September 28, 1878

Washington, D.C.


MR. MINISTER AND MR. ASSISTANT MINISTER – Ten years ago one of my predecessors in office received here the three envoys who constituted the first diplomatic mission sent by the Emperor of China to the United States of America.  Their company was welcome, as auspicious not only of a better understanding between the two Governments, but as indicating a probable increase to commercial relations and facilities between their people.  These anticipations proved to be well founded.  It gives me pleasure, therefore, to again welcome the envoys from China, especially as you inform me that they come with the intention and desire to establish a permanent legation at the Capital upon a footing with those other Nations. 


I cannot doubt that the presence of such a legation will end to increase and cement the friendly informational relations now existing, and will be the means of removing whatever difficulties, and of solving whatever questions may arise between the two Nations.  It is an additional gratification to find that for the discharge of these delicate and responsible duties, the selection of the Emperor has fallen upon Envoys who are so well and favorably known here through their previous intercourse with our countrymen.  Cordially reciprocating the friendly sentiments with good wishes you have expressed on the part of the Emperor of China, permit me to assure you of my good wishes for His Majesty’s health and happiness, and for the continued well-being and prosperity of the Empire over which he presides.