September 20, 1877

Tullahoma, Tennessee


MY FRIENDS—We will not detain you with much talk; but we are very glad to meet the people throughout Tennessee, and at the Stations where we have stopped.  We all think it is of very great importance that the people of the North and the people of the South should be better acquainted.  We believe that the divisions of the past will disappear very rapidly when we come thoroughly to understand each other.  Those who are the best acquainted of the two sections are those who are most ready to support the policy of pacification—even those whose acquaintance was made during the war, being in the rival armies, who had no other acquaintance than that of soldiers in opposing armies.  I can walk up to a Confederate soldier who fought bravely and risked his life for his conviction.  Now, that this is all over, the cause of strife gone, we are ready to shake hands and be friends.  This is all there is left of it.  So let us shake hands and be friends.