March 3, 1879

Washington D.C.

To the House of Representatives:


I return herewith Bill No. 6463, entitled “An act making appropriations for the construction, repair, preservation, and completion of certain works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes,” to the House of Representatives in which it originated, with the following objections to its passage.


1st The bill appropriates in the aggregate over eight and one half millions of dollars. This is three and one half millions more than was deemed proper and necessary by the War Department, which is in charge of the subject matter of the bill, as reported to Congress in the official estimates of that Department.


2nd The bill was submitted to me for approval about two hours before the final adjournment of this Congress, too late for a careful consideration of its provisions.


3rd There is a surplus of the appropriations for similar purposes made at the last sessions of Congress sufficient to protect from injury to improvements already begun.