August 20, 1877

Wells River, NH


Fellow citizens:  It will be impossible for us to stay long enough to have a general shaking of hands, for the audience is too large and the distance to be traveled by us too great, and you must be satisfied with having the same advantage that I have---that of seeing.  You came here to see me, and I came to see you, and, to use the expression of the late President Lincoln, I have to say that we have altogether the best of the bargain.  On making these acknowledgements, it is not my purpose to enter into a political discussion.  We are gathered here of all political parties, and while we may differ as to ways and means, we all shall agree that the general good must and should be administered for the common prosperity and the common benefit of all the inhabitants in our country.  We may make mistakes, but they will be from lack of judgment, but it will not be through, or arise from, a lack of disposition.  I must leave you now, but I take great pleasure in introducing you to Judge Key, a man that has been greatly wrong in the past, but is greatly right now.