, Robert D. 57th N. C. T.

39: Gowen, William B., 30th Alabama

40: Graham, Malcolm Duncan., Confederate Congressman

41: Graham, W.L., 43rd Georgia

42: Graves, John Azariah., 47th North Carolina

43: Green, Wharton J., 2nd North Carolina Battalion

44: Grey, A.H., 57th North Carolina

45: Greene, Talbot. Confederates Abroad; or Leisure Hours on Johnson’s Island

      26th Tennessee

46: Grogan, Charles Edward. 1st Maryland (Served on General Trimble’s Staff)

47: Gusman, Antoine L., 8th Louisiana

48: Guy, John Henry.

      Captain Floyd’s Virginia Artillery, Richmond Lawyer, and 2nd Battalion Reserves

49: Hall, John W., 2nd Florida

50: Hall, Lucien., 9th Virginia Cavalry 

51: Hamilton, Simeon E., 2nd Choctaw Cavalry

52: Hardman, William H., 55th Georgia

53: Harman, Asher W., 12th Virginia Cavalry

54: Harris, Thomas B., 4th Louisiana

55: Harrison, Richard Franklin., 4th Kentucky Cavalry

56: Hartz, Asa. (Alias of George McKnight)

57: Hathaway, Leeland., 14th Kentucky Cavalry

58: Hay, Philip T., 26th Mississippi

59: Hayden, Samuel A., 16th Louisiana

60: Hays, S. E.

61: Haygood, William B., 44th Georgia

62: Hayman, Simon Reeder. 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery

63: Hazard, John B.

64: Heidt, David C., 57th Alabama

65: Henagan, John Williford., Kershaw’s Brigade

66: Henderson, Benjamin Franklin Lafayette., 46th Alabama

67: Henderson, Charles C., 40th Tennessee

68: Herndon, Thomas., 14th Tennessee

69: Hewitt, Richard M., Miles Legion

Box 6

1: Hickman, W. D., 10th Arkansas

2: Hicks, Augustus Doane., 20th North Carolina

3: Hicks, Irl. The Prisoner’s Farewell to Johnson’s Island 1872

4: Hines, John H., 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

5: Hines, Thomas. “The Northwest Conspiracy” Southern Bivouac

6: Hopkins, L. D., 10th Kentucky

7: Hoffman, William.

8: Hogane, J.T., Map of Johnson’s Island, 1862

9: Holloman, James W., 8th Kentucky

10: Holmes, Edward A., 21st Virginia Cavalry

11: Holt, James C., 19th Tennessee

12: Hooker, Thomas B., 23rd Arkansas

13: House, John W.

14: Howard, McHenry.

15: Hundley, Daniel R., 31st Alabama

16: Hunter, Frederick Campbell Stewart. 30th Virginia

17: Hunter, Samuel Eugene. 4th Louisiana

18: Huntington, D.K., 130th Ohio

19: Hutchinson, Joseph. 37th Georgia

20: Hutson, Charles Jones Colcock. 11th South Carolina

21: Hutter, James Risque. 11th Virginia

22: Imboden, Frank

23: Inzer, John Washington. 58th/ 32nd Alabama

24: Jackson, Henry Rootes. Major General Georgia State Troops

25: Jackson, James. 11th Georgia

26: Jackson, Pattie. Letters to

27: James, William Elias. 8th South Carolina

28: Jenkins, D.C., 4th Louisiana

29: Jeter, Thomas C., 22nd Virginia Battalion

30: Johnson, Edward “Allegheny”. 12th Georgia Infantry

31: Johnson, Leonard B. Owner of Johnson’s Island

32: Johnson, Robert T., 29th Georgia

33: Johnson, Samuel. 21st Virginia

34: Johnson, W. Gart.

35: Johnston, George Burgwin. 28th North Carolina

36: Johnston, Thomas H., 1st Mississippi

37: Jones, Buehring H., 60th Virginia

38: Jones, Hamilton C., 57th North Carolina

39: Jones, Hamilton. 57th North Carolina

40: Jones, John Robert. 33rd Virginia Stonewall Brigade

41: Jones, Thomas B., 8th Kentucky

42: Jordan, Henry T., 55th North Carolina

43: Joyes, John Jr., Byrnes Artillery

44: Justus, George F., 62nd North Carolina

45: Kenan, Thomas Stephen. 43rd North Carolina

46: Kendall, John Irwin. 4th Louisiana

47: Kennedy, Robert C. 1st Louisiana

48: Kern, Joseph Mason. 13th Virginia and 11th Virginia Cavalry

49: Keyes, Frank W., 20th Mississippi

50: Killen, William E., 45th Georgia

51: Kinsey, Joseph E., 61st North Carolina

52: Klink, Charles A., 17th Georgia

53: Knowles, Cader C., 1st Alabama

54: Lack, Benjamin F., 4th Arkansas

55: Lane, James. 55th Georgia

56: Lane, John A., 15th Georgia

57: Lansford, Marcus. 5th Tennessee Cavalry

58: Lapsley, James Wood. 51st Alabama Cavalry

59: Larkin, J.R., 38th Alabama

60: Lash, J.A. Letters to Wife

61: Lavender, John W., 4th Arkansas

62: Lawrence, Robert Josiah. 14th Mississippi

63: Laych, Calvin. 2nd Arkansas Cavalry

64: Leavell, Richard M., 2nd Mississippi

65: Lee, Jeremiah A.

66: Lee, Philip Lightfoot. Orphan Brigade

67: Leech, David. Listed as Citizen

68: Leech, Elbert C., 26th Alabama

69: Lewis, John H., 9th Virginia 

70: Lewis, Levin M., 7th Missouri

71: Lloyd, W.D.C. Jackson’s Staff

72: Locke, W.B., 1st Alabama

73: Logan, John Leroy. 11th Arkansas

74: Lurton, Horace H., 34d Kentucky Cavalry

75: Lusk, Virgil S., 5th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry

76: Lyon, Hylan Benton. 8th Kentucky (no record being at JI but maybe in passing)

77: Lyons, T. Barton.

Box 7

1: McBride, John K., 9th Alabama

2: McCann, J.R.

3: McClanahan, John. 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles

4: McCune, Rev. Robert. Chaplain at Johnson’s Island

5: McClung, Richard Lauren. 15th Arkansas

6: McDaniel, Henry. With Unabated Trust. 11th Georgia.

7: McDonald, George W., 17th Tennessee

8: McDonald, Hugh A., 38th North Carolina

9: McGlashan, Peter. 50th Georgia

10: McGloflin, Harry B.

11: McKinley, J.J.

12: McKnight, George. (Alias “Asa Hartz”)

13: McLean, William L., 12th Arkansas

14: McMurray, James. 23rd Arkansas

15: McWhorter, Samuel. 23rd Mississippi

16: Madding, James A., 35th Alabama

17: Makely, Wesley. 18th Virginia

18: Makely, Kate. – Letters

19: Makely, Wesley – Letters

20: Marmaduke, John S. 40th Tennessee

21: Martin, Dr. Amizi

22: Mathery, William G., 21st Arkansas

23: Mauney, Lawson. 49th North Carolina

24: Maury/Mauzy/Murray, General. (Militia officer but no record of confederate army)

25: Mayo, James M., 4th North Carolina Cavalry

26: Mayo, James M., Recollections, Reminiscences, and Dreams

27: Meers, Andrew Jackson. 21st Arkansas

28: Meriwether, S.O. 23rd Alabama

29: Methvin, W.R.

30: Miller, George McDuffie. 1st South Carolina

31: Miller, James Monroe. (Opera included by great great granddaughter)

32: Miller, John H. Missouri

33: Miller, John J., Missouri State Guards

34: Miller, John K., 49th O.V.M.

35: Mills, Luther R., 26th Virginia

36: Mitchell, Joshua M., 42nd Georgia

37: Mitchell, Thomas. Phillips’ Legion, Georgia

38: Moncure, W.P.

39: Montfort, Theodorick W. Rebel Lawyer  25th Georgia

40: Moor, Captain N.W., 62nd North Carolina

41: Moore, Edward. 128th O.V.I.

42: Moore, John. 40th Alabama

43: Morgan, Thomas Gibbs. 7th Louisiana

44: Morris, Thomas C., 14th Virginia

45: Morton, John W. Jr., Forrest’s Artillery Chief

46: Moss, Thomas. 46th Virginia Mounted Rifles

47: Mumford, John P., 1st Louisiana Cavalry

48: Murchison, Kenneth Mckenzie. 54th North Carolina

49: Murphey, Virgil S., 17th Alabama

50: Murphy, J.B., 3rd Tennessee

51: Neese, George M. Three Years in the Confederate Horse Artillery  

52: Neill, Lambert C., 62nd North Carolina

53: Nelson, George W. Hanover Artillery

54: Nesbit, William Henry. 34th Georgia

55: Newman, James W., Kain’s Company Tennessee Light Artillery

56: Nichols, William M., 10th Kentucky Cavalry

57: Nicholson, A.O.P.

Box 8

1: Nisbet, James Cooper. Four Years on the Firing Line. 21st and 66th Georgia

2: Nixon, J.O., 1st Louisiana Cavalry

3: Nooner, James Jasper R., 11th Arkansas

4: Norman, James T., 23rd Alabama

5: Norman, William A., 2nd North Carolina

6: Norwood, J.W., 3rd Alabama Cavalry

7: O’Conner, Thomas. 1st Georgia

8: Ogden, William F.

9: Olivier, Pierce D., 8th Louisiana

10: Olmstead, Charles H.

11: Norton, William Pulaski, 62nd North Carolina

12: Palmer, V.J., 56th North Carolina

13: Parker, John. 20th Arkansas

14: Patterson, Edmund DeWitt. 9th Alabama

15: Patton, John A., 1st Missouri Cavalry

16: Patton, Oliver A.

17: Paul, George W., 15th Arkansas (re: Robert Kennedy)

18: Payne, William H.F., 4th Virginia, 2nd North Carolina, 5th, 6th, 8th, 15th, Virginia    Cavalries, and 36th Virginia Battalion

19: Peel, William. 11th Mississippi

20: Peel, William. 11th Mississippi – Diary

21: Peery, James S., 45th Virginia

22: Peery, William E., 16th Virginia Cavalry

23: Perkins, Archie. 14th Virginia

24: Phillips, Charles. 52nd Georgia

25: Phillips, Hopestill R., 10th Virginia Cavalry

26: Pierce, Charles. 7th Louisiana

27: Pigman, William P., 8th Florida

28: Pattenburg, J. Selby, 5th Missouri Cavalry

29: Poe, James T., 11th Arkansas

30: Polk, Trusten.

31: Porter, John M.

32: Powell, Robert M., 5th Texas

33: Printup, Daniel S., 55th Georgia

34: Provine, Robert N., 29th Mississippi

35: Pruett, R.B., 31st Alabama

36: Quarles, William A., 42nd Tennessee

37: Raines, Tobias. 46th Virginia

38: Ready, Moses C., 1st Kentucky Cavalry

39: Reece, John H.

40: Reid, George E., 23rd Alabama

41: Rhodes, C.E.

42: Richardson, Henry B.

43: Richardson, J.J., “Johnny Reb” on Johnson’s Island. 25th Alabama

44: Rives, W. Marshall

45: Robbins, John S., 20th North Carolina

46: Roberts, Abishai W., 4th Louisiana

47: Robertson, William G., 18th Alabama

48: Robinson, William J., 10th Tennessee (Diary)

49: Rowan, William. 3rd Kentucky Battalion

50: Rucker, Edmund W.

51: Rumff, David I., 15th South Carolina Militia

52: Russell, Benjamin E., 8th Florida

53: Sale, James Irving. 53rd Virginia

54: Sanders, James W., 2nd Mississippi

55: Saunders, J. Dillard, 12th Arkansas

56: Saunders, Joseph H., 33rd North Carolina

57: Scott, Daniel L., 3rd Missouri Cavalry

58: Scruggs, J.E.

59: Semple, S., 6th VRC

60: Shepherd, Henry E., Narrative of Prison Life. Listed as 43rd and 44th North Carolina

61: Shorter, John U./M./N., 31st Alabama

62: Sidesboton, A.W.

63: Simms, Pat.

64: Slaton, William F., 37th Alabama

65: Smead, Abner

66: Smith, D. Howard. 5th Kentucky Cavalry

67: Slaydon, John T., 57th Virginia

68: Smith, Eugene H., 3rd Georgia Cavalry

69: Smith, Fred C., 24th Georgia

70: Smith, Thomas Benton. 20th Tennessee

71: Snead, Claiborne. 3rd Georgia

72: Southall, Randall M., 10th Tennessee

73: Sparkman, James M. Maury Light Artillery Company

74: Spratley, James Walter.

75: Spaulding, W.P., 88th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

76: Spears, Ed F., 2nd Kentucky

77: Speer, William Henry Asbury. 28th North Carolina

78: Stafford, Alexander.

79: Stakes, Edward. 40th Virginia.

80: Stephens, John A. 1st Georgia Regulars

81: Stevenson, James.

82: Stewart, John. 89th Virginia

83: Stewart, William W. – Autograph Book

Box 9

1: Stiles, Robert. Richmond Howitzers (Artillery)

2: Stiles, William.

3: Stockdale, John L. – Diary

4: Stockton, Will. 1st Florida Cavalry

5: Stockton, Will. 1st Florida Cavalry The Correspondence of Will & Ju Stockton 

6: Stone, John Marshall. 2nd Mississippi

7: Suttle, D.D., 30th North Carolina

8: Swift, W.N.

9: Sykes, Thomas B., 20th Mississippi

10: Taylor, John. 7th South Carolina Cavalry

11: Taylor, Silas F., 79th Virginia

12: Taylor, Thomas. 49th Alabama

13: Teague, H.P.

14: Tharp, Robert Jackson Allen. 56th Georgia.

15: Thompson, James H., 5th Kentucky Cavalry

16: Thompson, Meriwether Jeff. Irregular Missouri Troops.

17:  Thompson, Meriwether Jeff. – Lists, Poems, etc.

18: Thrasher, Robert Mullins. 18th Arkansas

19: Tindall, W.H. 15th Tennessee Cavalry

20: Todd, Westwood A.

21: Trimble, Isaac R.

22: Tucke, E.P., 19th North Carolina

23: Tuggle, Charles M., 35th Georgia

24: Turner, James C., 6th North Carolina

25: VanHoose, George W., 17th Arkansas Cavalry

26: Vanleer, Rush.

27: VanZandt, Kleben M., 7th Texas

28: Varner, A.W., 27th Virginia

29: Veazey, Noah W. 10th Kentucky Cavalry

30: Walker, Atwood C., 26th Virginia

      Lowry, Henry C., 34th Virginia

      Walker, Melville. 34th Virginia

31: Walker, J.S., 12th Arkansas

32: Walker, Richmond. 39th Mississippi.

33: Wallace, Thomas. 6th Kentucky Cavalry

34: Walthall, Felix L., 30th Georgia

35a: Wash, W.A., 60th Tennessee

35b: Wash, W.A. – Camp, Field and Prison Life

36: Webb, Robert Fulton. 6th North Carolina

37: Weeden, John D., 49th Alabama

38: Whidden, John W., 7th Florida

39: Whiteside, Samuel A., 48th Tennessee

40: Whiting, G.M., 47th North Carolina

41: Wilkerson, William.

42: Williams, Levi B., 63rd North Carolina

43: Williamson, J. Logan. 3rd Kentucky Cavalry

44: Wilford, George H., 8th Kentucky

45: Winston, John R. 45th North Carolina. An Escape from Prison on Johnson’s Island

46: Wood, E.B. 29th Alabama

47: Wood, William N., 19th Virginia

48: Woodson, William D., 28th Virginia

49: Wright, Harry C.

50: Wright, William A. 3rd Georgia

51: Xenophon (Only a few clues to real identity)

No 52 Folder – Misnumbered?

53: Young, William H., 9th Texas

54: Unidentified (letter signed “Yours Truly, EDO to STV”)

55: Civilian Prisoners

56: Burial Lists

57: List of Johnson’s Island Confederate Prison Dead

58: List of Johnson’s Island Dead & Burials

Box 10

1: List of Confederate Dead

2: Missing folder or skipped number?

3: Block 8 Roster

4: Immortal 600: Possibly at Johnson’s Island

5: Krick, Robert K. Lee’s Colonels

6: Pierson’s Ledgers

7: Autograph Album for Jennie Eakin

8: Colorado Autograph Book

9: Autograph Book List

10: Misc. Lists

11: Johnson’s Island – Coffin Family Letters

12: West, William T. – Builder of Buildings on Johnson’s Island

13: Johnson’s Island – Federal Documents

14: Johnson’s Island  - Cemetery and Burials

15: Johnson’s Island  - Baseball

16: Johnson’s Island – Artifacts

17: Johnson’s Island – Song & Poems

18: Johnson’s Island – Prisoners Envelopes

19: Johnson’s Island – Guard Letter Oct. 22, 1864

20: Johnson’s Island – Confederate Military History

21: Johnson’s Island – Confederate Veteran 1893-1900

22: Johnson’s Island – Confederate Veteran & Southern Historical Society Papers

23: Johnson’s Island – Ohio Historical Society

24: Johnson’s Island – Delta Psi Fraternity

25: Johnson’s Island – Roger Long’s Research

26: Johnson’s Island – Roger Long’s Notes

27: Johnson’s Island – Bibliography

28: Johnson’s Island – Miscellaneous

29: Confederates – First Alabama Infantry

30: Confederates – Arkansas Soldiers

31: Confederates – Floridians Buried at Johnson’s Island

32: Confederates – Georgia Soldiers

33: Confederates – Kentucky Soldiers

34: Confederates – Louisiana Officers at Johnson’s Island

35: Confederates – North Carolina Soldiers

36: Confederates – Tennessee Soldiers

37: Confederates – Thompson, Jacob

38: Confederates – Wilkinson, John, Narrative of a Blockade Runner

39: Confederates – Yeary, Mamie, Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray

40: Confederates – Ancestor Album, SCV

41: Confederates – Various Southern Soldiers

42: Confederates – Various Southern Soldiers

43: Federals – McMillen, William L. – 1st Ohio

44: Federals – 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

45: Federals – Sherburne, Charles – 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

46: Federals – Acker, John – 24th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Court Martial

47: Federals – 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Memorial

48: Federals – 128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Commanders

49: Federals – Gould, Edward – 128th O.V.I.

50: Federals – Parsons, Henry B. – 128th O.V.I.

51: Federals – Scovill, Edward A. – 128th O.V.I.

52: Federals – Sweeney, James – 128th O.V.I.

53: Federals – Porterfield, William H. – 171st O.V.I.

54: Federals – Watson, Hugh – 171st O.V.I.

55: Federals – Tod, David – Governor of Ohio

56: Federals – Hunter, F.C.S.

57: Federals – Pierson, William

58: Federals – Rees, Henry – 28th PA

59: Federals – Scott, Oliver H.P. – 3rd IA Cav.

60: Federals – Shaler, Alexander

61: Federals – Stout, Reuben – 60th IN Execution

62: Federals – Woodbridge, Dr. Timothy

63: Federals Buried on Johnson’s Island

64: Federal Guards at Johnson’s Island

65: Federal Correspondence from Johnson’s Island

66: Federal Letters in German

67: Federals – Various Federal Soldiers

68: Drawings of Federal Buildings by Quartermaster Dept. Feb. 1865

69: Johnson’s Island – Images, Photos, Maps

70: Plot to Free Prisoners of Johnson’s Island 

71: Ships: Michigan, Philo Parsons, Island Queen

Box 11

1: Case of Bennett Burley

2: Kelleys Island in the Civil War

3: Civilians arrested in Plot to Free Prisoners on Johnson’s Island

4: Greene, Mary Stephens – Tale of Plot Overhead

5: Headley, John W., Confederate Operations in Canada and New York

6: Ryall, Lydia J. – “John Yates Beall – His Piratical Exploit on Lake Erie”

7: Stevenson, Frederick Boyd – “The Johnson’s Island Conspiracy” Frank Leslie’s Sept. 1898

8: Thorndale, Theresa – Sketches and Stories of the Lake Erie Islands

9: Official Records – Naval Series I, Vol. 2

10: Official Records – Naval Series I, Vol. 3

11: Official Records – Series I, 43, Part 2 (Depositions re Piracy Plot)

12: Official Records – Series II Vol. 1

13: Official Records – Series II Vol. 3

14: Official Records – Series II Vol. 4

15: Official Records – Series II Vol. 5

16: Official Records – Series II Vol. 6

17: Official Records – Series II Vol. 7

18: Official Records – Series II Vol. 8

19: Official Records – Series III Vol. 3

20: Official Records – Series III Vol. 4 & 5

21: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Miscellaneous

22: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register 1862

23: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Various Dates

24: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Jan. 1-June 30, 1863

25: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Spring, 1863

26: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – July 1-Oct. 31, 1863

27: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Nov. 1-Dec. 31, 1863

28: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Jan. 1-Feb. 28, 1864

29: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – March 1-August 31, 1864

30: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 1864

31: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Jan. 1-April 30, 1865

32: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – May 1-Dec. 31, 1865

33: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – 1866-1867

34: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Cincinnati Newspapers

35:  Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register Misc. Accounts Post War

36: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – 1911 Series

37: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Sandusky Register – Cemetery Articles

38: Newspaper Clippings re Johnson’s Island Monument

38b: Peeke, H.L. The Centennial History of Erie County, Ohio

39: Sandusky, Ohio

40: Sandusky, Ohio Masonic Lodge

41: Sandusky, Ohio Follett House

42: Sandusky, Ohio West House Hotel

43: Sandusky, Ohio Porterhouse Hotel

44: Sandusky, Ohio Old Stone House Clemens Family

45: Sandusky, Ohio Horace Johnson Letters 1848-1862

46: Marie M. Stowell Letters 1864

47: Kent State University Environmental Resources Field Workshop

48: Miscellaneous Research re Johnson’s Island

49: Miscellaneous Lake Erie Islands, Sandusky Bay

50: Arnold, Alice – “Landmarks”

51: Buck, Martina – “A Louisiana Prisoner-of-War on Johnson’s Island, 1863-65”

52: Downer, Edward T. – “Johnson’s Island”

53: Phillips, George M. – “Johnson’s Island and the Lake Erie Raid of 1864”

54: Koch, Felix – “The Lone Sentinel”

55: Phillips, Gil – “Johnson’s Island”

56: Ryall, Lydia – “Johnson’s Island: Its Thrilling Reminiscences and Historical Burial Grounds”

57: Shriver, Phillip & Donald Breen – “Ohio Military Prisons in the Civil War”

58: Stickney, F. Henry – “They Were Masons”

59: Wilkinson, Raymond – “Depot Prisoners of War Johnson’s Island, Ohio”

60: Miscellaneous Articles re Johnson’s Island

61: Articles re Johnson’s Island – Errata Copy

62: Breen, Donald – Master’s Thesis re Johnson’s Island

63: Johnson’s Island – TV Script

Box 12

1: Roger Long’s Book re Johnson’s Island – Notes

2: Roger Long’s Book re Johnson’s Island – Draft Chapterss 1-4

3: Roger Long’s Book re Johnson’s Island – Manuscript Chapters 1-4

4: Roger Long’s Book re Johnson’s Island – Manuscript Chapters 5-9

5: Roger Long’s Book re Johnson’s Island – Manuscript Chapters 10-11

6: Roger Long’s Articles and Speeches re Johnson’s Island

7: Roger Long’s Articles and Speeches re Johnson’s Island

8: Elder College at Terra Community College

9: Columns

10: Alabama Archives

11: Arkansas History Commission

12: Atlanta Historical Society

13: Blue and Gray Magazine

14: Bowling Green State University

15: Broadfoot Publishing Co.

16: Carlisle Barracks

17: Caswell County, NC Historical Association

18: Bill Christen

19: Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans

20: Duke University

21: Emory University

22: Filson Club

23: Follett House

24: Jill Garrett

25: Georgia Historical Society

26: University of Georgia

27: Hayes Presidential Center

28: Kent State University

29: Kentucky Historical Society

30: Library of Congress

31: Louisiana State University

32: Carolyn Lowry

33: William Marvel

34: Maryland Historical Society

35: Memphis State University

36: Mississippi Dept. of Archives – History

37: Morningside Bookshop

38: National Archives

39: University of North Carolina

40: South Carolina Archives

41: South Carolina Historical Society

42: University of South Carolina

43: Southern Historical Collection Chapel Hill

44: Tennessee State Library – Archives

45: University of Tennessee

46: Texas State Library

47: Virginia Historical Society

48: Wake Forrest University

49: West Virginia Division of Culture and History

50: Western Reserve Historical Society

51: July 1992 Mailing Seeking Information re Johnson’s Island

52: Masonic Letters

53: Clement A. Evans Book

54: Correspondence with Publishers

55: Correspondence – Undated

56: Correspondence – 1987

57: Correspondence – 1988

58: Correspondence – 1989

59: Correspondence – 1990

60: Correspondence – 1991

61: Correspondence – 1992-1993

62: Correspondence – 1994-2001

63: Johnson’s Island Preservation Correspondence 1989

64: Johnson’s Island Preservation Correspondence 1990

65: Johnson’s Island Preservation Correspondence 1991-1992

66: Johnson’s Island Preservation Miscellaneous

67: Johnson’s Island Preservation Miscellaneous

68: Johnson’s Island Preservation Government Reports, Applications, Correspondence nd., 1988-1989

Box 13

1: Johnson’s Island Preservation Government Reports, Applications, Correspondence Jan.-April 1990

2: Johnson’s Island Preservation Government Reports, Applications, Correspondence May-Dec. 1990

3: Johnson’s Island Preservation Government Reports, Applications, Correspondence 1991

4: Johnson’s Island Preservation Government Reports, Applications, Correspondence 1992

5: Johnson’s Island Preservation Newspaper Clippings

6: Jay Cooke

7: Jay Cooke Ancestry

8: Jay Cooke Memoirs

9: The Journal of Jay Cooke or The Gibraltar Records 1865-1905

10: Jay Cooke Mansion on Gibraltar Island

11: Jay Cooke – McMeens Family

12: Jay Cooke – Anna McMeens Autograph Book

13: Jay Cooke Newspaper Clippings

14: William Pitt Fessenden

15: Jay Cooke – Harding Family

16: Correspondence re Jay Cooke

17: Benajah Wolcott

18: Put-In-Bay, Perry’s Monument

19: John Brown – Family, Harper’s Ferry Raid, etc.

20: John Brown, Jr.

21: John Brown, Jr. – Letters, etc.

22: John Brown, Jr. – Letters, etc.

23: John Brown, Jr. – Research Notes

24: John Brown, Jr. – Newspaper Clippings, Notes

Box 14

1: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1856

2: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1856-1885

3: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1858

4: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1861

5: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1872

6: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1875

7: John Brown, Jr. – Account Book 1875-1880

8: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1879

9: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1880

10: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1883

11: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1884

12: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1885

13: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1886

14: John Brown, Jr. – Farm Diary and Memoranda 1885-1886

15: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1887

16: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1894

17: John Brown, Jr. – Diary 1895

18: John Brown, Jr., Wealthy Brown – Pension Applications

19: Watson Brown

20: Owen Brown

21: Put-In-Bay Cemetery

22: Correspondence re Brown Family

23: Brown Family – Miscellaneous

24: War of 1812 – Usher Parson’s Diary

25: War of 1812 Blockhouses

26: Civil War – Gettysburg

27: Civil War – Immortal 600 Confederate Veteran, Jan.-Feb. 1986

28: Civil War – Morgan’s Raid

29: Civil War – Capture of U.S.S. Maple Leaf

30: Civil War – Missouri Miscellany

31: Civil War – Sabine Pass

32: Civil War – Staunton River Bridge

Box 15

1: Civil War – Pea Ridge

2: Civil War – St. Alban’s Raid Charles Hemming’s Memoirs

3: Civil War – Andrew’s Raid

4: Civil War – Battle of Atlanta

5: Civil War – 24th Michigan

6: Civil War – 97th O.V.I. LeRoy S. Holcomb Diary

7: Civil War – 102nd O.V.I. Watson Anderson Letter

8: Civil War – 118th O.V.I. Perry Covington

9: Civil War – McMurray, W.J. – History of the 20th Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, 1904

10: Civil War – Avirett, James B., The Memoirs of General Turner Ashby

11: Civil War – Horan, James D., Confederate Agent – A Discovery in History, 1954

12: Civil War – “The Civil War Letters of Henry J. Meador, C.S.A. 1862-1864”

13: Civil War – William C. Quantrill

14: Civil War – George Armstrong Custer

15: Civil War – Frank Dickerson

16: Civil War – James B. McPherson

17: Civil War – African Americans

18: Civil War – John R. Cason, 17th MS

19: Civil War – Fresh Fish, Isaac Moore Gregory, 62nd VA Mounted Infantry

20: Civil War – Personal Memoirs of James Wells, 102nd O.V.I.

21: Civil War – John H. Morgan – Autograph Book

22: Civil War – Catherine Rivers – Autograph Book

23: Civil War – Unidentified Diary – Confederate Prisoner

24: Civil War – James T. Baldwin – Diary 1st OH Light Artillery

25: Civil War – Southern Soldiers Miscellaneous

26: Civil War – Federal Soldiers Photographs

27: Civil War – Federal Soldiers Miscellaneous

28: Civil War Spies

29: Civil War – Andersonville Prison

30: Civil War – Andersonville Prison Diary

31: Civil War – James Young, 6th CT Pension Case – Andersonville Prisoner

32: Civil War – Knauss, William H. The Story of Camp Chase

33: Civil War – Felix Hays Blackman, 1st TN Cavalry Camp Chase

34: Civil War – Camp Chase

35: Civil War – Rock Island Prison

36: Civil War – Miller, Francis T., ed., The Photographic History of the Civil War – Prisons and Hospitals

37: Civil War – Other Prisons, Camps

38: Abraham Lincoln – Assassination  

39: Abraham Lincoln – Assassination Brochures 

40: Civil War – Salecker, Gene, Disaster on the Mississippi

41: Civil War – Peery, Andrew – Sultana Memoirs

42: Civil War – Samuel Raudebaugh, 65th O.V.I. Pension File, Steamer Sultana

43: Civil War – Wells, Hiram – Sultana Memoirs

44: Civil War – Sultana Survivors Reunion

45: Civil War – Sultana Misc.

46: Civil War – “Bainbury’s” Diary Cleveland Plain Dealer

47: Civil War – Miscellaneous Research Notes

48: Civil War – Miscellaneous Research

49: Civil War – A Military History of Huron County, Ohio

50: Civil War – Miscellaneous

51: Civil War – Long, Roger “By Command of General Robert E. Lee”

52: Civil War – Long, Roger “On the Trail of Morgan’s Raiders”

53: Roger Long’s Work as Magazine Editor

54: Civil War Style Book

Box 16

1: Roger Long’s Artist’s Sketch Book

2: Krick, Robert, Lee’s Colonels, 1991 Advance Uncorrected Proof

3: Mosser, Jeffrey, ed. “I have Determined to Resign, The Civil War Letters of Capt. William St. Dunham”, 1986

4: Gaff, Alan D., If This is War, 1991 Advance Uncorrected Proof

5: Stephens, Robert Grier, Jr., Intrepid Warrior, Clement Anselm Evans, 1992 Advance Uncorrected Proof

Box 16a


2nd day’s fight at Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg Casualties

Morgans” Raid and Capture article

List of Captured Prisoners on Johnson’s Island        

Box 17

Civil War Magazines File

1: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug./Sept. 1983

2: Blue & Gray Magazine Oct./Nov. 1983

3: Blue & Gray Magazine Dec./Jan. 1983/1984

            Long, Roger “The Lost Order Book”

            Long, Roger “Emma LeConte and the Burning of Columbia”

4: Blue & Gray Magazine Feb./March 1984

5: Blue & Gray Magazine April/May 1984

            Long, Roger “Kate… None Outshone Her”

6: Blue & Gray Magazine June/July 1984

7: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug./Sept. 1984

8: Blue & Gray Magazine Oct./Nov. 1984

9: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug./Sept. 1985

10: Blue & Gray Magazine Oct./Nov. 1985

11: Blue & Gray Magazine Dec./Jan. 1985/1986

12: Blue & Gray Magazine April/May 1986

13: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug./Sept. 1986

14: Blue & Gray Magazine Feb./March 1987

            Long, Roger “Johnson’s Island Prison”

15: Blue & Gray Magazine June/July 1987

            Long, Roger “Controversy: Claims & Counter-Claims”

16: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug./Sept. 1987

17: Blue & Gray Magazine Nov. 1987

18: Blue & Gray Magazine Jan. 1988

19: Blue & Gray Magazine Oct. 1988

20: Blue & Gray Magazine Dec. 1988

21: Blue & Gray Magazine Feb. 1989

22: Blue & Gray Magazine Aug. 1989

23: America’s Civil War Nov. 1988

24: Civil War Volume XIV

25: Civil War Times Illustrated Nov. 1964

26: Civil War Times Illustrated Jan./Feb. 1983

27: Civil War Times Illustrated Sept. 1983

28: Civil War Times Illustrated Summer 1987

29: Civil War Times Illustrated Nov. 1987

30: Civil War Times Illustrated Dec. 1994

            Long, Roger “The Plain Truth Was Too Plain”

31: Gettysburg Historical Articles of Lasting Insight, July 1989

            Long, Roger “General Isaac R. Trimble in Captivity”

32: Gettysburg Magazine – General Index and Bibliography Issue 1 through 12

33: Gettysburg Magazine – Issue 15

34: Gettysburg Magazine – Issue 16

            Long, River “Dr. Billy’s Battles”

Box 18

1: Journal 1965

2: Journal Jan. – June 1970

3: Journal July 1970 – Jan. 1971

4: Journal Feb. – July 1971

5: Journal Aug. 1971 – April 1972

6: Journal April – Dec. 1972

7: Journal Dec. 1972 – Oct. Oct. 1973

8: Journal Oct. – Dec. 1973

9: Journal Dec. 1986 – April 6, 1987

10: Journal Jan. – March 1991

11: Journal Jan. 1999

12: Historical Fiction

13: Historical Fiction

14: Historical Fiction The Shades of Night

15: Historical Fiction

16: Fiction Satan’s Well

17: Fiction – “Muffins, the Lost Kitty”, “The Last Sophomore”

18: Fiction – “First Born”, “The Dutchman”, “The Candy Butcher”

19: Fiction – Untitled, “All the Luck in the World”

20: Misc. Writing

Box 19

1: “The Source” Alabama Magazine

2: Confederate Veteran, Sept. 1921

3: The Land We Love, May, 1867 ed. Gen. D.H. Hill