April 19, 1879

Washington, D.C.


[Chief Moses and the Indians now here, who represent five tribes, called at the Executive Mansion this afternoon. They were received in the library and introduced to the President by the interpreter. Messrs. Evarts and Schurz were present. After the President has shaken hands, be said:]


I am glad to see you, my friends. I hope the Secretary (referring to Mrs. Schurz) will make a settlement with you that shall be satisfactory. We are friendly towards you, and want to deal with you with exact justice. I hope you will always be our friends.


[The party then withdrew. Some of the Umatilla Indians who assented to the arrangements made yesterday, this morning reappeared at the office of the Secretary of the Interior to express dissatisfaction with the terms agreed upon. Chief Moses, however, stands to the contract, which will probably be consummated. The President has issued an executive order setting apart the territory agreed upon as an Indian reservation.]