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Thomas P. Dewey


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was given to the Hayes Presidential Center by Dorothy Cox in 2007.

Biographical Sketch
Thomas P. Dewey was born on 27 December 1852 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to George and Harriet (Ensign) Dewey.  He was educated in the public schools of Pennsylvania and then Kelloggsville, Ohio, before studying law under Tinker & Alvord in Painesville, Ohio.  Dewey relocated to Clyde, Ohio, in 1877, continuing his education under Judge John M. Lemmon.  He received admission to the Sandusky County bar on 24 April 1879 and formed the legal partnership of Finch & Dewey in Clyde in 1883.  Dewey married Jennie Stilwill on 9 September 1879, and the couple had three children: Hattie, Benjamin, and Lucy.  In addition to his work as an attorney, Dewey also owned and operated several farms around Clyde.  In 1906 the partnership of Finch & Dewey dissolved, and Dewey continued to work independently as an attorney until he entered into the practice of Dewey & Dewey with his son, Benjamin.  Thomas Dewey was actively involved in various organizations and political endeavors as well, serving as vice president and director of the Peoples Banking Company of Clyde and campaigning for the presidency of William McKinley.  Dewey died on 22 October 1931 in Clyde, Ohio, from complications of two strokes and a lingering illness; he was 79 years old.

A. L. (Albert) Bush was born in Sandusky County, Ohio, around 1833.  He was a resident of Clyde, Ohio, who served during the U. S. Civil War.  It appears as though he enlisted in the Union army on 10 October 1861, entering as a private in the 72 Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI).  He was appointed third corporal on 2 December 1861, a rank he maintained until he was mustered out of the service.  On 11 June 1864, Bush was taken prisoner during the battle of Brice’s Cross Roads.  He was mustered out on 13 January 1865 in Columbus, Ohio, upon the expiration of his three year term of service.  Bush struggled with a disability as a result of his time during the war.  He spent the last fifteen years of his life in Rocky Ridge, Ohio, where he died of complications from his war affliction on 24 September 1888; he was 56 years old.

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning from 1864 to 1938, primarily contains business and legal documents relating to Attorney Thomas P. Dewey of Clyde, Ohio.  Cancelled checks, expense reports, bills, and papers of Dewey are included, as well as legal documents, court case files, and notes concerning his work as a lawyer in Sandusky County, Ohio.  Also of interest in this collection is a typed transcription of the diary of A. L. Bush, a Clyde, Ohio, resident who served in the U.S. Civil War with the 72 Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Entries from 1864 and 1865 are present, as well as journal accounts from 1878.

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1.  Typed transcription of diary of A. L. Bush, January 1, 1864 – December 31, 1865;
      January 1, 1878 – December 31, 1878

2.  Cancelled checks and stubs, 1907-1938

3.  Farm expenses, 1909-1934

4.  Business correspondence, 1911

5.  Gas bill for Dewey, 1912

6.  Miscellaneous legal/organization documents, 1913-1928

7.  Legal information, 1913-1922

8.  Personal dues, expenses, papers, 1915

9.  Dewey home repair bills, 1920s

10.  Bills from C. W. Ardner, 1922

11.  Bills from Huffman Hardware, 1922-1928

12.  Miscellaneous bills for Dewey, 1922-1928

13.  Notepad of Thomas P. Dewey with legal notes (with a handwritten copy)

14.  Kolk case, date unknown (1894?)

15.  Evans vs. Wood, 1902

16.  Knauss vs. Knauss, February 1905

17.  Floyd L. Post & Cecile A. Post, 1909-1911

18.  Emily C. Bowen Lower, August 1912

19.  Fuller et. al. vs. Sandusky County Board of Commissioners, 1913

20.  C. A. Ward vs. Fred Eyman, 1913-1915

21.  Baker vs. Frontz, May 1914

22.  T. A. Winter & Sons vs. McHugh Bros. (Homer Metzgar, Atty.), 1915

23.  Loney vs. Loney, 1915

24.  Needham vs. Needham, 1915

25.  Village of Green Springs Council – ordnances & resolution, 1916

26.  Swander, March 1917

27.  Reel Millings Company, 1917-1918

28.  Clemons vs. Clemons, 1920

29.  Engler vs. Knudsen, 1920

30.  E. A. Corey, November 1922

31.  A. & J. Mfg. Co. vs. J. J. Ceboll, 1926-1928


  • Diaries with daily entries re: personal finances, loans, investments, weather, business trips, court cases, legal work, visitors, office activities, and meetings
  • 1880, 1881, 1884, 1885, 1888-1894, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1911-1920, 1923-1925, 1927
  • Misc. notes papers within the diaries
  • Webster Pocket Dictionary, 1900