June 27,1877

Boston, Massachusetts



Mr. Chairman and Gentlmen:


I wish that I were prepared to speak fitly, as far as I might on some of the topics that have been suggested by the Mayor (of the hour which would interest this large assembly), but all that I can say tonight will be in such unconsidered sentences as occur to me at the moment of speaking. I would wish, if possible, to convey to you the very deep satisfaction I have felt on my visit to the good people of the City of Boston. I know, indeed, that this reception, this welcome, (is not for me individually.) No individual ever deserved nor ever will deserve such kindness and such honor as these (courtesy as I have received.) Boston, in this, speaks her love for the Union, her regard for equal human rights, her aspirations for restored harmony (and peace.) God grant that Boston, Massachusetts, her whole people, may enjoy the blessings, (that brings the love of which brings) you together in this spirit tonight. I beg you to receive my heartiest acknowledgements for your kindness.