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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Howard H. Morton




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The Howard H. Morton Fountain Printing Printer’s Sample Book is part of the larger Charles E. Frohman Collection.  The collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Mr. Frohman in 1967.

Biographical Sketch


Howard Morton was born on May 23, 1840 in Sandusky, Ohio, to Dr. George R. and Christiana Morton.  In 1852, Howard became editor of a printing business started with friend, George Doll, at No. 14 E. Adams St. in Sandusky.  The duo printed The Sandusky Gazette, a small leaflet publication.  He continued his printing business until approximately 1860, when he moved to Washington, D.C. and continued editing and printing The Department Journal. The periodical appealed to the interest of the clerks in various government departments in the D.C. area.  Morton worked as a clerk in the Treasury Department from 1862 until 1869. During the Civil War, Morton reported back to the Cincinnati Enquirer and other newspapers as a war correspondent.  In the years following, he was transferred to the Department of Internal Revenue.

On July 10, 1864, he married Annie Maria Morton in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After the wedding, Howard and Annie returned to Washington, D.C.  The couple had five sons: Alfred, Raleigh, Horace, Clifford, Lawrence, and one daughter, Kathryn.  The oldest three were born while the family lived in Washington, D.C.  In May, 1875, the family moved to Isle St. George on North Bass Island, Ohio, located on Lake Erie, where he maintained his father’s grape vineyard.  While living on the island, they welcomed their two youngest sons and daughter.  Howard H. Morton died on September 30, 1888 at his home following a short illness.  He is interred at Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of one printer’s sample book from the Fountain Printing office in Sandusky City (Sandusky), Ohio.  There is no date indicated on the book; however, it appears to have been produced while running the Fountain Printing office between 1852 and 1860.   The album consists of various printed material including business cards, receipts, and envelopes; stamps; personal cards and envelopes; and advertising leaflets.  It contains a total of 48 pages with 121 items affixed to the pages. 


1 Item

Album contains printed material for:

C.W. Abbott’s, Sandusky, Ohio

James H. Ainslie

L. Bowman, Merchant Tailor, Sandusky.

Amy A. Breck

Bright & Cable, Sandusky, O.

Charlie L. Colt.

William D. Colt

Ira T. Davis

J.T. Davis

Maria A. Davis

Geo. F. Doll

Euterpean Hall Ticket

E.S. Evans

J. Flood

Mrs. M. Foreman

Fountain Printing Office

Fanny Goldsmith

Vashi W. Goldsmith

Miss Lucy Guild

C. Hadley, Sandusky, Ohio

Solomon Harvey, Middletown, Ohio

Hathaway & Derr, Sandusky City, O.

J.W. Holland, Sandusky, O.

Charles T. Hubbard

G.W. Jackson & Co., Sandusky, O.

H.C. Post, Sandusky, O.

Jackson & Post, Sandusky, Ohio

O.V. & E. Kenney

Charles D. McCormack, Urbana, Ohio

McKelvey & Co.

Geo. R. Morton’s Fine Steel Pen Ink, Sandusky, O.

Geo. R. Morton, Book Seller, Sandusky C, O.

Dr. Geo. R. Morton, Druggist, Sandusky City, Ohio

H.H. Morton, Fountain Job Printing Office

Isabel Morton

Morton’s, Sandusky City

A. Moses

Mary C. Neil

Miss Ann Neiswanger

Chas. V. Olds, Sandusky, O.

Peck & Norris, Sandusky, Ohio

Phœnix Brewery

R.F. Polley, Sandusky, O.

Porter & Lytle

Porter & Lytle, Wholesale Grocers

H.C. Post, Sandusky, Ohio

Riker & Hubbard, Sandusky, O.

Sara E. Root

M.A. Roots

Mrs. J. Scott

B.W. Stevenson

Textor & Lerch, Jewelers, Sandusky, O.

Townsend House, Sandusky, O.

J.W. Wetherell & Co., Sandusky, O.

H.C. Williams