November 3, 1879

Washington, D.C.


At no recurrence of the season which the devout habit of a religious people has made the occasion for giving thanks to Almighty God and humbly invoking His continued favor, has the material prosperity enjoyed by our whole country been more conspicuous, more manifold, or more universal.


During the past year, also, unbroken peace with all foreign nations, the general prevalence of domestic tranquility, the supremacy and security of the great institutions of civil and religious freedom, have gladdened the hearts of our people, and confirmed their attachment to their government, which the wisdom and courage of our ancestors so fitly framed, and the wisdom and courage of their descendants have so firmly maintained, to be the habitation of liberty and justice to successive generations:


Now, therefore, I, RUTHERFORD B. HAYES, President of the United States, do appoint Thursday, the 27th day of November, instant, as a Day of National Thanksgiving and Prayer; and I earnestly recommend that, withdrawing themselves from secular cares and labors, the people of the United States do meet together on that day in their respective places of worship, there to give thanks and praise to Almighty God for His mercies, and to devoutly beseech their continuance.