September 18, 1877
Louisville, Kentucky

Introduced by Miss Florence White, of the Senior Class; and Prof. G.A. Chase, the Principal: President Hayes’ Response:

I regret that the time does not permit me to talk to you as I would wish. In the very heartiest way and in the very briefest way I shall congratulate the citizens of Louisville, the teachers and scholars of this school: it is one of promise. Now, my friends, that is all I can say; I thank you. You will be glad, I am sure, to hear those who are associated with me in the Government, and if my friend, Mr. Evarts, will arise, I will introduce him to you.


“My friend Mr. Evarts says “Girls”. He must have been thinking of the young ladies of his own household. I should have said ladies in speaking of you.”


I keep my position standing before you merely to indicate that we are unfortunately passing through Louisville at a hop, skip and a jump, having no time to sit down.

I begin to feel sorry that I did not begin life as a school teacher. I think I should have done better than my friends, for if I had, I should probably have staid in the profession. Now let me thank you, in behalf of Mrs. Hayes, for these beautiful flowers, and will bid you good  morning.