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Ray Grob




Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content




The Ray Grob collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums in 2018.


Biographical Sketch

Born on March 20th, 1930, to Raymond and Gladys Grob, Ray Grob was raised in his hometown of Fremont, Ohio, on South Wood Street. The Grob family owned a business - Grob Camera Shop, which had been in the family since 1875. Ray spent his time working with his father at the camera shop starting at the age of 13, at which time he also acquired and amateur radio license. While these factors played a role in Ray’s childhood, the Boy Scouts of America was another focus of Ray’s life. He earned the rank of Life Scout and later became a Sea Scout.

In 1948, the same year that Ray became a Sea Scout, he also graduated from St. Joseph High School and joined the Naval Reserve, eventually serving in the Korean War in 1951 as a Naval radioman. After his service, Ray returned home and continued his work for the family business. His family business, the love of nature and the Boy Scouts were intertwined following Ray’s marriage to Jane Huffman and the births of their two children, Dianne and Joe.

Spending quality time with the family in the outdoors allowed Ray the opportunity to capture photographs of his family while on their outdoor adventures. Ray made many civic contributions over the years, including continued work with the the Boy Scouts of America, the City of Fremont’s Environmental Advisory Committee, and several others.

Ray’s love of nature led to his decision to sell the Grob Camera Shop, choosing to do what he loved most. He spent his time focusing on the outdoors, writing about his adventures and interests, and even hosting a radio show with his wife, called “Outdoors with Ray Grob.” Becoming a professional outdoor writer was a great achievement for Ray. It allowed him to share his passion for nature through his photographs and articles.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of four scrapbooks containing copies of Mr. Grob’s published articles on nature, conservation, and world travels. Album 1 dates from 1964 – 1971; Album 2, 1971 – 1978; Album 3, 1979 – 1985, and Album 4, 1986 – 1988. For ease of access, topics are listed in the inventory alphabetically followed by the date of publication. 



Ac. 5996 1 ½ linear ft.

Outdoor Beacon Articles

By Ray Grob


Topic                                                                                            Date

Aerial Photography                                                                     Aug, 1965

Africa                                                                                          Feb, 1984

Africa                                                                                          Mar, 1984     

Africa                                                                                          Apr, 1987 

Airplanes                                                                                     Nov, 1981

Algoma Central Railway                                                             Nov, 1976

Algoma Country                                                                          Sept, 1980

Alkaline Batteries                                                                        Mar, 1967 

Allagwash Wilderness Waterway                                                Nov, 1974  

Allagwash Wilderness Waterway                                                Dec, 1974 

Allegheny River                                                                           Jul, 1975

Alpena, MI                                                                                  Aug, 1983

Alpine Camera Bag                                                                     Jan, 1968

Amazon River                                                                             Feb, 1983       

Amazon River                                                                             Nov, 1983

American Goldfinch                                                                    Mar, 1976  

Anjigami Lake                                                                             Dec, 1976

Artic Tours                                                                                  Jan, 1984

Asia                                                                                             Sept, 1987   

Au Sable River                                                                            Aug, 1979

Au Sable River                                                                            Jun, 1982

Au Sable River—South Branch                                                  May, 1985         

Auglaize River                                                                            Sep, 1974

Australia                                                                                      Oct, 1985

Australia                                                                                      Nov, 1985       

Axes                                                                                            Jun, 1967

Backpacks                                                                                   Jun, 1978  

Backpacks                                                                                   Mar, 1980     

Baltimore Orioles                                                                        Sept, 1973

Bass Fishing                                                                                Aug, 1984

Bass Fishing—Alabama                                                         ca Mar, 1985     

Beaver Creek State Park                                                             Sept, 1975           

Belted Kingfisher                                                                        Nov, 1974

Binoculars                                                                                   Jul, 1966

Binoculars                                                                                   Dec, 1966    

Bird Baths                                                                                   Aug, 1968

Bird Feeder Photography                                                            Nov, 1966

Bird Feeder Photography                                                            Dec, 1978

Bird Feeders                                                                                Jan, 1974

Bird Feeders                                                                          ca  Dec, 1975

Bird Feeders                                                                                 Dec, 1977

Bird Feeders                                                                                 Dec, 1982

Bird Houses                                                                                 Mar, 1968

Bird Houses                                                                                 Apr, 1968                                                                        

Bird Houses                                                                                 Apr, 1974

Bird Houses                                                                                 Apr, 1982   

Birds, Attracting                                                                          Nov, 1967

Birds, Attracting                                                                          Nov, 1986 

Black & White vs Color Photography                                        Nov, 1964

Black-capped Chickadee                                                             Feb, 1976

Blackberry Cordial                                                                      Aug, 1977 

Black Flies                                                                           ca    Jun, 1986

Blue Fish                                                                                     Aug, 1978

Blue Gill Fishing                                                                         Jun, 1980

Blue Gill Fishing                                                                         Jun, 1985  

Blue Gill Fishing                                                                         Jun, 1988

Blue Jays                                                                                     Nov, 1971

Bob Evans Farm                                                                         Feb, 1976

Bonefish                                                                                      Oct, 1984

Box Turtles                                                                                 June, 1972

Box Turtles                                                                                 Oct, 1975 

Bushnell Televar Camera                                                           Sept, 1967 

Camera Carrying Cases                                                              Dec, 1964

Cameras                                                                                      Aug, 1964

Cameras & Cold Weather                                                          Jan, 1966 

Cameras for Outdoorsmen                                                         Dec, 1965

Camp Cooking                                                                            Aug, 1981                  

Camp Cooking                                                                            Oct, 1986

Camp Sites                                                                                  Nov, 1968

Camp Sites                                                                                  Mar, 1981

Camp Stoves                                                                               June, 1969    

Camping with Children                                                        ca   Aug, 1985                   

Camping tips                                                                               Apr, 1976    

Canoe Guide (Book)                                                                   Mar, 1976 

Canoe Liveries                                                                            May, 1968

Canoe Motors                                                                              Aug, 1970

Canoe Packs                                                                                Oct, 1975

Canoe Seats                                                                                 Jul, 1969 

Canoe Seats                                                                                 Jul, 1968

Canoe Storage                                                                             May, 1974 

Canoe Trip                                                                                  Nov, 1965

Canoe Trip                                                                                  Sept, 1966

Canoe Trip                                                                                  Oct, 1973

Canoe Trip                                                                                  Mar, 1988                      

Canoe Trip—Clear Fork River                                                  June, 1969

Canoe Trip—Ontario                                                                 May, 1977

Canoeing                                                                                    Aug, 1967

Canoeing                                                                                    Oct, 1968

Canoeing                                                                                   Feb, 1970

Canoeing                                                                                   Mar, 1970

Canoeing                                                                                   Jul, 1974

Canoeing                                                                              ca  Apr, 1986    

Canoeing & Photography                                                          Sept, 1965

Canoeing, Kentucky                                                                  Oct, 1976   

Canoeing, Kentucky                                                                  Jul, 1977

Canoeing, Wilderness                                                                Jun, 1976    

Canoeing, Wisconsin                                                                 Nov, 1975         

Canoes                                                                                  ca  May, 1972 

Canoes                                                                                        Jul, 1982    

Cape Churchill                                                                           Feb, 1985

Cardinals                                                                                    Apr, 1973

Cave Run Lake                                                                     ca  Aug, 1980

Cedar Waxwings                                                                  ca  Mar, 1972   

Celsius Thermometer                                                                 Jan, 1977       

Clear Fork Reservoir                                                            ca  Sept, 1975                     

Cliff Swallows                                                                           Jan, 1976

Close-up Photography                                                               May. 1966

Color Films                                                                                May, 1965

Cooked Cereal                                                                           Jun, 1968

Cookstoves                                                                                Sept. 1967 

Concord River                                                                           Jun, 1975 

Conifers                                                                                     Aug, 1968

Cottontail Rabbits                                                                      Apr, 1988

Cowbirds                                                                                    Jul, 1975 

Coyotes                                                                                      Mar, 1977

Crayfish                                                                                     Aug, 1975

Cross Country Skiing                                                                 Jan, 1979

Cross Country Skiing                                                                 Dec, 1979

Cross Country Skiing                                                                 Jan, 1986 

Cross Country Skiing—Ohio                                                     Jan, 1981

Cross Country Skiing—Ohio                                                     Dec, 1981    

Current River in MO                                                                  Dec, 1970

Cuyahoga River                                                                         Jun, 1970

Downy Woodpecker                                                                  Mar, 1973

Drift Boat                                                                                   Oct, 1983

Drum (Fish)                                                                               Sep, 1977

Dual 8mm Projectors                                                                 Apr, 1966

Earthworms - May, 1973

Test - May, 1973

Test2 - May, 1973

Test3 - May, 1973

Test4 - May, 1973

Test5 - May, 1973

Test6 - May, 1973

Test7 - May, 1973

Test8 - May, 1973

Test9 - May, 1973

Test10 - May, 1973

Test11 - May, 1973 

Test12 - May, 1973 

Test13 - May, 1973 

Test14 - May, 1973&