June 13, 1878

West Point, NY


MY FRIENDS:--The very limited opportunity we have had to make ourselves acquainted with the advantages of this interesting spot does not authorize me to say much to these young gentlemen about to leave.  But what we have seen enables us to speak with satisfaction and admiration of the thoroughness and excellence of the instruction given by this institution.  Something more than learning is required.  The training is that which leads up to the best specimen of American manhood, and so, young gentlemen, I feel authorized to say to you that all are deeply interested in you and we sympathize with you.  Last night as we heard upon the Parade those favorite tunes, “Home, Sweet Home,” and “Auld Lang Syne,” we were all in sympathy with you.  I merely add that as you leave here we, your countrymen, feel confident that in any emergency you are ready with alacrity to do well your part.