April 16, 1877

Washington, D.C.


It is hereby ordered that the following-described tract of country, situated partly in the Territory of Idaho and partly in the State of Nevada, be, and the same hereby is, withdrawn from the public domain, to wit:  Commencing at the one hundredth mile-post of the survey of the north boundary of Nevada; thence due north to the intersection of the north boundary of township 16 south of Boise base-line in Idaho; thence due west to a point due north of the one hundred and twentieth mile-post of said survey of the north boundary of Nevada; thence due south to the ninth standard parallel north of the Mount Diablo base-line in Nevada; thence due east to a point due south of the place of beginning; thence north to the place of beginning.  And the above-named tract of land is hereby set apart as a reservation for the Western Shoshone Indians, subject to such modifications of boundary as a location of limits may determine.