September 4, 1878

Madison, Wisconsin


Fellow Citizens: I find that this retail way of greeting you will not suffice, and therefore, in a general way, I give you a hearty Buckeye shake. Perhaps this is all I need to say; but I am moved to add a word of encouragement, which may be acceptable. After five years of hard times and embarrassment, I think we may look for a change for the better in return for a sound currency, a reduction of public debt, with vast crops on every hand for which there is a steady demand. We find reasons to justify us in looking for prosperity. We have touched the bottom, and are now on the ascending grade. It is not always safe to forecast the future, but it is my belief that we have a new era of prosperity before us. My friends, with these worldly blessings of crops and increasing business, with health added, we of the North have abundant cause for thankfulness, and I am sure – indeed, I feel it is the sentiment of every heart – that we may, and should share something of our bounty with our suffering and deeply afflicted brethren of the South. Fellow citizens, there remains to me only to thank you for your attention and kindly greeting.