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Sidney S. Warner


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was acquired by the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center through several deposits.  The first portion was received from Ms. Margaret Warner in 1966.  The pocket diaries of Sidney S. Warner were given by Ms. Katherine W. Stephenson and Ms. Carolyn W. Wilson in 1990.  The diaries have been microfilmed and are available at the Hayes Presidential Center.  Finally, photographs were donated by Katherine Stephenson as well.

Biographical Sketch
Sidney Sardus Warner was born on 17 April 1829 in Suffield, Connecticut, to Chauncey and Eliza (Kent) Warner.  In 1839, the family moved to Huntington, Ohio, in Lorain County.  In 1855, Sidney S. Warner married Margaret Anna Bradner, and the couple had four children: Orrie Louisa, Sidney Kent, Albert Rollin, and George Bradner.  The family remained in Huntington until 1868, when they relocated to Wellington, Ohio.

Sidney Sardus Warner was involved in a number of political and business endeavors.  In 1861, he was elected to represent Lorain County in the General Assembly of Ohio and was reelected two years later.  He was also elected State Treasurer in 1865, 1867, and 1869.  In 1874, Warner became a notable candidate for the position of Governor of Ohio.  Aside from his political endeavors, Sidney Warner was involved in the banking business as well.  In 1864, he aided in the organization of the First National Bank of Wellington and served as its president for over thirty years.  In 1883, he also assisted in organizing the Cleveland National Bank and became its first president.  Other business ventures included membership in the cheese firm Horr, Warner, & Co., presidency of the Citizens Mutual Relief Association, presidency of the Clarksfield Stone Company, and membership in the agricultural firm of Wean, Horr, Warner, & Co.  In addition to these positions, Warner also spent a number of years serving as trustee of the Cleveland Hospital for the Insane.  He died on 6 July 1908 at the age of 79 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Wellington, Ohio.

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning from 1855 to 1901, contains correspondence, papers, diaries, and photographs relating to Sidney S. Warner.  The letters, dating 1865 to 1889, are primarily of a business nature, written from various politicians.  Communication from Rutherford B. Hayes, Webb C. Hayes, Rutherford P. Hayes, and Secretary W. K. Rogers has been transferred to other collections and typed transcriptions of the correspondence are in their place.  Other papers include a stock farm catalogue and a $20 note.  The collection also contains 36 pocket diaries of Warner, falling between the years of 1855 and 1905.  Stereopticon scenes of the White House and Washington, D.C. have been transferred to the Hayes Presidential Center stereopticon collection.  Finally, photographs or prints of various Warner family members and associates are present.  Little is known about the Sidney Kent and family located within a number of the photographs; however, it is possible that Sidney Kent could have been a prominent meatpacking entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois.  The last name, Kent, suggests a familial tie on the side of Sidney Sardus Warner’s mother, Eliza Kent.

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Folder One:

To Hon. Jas. A. Garfield, dtd Sept. 29, 1880.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Dec. 21, 1865.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd May 3, 1881.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Jan. 6, 1870.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd 1880.  Telegram.
To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Apr. 16, 1880.
To John Beatty, dtd Sept. 30, 1880.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Apr. 21, 1898.

To Mr. & Mrs. Sidney S. Warner, dtd Sept. 1, 1897.  Printed invitation.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd n.d.
To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Jan. 8, 1876.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd May 25, 1901.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd June 25, 1889.  Telegram.

To Mr. & Mrs. Warner and family, dtd Oct. 24, 1894.  Printed invitation.

ROGERS, W. K. as Private Secretary
To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Sept. 26, 1878.  Telegram.
To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Sept. 26, 1878.

To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Jan. 27, 1880.
To Sidney S. Warner, dtd Mar. 6, 1886.
Note for $20, Sidney S. Warner, dtd Sept 6, 1869.
Two loose envelopes, to Sidney S. Warner
Wellington Stock Farm Catalogue, 1894

Folder Two:

Engraving of Sidney S. Warner with autograph

Print from carte-de-visite of Sidney S. Warner

Print of Sidney S. Warner

Print of Sidney S. Warner

Print of Sidney S. Warner

Print of Ella Herrick, Orrie Warner, Fannie Herrick, Mrs. S. S. Warner, Frank Herrick, Fanny Hayes, Dickie Barnes,
    Florence Bradner, Rutherford P. Hayes, Bert (A. R.)    Warner, Hosea Bradner

Print of Fannie Herrick, Dickie Barnes, Orrie Warner, Ella Herrick, Albert R. Warner, Hosea T. Bradner, Fanny
    Hayes, S. S. Warner, Mrs. S. S. Warner, Frank Herrick, Florence Bradner, George B. Warner (3 copies)

Print of S. S. Warner residence, dtd 1897

Print of S. S. Warner’s office

Loose items:

Pocket diaries of Sidney S. Warner (36 total):

1855                                                                            1888

1860                                                                            1889

1866                                                                            1890

1867                                                                            1891

1868                                                                            1892

1869                                                                            1893

1870                                                                            1894

1871                                                                            1895

1872                                                                            1896

1873                                                                            1897

1874                                                                            1898

1875                                                                            1899

1876                                                                            1900

1883                                                                            1901

1884                                                                            1902

1885                                                                            1903

1886                                                                            1904

1887                                                                            1905


Folder One:

Autograph book of Albert R. Warner, 1878-1881

Folder Two:

Helen Kent and M.W.H.
Helen Kent, Aberta ?
Helen Kent
Helen Kent
Mrs. Sidney Kent
Mrs. Sidney Kent ?
Mrs. Sidney Kent, California
Mrs. Sidney Kent
Mrs. Sidney Kent
Mrs. Sidney Kent
Sidney Kent
Sidney A. Kent
S. D. Kent
Sidney A. Kent
Sidney Kent
A. E. Kent home, California
Sitting room cottage, dtd 1894
“Specimen Oak of Caprician Fronds”

Folder Three:

Elizabeth Kent, Albert Kent, Thomas Kent, dtd July 7, 1892
Margaret Bradner Warner
Mrs. Payson, “formerly a Kent”
Mrs. S. S. Warner, Helen Kent, Mrs. Sidney Kent, Orrie Warner (Wean), dtd May 1889
Emmett Kent
Will Kent
The ?, ca. 1884
Unidentified woman
Unidentified woman
Unidentified woman
Unidentified woman

Loose photographs:
Sidney Sardus Warner
Sidney Kent
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Kent
Mrs. Sidney Kent