June 28, 1877

Providence, RI


GOVERNOR- All the people of the United States know something of the little State of Rhode Island, something of its past, something of what it is.  I am sure will understand me when I say that this welcome and the reception are very gratifying to me, not that I understand it to be on personal accounts, but because Rhode Island believes, as I do, in one of the great sentiments of New England’s great statesman and orator, which I was reminded of at the ancient town of Attleboro.  An old citizen of the town handed me a note in which he said that the reason the people of Attleboro turned out to give me a hearty greeting was, that the people believed in the sentiment I have alluded to Webster-a sentiment which I am sure you will agree with, and one that the Government of the United States should not forget, and should always remember.  It is, “We have one country, one Constitution, one destiny.”