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Bellevue Circle Child Conservation League Study Club


Agency History
Scope and Content

The records (LH-64) in this collection belong to the Bellevue Circle Child Conservation League Study Club, 1928 – 1978.  The collection is located in the Local History Collection of the manuscript division of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums. The collection was a gift from Mrs. Ervin Koons; her mother was a member of the club. 

Agency History
The Bellevue,Ohio branch of the Child Conservation League was organized on September 18, 1928 at the YMCA in Bellevue, Ohio. Miss Vivien David presided over the organizational meeting with twenty-two women in attendance.  The new club was called the Bellevue Circle Club #2 of the Child Conservation League and local dues were set at $1.00 per year. As stated in the constitution, Article II, the purpose of the organization was “to provide for the physical, intellectual, and moral purity, health, and strength of childhood and youth and to promote their welfare by means of education and advisory of existing laws.”

The Bellevue Circle CCL was active in the community and surrounding counties. The club worked for the benefit of families in the community through a variety of actions; they assisted families in need of milk or food, helped local girls afford the cost of Girl Scout camps, and worked to get a child clinic that provided medical examinations for kindergarten-aged children and first graders. It worked with local groups such as: School of Hope (Fremont, OH), Christie Lane School (Norwalk, OH), YMCA, Girl Scout troops, War Relief Fund and Drives (WWII), and the American Red Cross. The organization was very active during World War II (1941-1945) and the years following the war. Members worked with local Red Cross groups and volunteered to assist in blood drives, helped with surgical dressings, worked for the War Relief Drive, assisted families with no food rations, sent care packages to war-torn Western European countries, and assisted European immigrants in their transition to American life.

The Bellevue Circle CCL held monthly organizational meetings with members serving as hostesses; meetings were not only for business, but for social interaction, and education.  During the meetings, they often invited members of the community to educate and lead discussions on issues affecting women and children in both the United States and in the world. The organization also provided fun activities for members and their families, such as white elephant sales, Christmas parties, and picnics.

The Bellevue Circle CCL disbanded in 1978, with fifty years of service in the community. The 50th anniversary meeting was held on July 17, 1978 with a tureen luncheon. The club donated the remaining money equally between the School of Hope in Fremont, OH, and Christie Lane School, Norwalk, OH. The meeting was attended by eight original members of the club, along with five remaining members.

Scope and Content
The records found in the collection of the Bellevue Circle CCL Study Club spans from the formation of the club in 1928 to its disbandment in 1978. Included within the collection are two constitutions, along with a list of amendments. The minutes, dues, and attendance records of the club are arranged chronologically in five folders, spanning the years 1928 – 1976. There are no minutes for year 1977; the minutes of the final meeting in 1978 are attached to the Bellevue Gazette newspaper article, “Bellevue Circle CCL Members Remember 50 Golden Years,” which is located in Folder 10. The rest of the collection consists of financial records from 1934 -1979, a selection of program booklets (1932 - 1939, 1941 - 1947, 1972 - 1975), and a small collection of incoming correspondence to the club. 

Although the overall collection is small, it tells the larger story of how one chapter of the Child Conservation Club assisted generations of mothers and children with their spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs during fifty years of community life in Bellevue and the counties of Erie, Sandusky, and Huron. The collection was a gift from Mrs. Ervin Koons, Fremont, OH; her mother was a member of the club.

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Box 1

Folder 1 - Constitutions:
     Constitution, n.d.
     Constitution, 1939
     Amendments to Constitution, n.d.

Folder 2 – Minutes & Dues, 1928 – 1935

Folder 3 – Minutes & Dues, 1935 – 1942

Folder 4 – Minutes & Dues, 1942 – 1951

Folder 5 – Minutes & Dues, 1951 – 1974

Folder 6 – Minutes & Dues, 1975 – 1976

Folder 7 – Financial Records, 1934 – 1978

Folder 8 – Program Booklets, 1932 – 1939, 1941 – 1947, 1972 – 1975

Folder 9 – Correspondence, Child Conservation League of America, 1928

Folder 10 – Correspondence, Incoming to Bellevue Circle:
     School of Hope Newsletter, summer 1974
     Christie Lane School, June 28, 1974
     Mrs. George Grover, n.d.
     Family of R.V. Clements, n.d.
     St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, n.d.
     American Heart Association of NE Ohio Affiliate, April 21, 1978
     School of Hope, n.d.

Folder 11 – Correspondence, Disbandment of Bellevue Circle Club, 1978:
     Christie Lane School, July 17, 1978
     School of Hope, July 17, 1978
     School of Hope, July 20, 1978
     Christie Lane School, July 31, 1978
     The Bellevue Gazette, “Bellevue Circle CCL Members Remember 50 Golden Years,” July 20, 1978