October 1, 1877
The White House. Washington D. C.


“My friends, I am glad to see you this morning. I am glad to see you dressed like white people. You look well in the clothes of white people. It shows that you wish to live like white people. I have not much to say about the business which brought you here, in addition to what was said last week. You have spoken about the place where you wish to have your agencies. I am glad you are satisfied to have your agencies on the reservation allotted to you. But as I told you, it is too late in the season to remove the supplies to the places which you name. The winter will soon come on, the streams will be frozen up, and no movement of supplies can be made. We wish you to help get your people nearer the supplies, and General Crook will help you. Next spring places can be selected near White river that will suit you. And now as to your requests as to the things you have asked me for. You want trunks, overcoats and money. The great council of my nation has put the money and property which is for you in charge of the Secretary of the Interior. He can give you whatever the great council has authorized him to give. He will be glad to give you what he can, and I think he can satisfy you very well. And now this is the end of our present talk. I am glad that you came. Let me advise you to move as near the supplies as you can, and General Crook will help you this winter. Next spring you can go to your reservations, and I am glad you are satisfied with White river. I hope you will reach home safely and in good health. Before you go the Secretary will give you as many of the things you want as he can. And now I will be glad to shake hands with each one of you and wish you well.