October 11, 1877

Frederick, Maryland


Ladies and Fellow-Citizens:  I thank you for this very cordial reception.  I wish particularly to return my thanks to the civil authorities of Frederick and to the management of the Frederick County Fair for their kindness in inviting me to be present to-day.  The interest to be promoted by  an institution like this is the most important single interest in our country.  If the farmer or the planter is prosperous, it is almost certain that the country will be prosperous.  Every other interest finds its advantage in whatever promotes the agricultural interest, and if today we may with reason rejoice at the prospect of reviving prosperity in our country, it is very largely because the agriculture of the country is prosperous.  Good crops and good prices for agricultural products make good times.  All avenues of trade find their gains in the transportation of agricultural products.  We come, then, to take part in your fair, because it largely represents to the country the agricultural interest of your own County of Frederick, as well as that throughout the United States.  The beauty of this county which we now look upon, the fertility of its soil, and the skill and excellence of cultivation I think are known throughout the country.  Certainly, in that part of the United States in which I reside this county is indeed well known.  We have the advantage in my neighborhood of a large number of the most respectable citizens who hailed originally from the good old county of Frederick. The Counties of Seneca and Sandusky, in Ohio, contain many of the most respectable families who look back with pride and affection to this country and the City of Frederick. Being familiar with former citizens of Maryland who now have their homes in Ohio, I do not feel that I am a stranger here.  Perhaps it would amuse you if I undertook to tell some of the anecdotes of these citizens of Ohio about their old Frederick.  There was no such fertility of soil in Seneca and Sandusky and such excellence of crops or fruit as could be found in old Frederick.  And now, in conclusion, I wish to say that I was formerly treated so well in the County of Frederick that I shall always remember with affection and gratitude to your citizens the days that I spent here.  You will perhaps be glad to become acquainted with some of the gentlemen associated with me in the Government.  We have with us the Attorney-General and the Secretary of War.  Neither of them is a farmer, but I have noticed that on occasions like this, farmers do not do all the talking.  Permit me to introduce to you the Attorney-General of the United States.


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