September 15, 1877

Kenton, Ohio

I was told when I was up in New England, by a very well informed gentleman, that it was the duty of a President to preside, and it has given me very great relief to undertake that duty whenever I have been called upon to make my acknowledgements for compliments like the present; instead of making a speech it enables me to make the acquaintance of all who honor me with their attention. Since I have been in Ohio my time has been altogether taken up, so far as it was given to the public, with attending the soldiers’ gatherings at Marietta, at Dayton, and yesterday at Fremont, and the soldiers soon learn this first great duty of an officer – always put off on somebody else work you are required to do. I will now introduce to you a former citizen of Ohio, who has been successful in establishing a reputation for patriotism and bravery, Gen. W. S. Rosecrans.