April 19, 1876

Columbus, OH


The civil authorities of the counties of Stark and Wayne having represented to me that bands of rioters in said counties have, by force and intimidation, prevented laborers from working where they have been hired and were desirous of labor, and that their employers have been expelled by violence from their property;


And it having been also represented that mobs, tumults, and riots of a dangerous character are threatened in said counties, and that the civil authorities thereof are unable to protect said laborers and property owners in the enjoyment of their rights; and said civil authorities having appealed to the Chief Magistrate of the State for aid to keep the peace and to protect persons and property in said counties.


Now, this proclamation is to warn all persons who have been engaged in said violations of law, that their acts are crimes, punishable with heavy penalties, and that the Governor of the State will, to the extent of the powers vested in him, aid said civil authorities to protect laborers in their right to work, and property owners in the use and possession of their property, and will employ all lawful means to bring to justice whoever violates these sacred rights of citizens.