September 19, 1877

Gallatin, Tennessee


MR. ALLEN AND FELLOW-CITIZENS:  I thank you very heartily for these expressions of friendship and welcome.  I am glad to meet this large audience of the people of Tennessee.  We have differed in the past, but we have fought out that difference.  Those among you who fought and risked your lives did so for your principles.  We fought and risked our lives on the opposite for our convictions, and men who can do that can meet and look each other in the face with respect always.  And now that it is over and the cause of the difference is removed, all good citizens and all good soldiers of whatever party do heartily desire that the ancient concord, the ancient friendship, which prevailed when Stark, with his New-Hampshire soldiers, marched to Boston, there to be met within a few weeks by Morgan and his gallant Virginians.