June 19, 1891

Cleveland, Ohio


The city of Cleveland has become greatly interested in works of education.  This city is taking its place among the great cities of the country in being interested in and doing all useful and progressive things.  I do not remember with confidence its exact rank among the largest, leading cities, but it is to be found among the ten highest.  Historical societies are not popular among the people, as a rule.  We grow historical as we grow older.  People in the big cities have little time to devote to this work, but we are growing, and it is now time that the work was pushed vigorously and successfully.  Much has been done in the past by Colonel Whittlesey, and others, who might be named…There is no better field for this work than right here on the Western Reserve.  There are many families having valuable historical records and documents.  These families are only awaiting a place where the records may be safely kept.  The fact that you are here, in a busy city like this, is proof that you are interested in the work of the city.