September 20, 1877

Stevenson, Alabama


Thank you, my friends:  That means, I suppose, that you think as I do that we have just one country, and that in that country every citizen is equal before the law to every other citizen.  Those are about the fundamental ideas.  If we can’t come together and be at peace upon those, we can’t at all; but I am sure we can.  They seem to be entirely at peace with their white friends; and the white people with them, and I think that can be mentioned everywhere in this country.  Very great satisfaction.  There were those people who thought it required a little bit of an army to keep the white people from oppressing the colored people.  I thought that if the army was withdrawn the white people would attend to that as well or a great deal better, for they (the colored people) certainly don’t look here as if they were in the need of bayonets.  But I think I had better show you some other people. 


We haven’t spoiled him yet in Washington.